A 200,000 Year Old Annunaki Gold Civilization Might Rewrite History Books

The discovery of ancient or even unknown civilizations has always fascinated archaeologists and scientists because such findings have added up to the known history by bringing in new episodes depicting the achievements of the old people who once dwelt on planet Earth.

However, when a team of archaeologists investigated this particular site, they couldn’t find a link between it and any other known culture. After carbon-14 was used in order to find the approximate time-period of the African remains, the archaeologists and historians were perplexed – the ruins were around since 160,000 to 200,000 years before Christ.

What makes this even more interesting is the fact that no advanced civilizations were thought to exist in South Africa in the past and that the first powerful cultures appeared in Sumeria, Egypt and other places.


When researcher and author, Michael Tellinger, teamed up with Johan Heine, a local pilot who had surveilled the area from above countless times, this mysterious settlement and its extreme importance was finally brought into discussion.

West of the port city of Maputo, about 150 miles inland, lies the remains of a colossal ancient metropolis that measures about 1,500 square miles and is considered part of an even larger picture measuring about 10,000 miles. Until recently, local people who encounters the strange stone foundations thought they were built by the indigenous people in the past and no one was attracted in discovering the exact origins, until Tellinger and Heine arrived.

When Heine first introduced me to the ancient stone ruins of southern Africa, he had no idea of the incredible discoveries we would achieve in the following years. The photographs, artifacts and evidence we accumulated, points towards a lost civilization that has never before been and precedes all others – not for a hundred years, or a few thousand years…but many thousands of years. – said Tellinger


The researchers were puzzled by the presence of so many gold mines remnants located in the vicinity of the ancient city. As Tellinger considers, this striking element shows how a timeworn civilization lived and prospered in this massive city while undertaking massive gold exploitations from the numerous mines around the settlement.

What they did with the gold remains a mystery because not much is known about a period so far away in time. Even though the site is only 150 miles away from an excellent port that could had facilitated a great way to ship their goods, we are still talking about 200,000 BC. Is it possible that they used the gold for trade or for sculpting statues and idols? Or could this enigmatic material possess a different, nobler value for these ancient people?

I see myself a fairly open-minded chap but I will admit that it took me well over a year for the penny to drop, and for me to realize that we are actually dealing with the oldest structures ever built by humans on Earth.


The main reason for this is that we have been taught that nothing of significance has ever come from southern Africa. That the powerful civilizations all emerged in Sumeria and Egypt and other places. We are told that until the settlement of the Bantu people from the north, which was supposed to have started sometime in the 12th century AD, this part of the world was filled by hunter gatherers and so-called Bushmen, who did not make any major contributions in technology or civilization. – Tellinger

The ancient ruins are scattered over an extremely large area. While most of them consist of circular stone circles buried in the sand, the climate change has blown the sand off, revealing other imposing structures with walls standing as high as 5 feet, while being over a meter in diameter; also roads were discovered, some extended over hundreds of miles, connecting the community and terraced agriculture.

Strange Happenings and Unidentified Objects Reported in Niger and Other Parts of Africa

There are a large number of UFO sightings and footage is filmed on a daily basis, but most of them are spread across the globe with large distances separating them. This week though, reports have been coming in from Niger of bizarre movement and sound in suburban areas, mostly in the slums.

People are growing more and more concerned in different cities like the capital of Niamey, Maradi, Tahoua, and especially from the desert town of Agadez, which is located in the Sahara and is estimated to have a population of no more than a hundred thousand. It is also home to the oldest known Tuareg communities.

The reports vary in content, but all seem to lead to paranormal or extraterrestrial activity in the region. Calls from other establishments were sporadic and weren’t taken too seriously by authorities, given the low culture and education levels of the inhabitants, but people from the Agadez region are known to be very wise and have a sense for the occult.

When calls stared coming in every night, and some even during the day, investigators were forced to dig in and see what the fuss was about, even if there was nothing paranormal involved. The majority of individuals calling were complaining about light that would change its brightness, but never completely went out and was projected, they claimed, from somewhere above to somewhere in front of them.


All people who reported this were indoor at the time. So they couldn’t know if there was something on their building’s roof. Some claimed that after the lights stopped, they heard strange things, like the sound you normally hear, but somehow “bent”, as people described it. When asked to elaborate, they gave simple examples like the wind, dogs barking, or even the sound a steak makes when it’s cooked. All those normal sounds were somehow distorted.

Extraterestrial activity and flight path expert Merlier Nostradame thinks there are a number of reasons for these strange sightings and very probable ET encounters, the first and most important of them being the location. In today’s geo-political environment, Agadez is probably one of the most secluded areas on the entire Earth. There is not much technology and also, there isn’t even much interest in it from the outside world. If extraterrestrial beings had any business to conduct on our planet without getting spotted, this would be the perfect place.

Merlier also believes that the region doesn’t hold much interest now, but was once the most popular bus stop on the worlds’ most travelled road. Agades, as it was called, was the cornerstone of Saharan trade and Mr. Nostradame thinks aliens have visited these places before, at a time when the town was more like the center of the world. He thinks ETs came back to check on the surroundings or even certain people. Merlier suspects ancient aliens had developed a form of understanding with the Tuareg.

His theory is that spaceships would come check on the region from time to time, but he isn’t convinced the relationship was friendly.

I’m 100% convinced that future generations of aliens come back to check on future generations of humans and have been doing so for millions of years probably, but I can’t grasp if the aliens are just interested to see how their old friends are doing, or coming to the cage (our planet) to see if the slave (humans) had finished the work they were given.”


The people of Agadez are said to hold secret ancient knowledge that they refuse to share even with the government, so investigations haven’t gone very smoothly. Authorities are afraid to dig to deep because this area is the Gaza strip of Africa.

No matter who was in power in the region, the Tuareg have always controlled trade routes and strategic points and have brutally rebelled throughout the years whenever things didn’t go their way. The government of Niger knows this all too well and plans to investigate slowly, trying to show the inhabitants they want to help.

In the meantime, it’s very hard for even freelance journalists to find anything out as neither the authorities nor the mysterious Tuareg show any sign of open dialogue.

Mini UFO Follows Truck, Slows Down Time

The following case was submitted to us by one of our readers. Some names have been changed in order to protect the privacy of individuals.

Lloyd Dunst, a 47-year-old man from North Dakota was riding in his truck back from work on a Friday evening, accompanied by his son Kenny, when he stared seeing lights and hearing strange sounds. First he thought he was experiencing delusions due to his diabetes because he had forgotten to take his pills that day. He asked his son “Do you hear that?” thinking he wouldn’t see the lights from his side.

When Kenny asked what he should be hearing, Lloyd took his medicine and waited for a few minutes for it to take effect, but the lights and noise wouldn’t go away. Then, looking at the lights, he saw an object in a strange, non-uniform shape. He was amazed, so he asked for his son’s phone to film what was going on.

“Holy S*** gimme the phone, Kenny! Quick, you can’t see it from there.”

His son complied, but when he tried to film the hovering object, it quickly went away. “It fell back suddenly, like a vehicle that would beak hard, trying to avoid hitting something,”  Mr. Dunst recalls. He says the strange object was hovering along the car, not above it, and when he put the phone down, it reappeared.


The lights were kind of pale, as he remembers, and the sound wasn’t constant, it was of low frequency, like a bass, but it wasn’t hurting Lloyd’s ears. Also, he told Police that the lights and sound weren’t perceptible at the same time, and he only saw the bizzare shape of the entire object for a split second. When it came back and he tried to film it again, the UFO went under the truck.

Lloyd was afraid to stop, not knowing how the object, or his son, who had no idea what was going on at that point, would react. He decided to reduce speed and drive on, watching carefully. After what he counts as an approximate quarter of an hour, he was scared to death (and nearly drove off the road) by his son’s reaction to seeing the mysterious object himself.

It came out from beneath the car, this time on his side of the car. Kenny didn’t recall hearing it make any noise, but he also saw the lights, on the object’s edges as he described it. Both Kenny and his father measured the hovercraft as being the size of a medium suitcase, but much thinner and with sharp edges. Twenty-two year old Kenny told investigators he discovered the object’s edges were starting to glow slightly in the direction in which it intended to change movement:

Before it would steer left, the upper left edge would glow a little. If it wanted to go slower, the breaks would come on like on a normal car, so I thought it was a drone of some sort and someone was messing with us, but after a while I realized its movements were too swift to be remote controlled. Then I tried to film it too, and it hid under our truck again.”

The craft had no chance of being remote controlled with such precision, so it must’ve had some kind of sensor, or even a conscience. It knew it was being recorded and wouldn’t allow it. Kenny’s statement continues.

After a few minutes of hiding, we didn’t know if it was hovering under the truck or attached to it somehow, it made a louder noise. We could both hear it, as we looked at one another and smiled, because we also both understood what it was saying, even though it didn’t say a ward. The tonality was just understandable to us at that point. It wasn’t aggressive but it was saying something like I’ma come out now but no filming, ok?”

So he put the phone on the dashboard, thinking it would be able to spot it and know it was out of use, and the craft reappeared from under the moving vehicle. It hovered along for what the two say were 20 minutes, and then just went straight and didn’t follow the road, and they lost it.


When they arrived home, shook by the experience, wanting to tell the rest of the family, they were greeted with such surprise so they asked if they saw anything strange. Lloyd’s wife’s answer was “No, but how did you get here so quick? Did you call from the store?”

So Lloyd looked at his watch, then his phone, which were perfectly synchronized, and realized they had made a 28 mile journey in no more than 2 or 3 minutes.

The missing time phenomenon Lloyd experienced is something that protagonists of UFO encounters routinely describe. It’s a well-established fact that time dilates during moments of increased tension but missing time cannot be explained this way. And in no way would it affect the laws of physics enough for a truck to travel at 600 mph, that’s for sure.

USO Filmed Wandering Near the Shore of Ancient Lake Titicaca

Underwater alien bases on Earth might be only a myth for some, but because of the huge amount of water our planet holds, about 71 percent of the Earth’s surface being water-covered, it is not that hard to imagine that advanced beings could dwell under the unexplored surface of oceans, seas or even lakes.

In the last one hundred years, countless reports about hostile underwater beings, underwater submersible objects or even official photos presenting disc-saucer similarities have emerged. Could the following case add-up to the overall mystery by offering conclusive evidence of underwater activity?

As you will see, a strange apparition has intrigued a group of Italians participating in a solar activation and initiation journey at Lake Titicaca. Towards the end of 2013, the spiritual group witnessed a supposed UFO very close to the surface of the lake.

The submersible object meets the classic characteristics of an alien craft with its round shape and dimensions being similar to what you would expect from a saucer disk to look like. Another heating factor is the sunlight that highlights the object while also revealing the unusual material able to somehow reflect the light, making it more distinguishable.

As it slowly moves around the surface of the lake, its shape remains the same. While wandering extremely close to the shore, it shows no concern for the humans looking straight at it and even more, the strange disc-shaped object seems to somehow study the people on shore.

Could this actually be an EGAN-1 type UFO meant for approaching humans in a friendly manner in order to study their behavior or make possible contact with them?


From what we have seen in the video, no particular beings engaged in contacting the intrigued humans, even more, it got further away after it was done with its task, but it sure offered a great sight.

Lake Titicaca is renowned for its mysterious sightings as well as for the ancient civilization that once thrived on the south-eastern shore of the lake. The ancient city of Tiwanaku was built right near the lake. These ancient people had advanced agricultural and star knowledge that surpassed even some of the modern techniques.

It is believed that the inhabitants of Tiwanaku received help from the same advanced beings who once created the Nazca Lines. Many bizarre temples and ruins have been discovered near the lake or even under the lake. The Akapana, which is a giant step pyramid lies just near the lake, also The Gate of the Sun – carved from a single block of Andesite granite and full of engravings with astronomic connotations.

Statues and idols depicting old Mesopotamian underwater deities were also found by archaeologists at Lake Titicaca, fact that inclines the balance towards a possible UFO underwater base governed by strange creatures.


In other words, Lake Titicaca is likely to harbor some sort of ET settlement, considering all the evidence archaeologists had found HERE so far, many of them being a complete mystery even when treated using the latest technologies.

Could this video show an actual UFO observing the group of people engaged in advanced spiritual exploration? Is it possible for aliens to be somehow attracted to these inter-human energies that the group of Italians were accessing (similar to thunderstorm attraction)? Or is it that the UFO presence was due to this sacred Lake Titicaca, the place where the first records of very advanced civilizations were discovered?

Clear Evidence of UFO Presence Filmed During NASA’s STS-80 Mission

Another great video showing presumed UFO activity comes from the NASA Space Shuttle STS-80 mission.

Many cameras are recording the activity during such a space mission in order to assure a good communication with the ground, meaning that all the recorded data is transmitted to Houston (NASA) using the orbiting satellites and this way, if any problems occur, the astronauts and engineers on the space station will receive live support for dealing with any difficulties encountered.

However, since the footage is sent via satellites, NASA is not the only entity receiving it. Along the years, many ufologists, analysts and space enthusiasts have received the same videos Houston is receiving and of course, all the evidence was taped and stored for later debate.


One of the most intriguing pieces of film comes from a TV station owner from Canada known as Martyn Stubbs. For more than 10 years he taped thousands of hours containing space activity during NASA’s space missions and what he saw there puzzled him and decided that others need to know about it.

During the STS-80 mission launched on 19 November, 1996, the space shuttle Columbia encountered several space anomalies strongly resembling to UFO activity above Earth. During the 18 days period spent in space, the astronauts on the shuttle witnessed the most bizarre thing, as you can see in the following video.

The first part of the video reveals how several objects are reaching for the upper atmosphere while aligned in some kind of formation. When the last UFO finds its way inside the strange arrangement, it starts to glow, triggering a chain reaction from the others. The formation keeps a strange symmetry in a way that none of the flying objects seem out of place. Similarities can be found between a flock of birds and the UFOs from the video, interpreting their alignment like some sort of traveling position that maybe reflects their intelligence and strong coordination, while diminishing the hypothesis of simple space debris.

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The second part of the video reveals even more interesting things. It shows how a massing orb of light enters the scene, supposedly attracted by the lightning storm. It then maintains position above the clouds producing lightning as if it’s charging somehow. Another reasonable explanation involves the possibility of the UFO harvesting energy from the lightning storm, because it hovers right on top of the clouds.

If you look carefully, another UFO arises from the lower atmosphere glowing luminously. While it continues to move forward, the other one remains in place. At this point, it’s clear that the astronauts on the space shuttle had witnessed the entire scene because they start to zoom on the presumably harvesting object as the shuttle is distancing from the scene. The UFO remains in place while performing its “ritual” and it glows discontinuously.

NASA never denied the authenticity of the footage but as usual, they came up with the perfect reasonable explanation: what we see in the video are actually ice crystals or debris particles. A scientists that participated in the mission even stated that:

As far as I remember, nobody on the crew was looking out the window at these ice crystals or debris particles. Nobody thought anything that our crew observed out the window was of alien origin, or something not connected to the shuttle’s routine operations.


As far as we are concerned, the zoom in from the last part of the video was deliberately meant in order to take another glimpse at the events happening just below the space shuttle. While denying the fact that nobody was looking because it wasn’t something unusual raises a few question marks.

Whether it was only space debris or any other space related phenomenon instead of the hypothesis of intelligent aliens, we can only speculate, but recent footage from the ISS as well as several astronauts and NASA personnel speaking about alien contact, have spoken in favor of a far more reasonable explanation than what the space agency is giving us.

NASA Engineer Tells About 9-Foot Tall Alien Meeting With ISS Astronauts

Another mysterious case of alien disclosure has emerged, this time from a former NASA employee who claims to have witnessed the most bizarre sighting.

While on a routine space mission, Clark McClelland, a now-retired aerospace engineer who worked for NASA’s Shuttle Fleet at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida from 1958 to 1992, witnessed a meeting between a 9-foot tall humanoid alien and two astronauts in a cargo bay of the space shuttle.

He claims that the tall alien being was wearing a similar astronaut costume, adjusted for his particularly tall size and that it appeared to be in charge as it was giving indications to the other two cosmonauts.

I, Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, personally observed an 8 to 9 foot tall ET on my 27 inch video monitors while on duty in the Kennedy Space Center, launch Control Center. The ET was standing upright in the Space Shuttle Payload Bay having a discussion with two tethered US NASA Astronauts.


I also observed on my monitors, the spacecraft of the ET as it was in a stabilized, safe orbit to the rear of the Space Shuttle main engine pods. I observed this incident for about one minute and seven seconds. Plenty of time to memorize all that I was observing. It was an ET and Alien Star Ship!

On July 29, 2008, when he released the story on his website – Stargate Chronicles, the UFO and alien enthusiasts believed this to be the ultimate ET evidence and that NASA might finally admit his story, because his background as an astronaut was really impressive and there could be no doubt about his mental health or any other similar issues that could put his testimony in a bad light.

With my verifiable background, there is no Federal Government Agency that can say I am crazy! I am a space program pioneer. I assisted in launching the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Deep Space Missions and the International Space Station. I have received honored mentions from US Senators, Congressman, Military Officers and Scientists.


I have received character substantiations from Walter Cronkite, Major Donald Keyhole, NICAP Director; Richard Hall, Assistant Director of NICAP Astronomer. I served as the Assistant State of Florida and KSC Director of MUFON, the Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena at Cape Canaveral and KSC.

Any doubts about his astronaut background are being diminished by his claims and also by the many authentic photos and documents from his time spent with NASA that have been posted on his website.

Because NASA cannot dismiss his claims about his career as a space engineer, one can accept him as a reliable source of information about ET life and alien contact with humanity. Another relevant fact is McClelland’s friendship with NASA astronomer Edgar Mitchell, Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 14 and 6th man to walk the surface of the Moon, who also supported the alien theory. He claimed that:

90 percent sure that many of the thousands of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, recorded since the 1940s, belong to visitors from other planets.

The former space engineer, Mc Clelland, also claimed that NASA is hiding the truth about alien encounters here on Earth and that the ISS is being used as a meeting point for alien and human representatives.

NASA is not a civilian space agency. The Pentagon owns NASA. Some of the Department of Defense missions I participated in were top secret. Those missions carried TS Satellites and other space mission hardware into orbit where several crews met with ETs.

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Even though his simple claims are not consistent enough for some, he has a strong alibi that comes with his irreproachable background. We have to consider that being an aerospace engineer at NASA is not quite an easy task for everyone to pass and the agency is taking all the precautions when it comes to hiring professional personnel.

Apart from this, recent proof of the International Space Station terminating the livestream when a grey UFO made its presence noticed has brought even more credibility to this case.

The Red Planet’s Mysterious South Pole Recently Revealed by ESA

This newly released photo of the Red Planet provides an amazing overview of its South Pole, revealing a massive white dot towards the lower end of the picture.

It was captured by the European Space Agency’s Mars Express spacecraft on February 25, this year, but it was released to the public only last month.

The ice cap is formed of frozen water and frozen carbon dioxide and it varies in shape along with Mars’ seasons. This particular photo appeared as a result of a “happy accident”, ESA officials said. A photo showing the Martian soil this wide is very rare and unique because Mars Express usually takes photos pointing straight down towards the planet’s surface.

The picture was taken at an altitude of about 186 miles, as this is the limit that the spacecraft can reach during its elliptical orbit around Mars.

Click for larger image

The white icy dot might seem fair enough in dimension but it gets even bigger as seasons change. This specific picture shows the South Pole of Mars during the summer period, with the ice cap expanding considerably during the winter season.

Above the South Pole is an area marked by huge craters forming the ancient southern highlands of the planet, where life presumably flourished in the distant past. Also, a considerable part of the Hellas basin can be observed at the top left of the image, thought to be about 5 miles deep.

Seeing this vast portion of ice forming on the surface of Mars makes it hard to believe that this planet is dead, with no living organisms that had found refuge under the dense layer of ice or even on the surface.


As far as the evolution theory goes, the probability for living organisms to adapt to new conditions of life by developing new features into their system that would allow them to further breathe or feed, despite of their environment, are quite big.

If Mars had at one point ideal conditions for life and if living beings actually existed on this planet, it would be hard to believe that all of them had vanished.  A more plausible theory involves the idea of survivability and adaptability and what better place to take refuge than the everlasting ice cap area of the South Pole?

Whatever happened to the once hospitable planet Mars we can only speculate, but as new evidence emerges, the possibility of a former Martian civilization takes shape and we are not far from possibly discovering the old remnants of a buried culture, either under the ice or under the arid and dusty soil of the Red Planet.

The Anunnaki and Humanity’s Forbidden History

Ancient Sumerian texts refer to the Anunnaki as “those that came down from the heaven,” a race of extremely powerful and advanced beings that engineered mankind hundreds of thousands of years ago.

According to the genesis story, the twelfth planet, known as Nibiru was populated by humanoid beings very similar to us humans. After they encountered a severe atmosphere problem, they went on a quest through the solar system in order to find gold, a special metal that could heal their planet.

When Nibiru approached Earth’s orbit, about 432,000 years BC, the Nibiruans used space ships to send people and essential goods from their planet to Earth. After they reached the surface, the advanced beings established bases in ancient Mesopotamia.

In order to extract the precious metal, gold mines were established in southern Africa where they found abundant gold deposits. Because the work as a miner did not befit the Nibiruan masters, the Anunnaki people were sent to do the job for them. Treated like some sort of slaves, they represented the working element of this society, even though their physical and intellectual features were considered imposing by our current modern human standards.

nibiru_1 (1)

Because of their superior traits, the Anunnaki soon revolted against their overseers and demanded them to create an inferior being in order to do this petty job in their stead. Their leaders consulted and eventually concluded that a lesser being is indeed needed for this kind of exploiting work, and so they created a new race by combining their own genes with those of the most evolved primates that lived on Earth at that point in time, which was probably Australopitechus.

At first, Enki and Ninmah (two of the leaders) designed beings with formidable strength and size that worked for the Anunnaki on Earth, helping them to extract gold. As perfect as this sounds, their creation had one major flow – they couldn’t reproduce themselves, and so the so called “Gods” had to continuously make more of them to keep the mining process up and running at the desired capacity.

As time passed, Enki and Ninmah developed several beings until they managed to reach the desired goal. After all their struggle, the final product of their combined knowledge was able to talk and most important they could produce children themselves, this way the first human race appeared under the form of Homo Erectus.

Whenever Nibiru distanced away from Earth, a part of the “Gods” returned to their home planet until it completed the 3,600 year cycle again, period of time which the Sumerians called a Sar.

Meanwhile, the Anunnaki remained on Earth to take care of the gold mines and the so called slaves, precisely as they were ordered by their “Gods”. Because some human characteristics were also found in the Anunnaki, as the humans were created in their image, they eventually started to fight over earthly desires.


Taking advantage of the situation, the slaves formed an alliance and revolted against their Masters, like the Anunnaki once did. Many of them managed to escape the mines and eventually settled as free people in other parts of the Earth, living their lives as depicted in many ancient texts – “like the Wild Beasts”.

After the 3,600 years cycle was completed once again, the Leaders of the Anunnaki returned to Earth and were very unpleased when they saw that the situation was out of control. They sentenced the Anunnaki to work the mines yet again.

Are Ancient Sumerian Prophecies Coming True? (Nibiru Video Proof)

Is this unique footage proof of the rogue planet Nibiru revealing to us in all of its glory? As the ancient Sumerians predicted and other analysts from present days, the time might be at hand for this event to finally occur.

The following video shows how a planet makes its bright appearance during the day, just north of the Sun. The strange inexplicable phenomenon was recorded this month and has led people into believing that the sighting is the notorious planet Nibiru making its first appearance after 3,600 years.

Is it truly possible that the last cycle has been completed? While skeptics say this is only a mirage, a mere reflection of the Sun, we can see clearly that the celestial object is an actual planet and with the Moon also present, the huge dimensions of the mysterious apparition can be witnessed.

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The Sumerians acknowledged the existence of a twelfth planet in our solar system called NIBIRU, a curious oval-shaped celestial body that gets close to Earth for a short period of time every 3,600 years.

The Sumerians described their Gods as planets, beginning with Pluto, then Neptune, Uranus and so on, giving the impression that these ancient people somehow saw the planets from a heavenly body, or even a spaceship that was getting into our solar system from the outside.

The following Sumerian seal reveals our past solar system, composed of the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars, an unknown celestial body about the size of Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, another body about the size of Mercury, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.


The Sumerians depict an archaic event that shaped our current world, telling about how the planet Nibiru or Marduk, battled Tiamat and Kingu in heaven. At that time, millions of years ago, the satellites of Nibiru collapsed with Tiamat, which was a planet at least two times the mass of Earth, and broke it into two bits.

The two bits of Tiamat were pushed to another orbit around the Sun. One part was crashed into smaller bits and became what is known today as The Asteroid Belt, located between planets Mars and Jupiter, while the other part had to embrace its new orbit between Venus and Mars, becoming the Earth. Kingu became the Moon of the newly formed planet Earth and planet Nibiru was forced into an elliptical orbit around the Sun, reappearing every 3,600 earthly years.

As Zecharia Sitchin claimed, there is enough evidence of the tremendous cosmic event that took place, starting with the mysterious disappearance of the Dinosaurs and countless other prehistoric beings. In order for such an adaptable and strong species to vanish from the face of the Earth, a colossal catastrophe must had happened and in our case, even scientist mutually agree upon the hypothesis of a great celestial body crashing into Earth in ancient times, thus provoking a mass wipeout of the dinosaurs.


Another bizarre fact is that the Earth’s crust varies in terms of thickness. For example, the crust beneath the oceans is only 5 miles thick, while on the landmasses is almost 20 miles. Apart from this, the Earth crust in the oceans is not older than 200 million years, but on the landmasses it’s considered to be much older, approximately 4 billion years.

This huge difference between the ocean and land crust, according to Sitchin, might be the result of a major planetary collapse like the Sumerians and later Babylonians described – the crust beneath the oceans formed again after the great rupture, giving a good interpretation of the big age difference between these two factors.

Another interesting phenomenon that cannot be elucidated concerns our natural satellite – the Moon. It is by far the greatest satellite in our solar system, so if we calculate the average sizes of other moons orbiting other planets we can see the enormous difference between the natural satellites  and the size of their orbiting planets, thus concluding that the mass of our Moon is much too grand for a small planet such as Earth.


Besides these hypothesis, the Moon has a humongous impact over Earth as it provides the tidally wave cycle as well as the gravity force which stabilizes our lives by bonding us and all the other creatures on Earth.

While others consider this perfect elemental harmony that we’re experiencing here on Earth a coincidence, we want to unchain our thoughts from society’s common beliefs and consider it a more special environment, most likely designed by some advance extraterrestrial beings who left humans some of their notions in ancient times in order to grow and prosper until their return.

ATA, the 6-Inch Alien Discovered in the Atacama Desert

The peculiar characteristics of this skeleton found in 2003 have puzzled countless scientists because certain questions couldn’t be answered, even after using the latest technology in order to understand its strange cranial features, as well as extremely small size.

The remains of this curious being were discovered by a man named Oscar Muñoz near a deserted church in the ghost town of La Noria, in the Atacama Desert. The tiny dehydrated body measures only six inches and it possesses a series of remarkable features, never before seen by the scientific world so far.

Before comprehending the extreme importance of his discovery, Muñoz sold the skeleton to a local bar owner in order to get some profit. He obtained the considerable amount of 30,000 pesos, the equivalent of about $50 for his discovery.

Fortunately, the local bar owner sold his latest acquisition to a connoisseur and while making a profit, the world got to know about this bizarre figure that quickly gained notoriety and the nickname “Ata”.


At first, scientist thought the skeleton to be really ancient, but after investigating into the matter they reached a precise conclusion – that it had died somewhere within the last hundred years.

Nevertheless, Ata proved to have some puzzling features, the most striking of them being its skull. It resembled to that of a human, but because of its stretched and exotic shape, many ufologists considered Ata to have indisputably extraterrestrial origins.

Their claims were strongly backed-up by the locals who depicted strange lights in the sky, UFOs and strange looking beings that matched the image of little Ata. Other unconfirmed claims told about similar bizarre beings kept alive in order to be studied in several hidden locations throughout the Atacama Desert – all of this witnessed by several local people who frequently roamed the dusty landscape.

 On the other side, scientific explanations were limited to known facts and considered Ata to be a premature human fetus or even the body of a young human who suffered from a severe case of progeria. Other hypothesis claimed that Ata had a rare medical condition known as dwarfism.

To understand the proportions of the gap between a human being suffering from dwarfism and Ata, we compared the smallest human being ever recorded, who measured no more than 21.51 inches. In contrast to Ata, he was still three and a half times taller.

No more than a couple of years ago, leading scientists at Stanford University performed extensive analysis in order to determine if Ata had human origins or he was indeed something else. After they investigated the skeletal remains for six months, they concluded that the strange being was indeed a profound mystery.


The x-ray scan revealed that Ata had only ten pair of ribs, contrary to the human constitution possessing twelve. In fact, there is no other known human skeleton with only ten pair of ribs. Apart from this peculiar feature, its cranium vault was considerably larger than that of normal humans.

Further genetic analysis were made to conclude on Ata’s DNA. They extracted samples from the rib marrow and it revealed that Ata had human origins after all. After the X-ray analysis of his skeleton, scientists concluded that he died at 6 to 8 years of age. However, they did not find any genetic evidence to prove his dwarfism, progeria, or oxycephaly. In other words, no answers had been found concerning his extremely small stature or alien-like skull.

Another curious discovery unveiled that the bone structure was well developed and he even had a fully-developed set of teeth, similar to a grow-up being, despite Ata’s record dimensions.

Overall, the scientists who performed the tests commonly agreed upon the mystery factor that governs this case. They couldn’t give any categorical answers concerning the anomalies this little humanoid had.


From our perspective, it remains one of the most intriguing cases so far, with the mainstream science confused about certain aspects of this fragile alien-like skeleton, and also in total denial when it comes to alien life forms here on Earth.

We can only hope that maybe one day, humanity will change its current way of looking at things and eventually acknowledge that some specific discoveries that are currently beyond our understanding are in fact crumbs meant to show us an invisible path paved by superior beings in order to enlighten us all.

ISS Live Feed is Terminated Just When a Supposed UFO Makes Its Presence Noticed

NASA was accused by UFO hunters of interrupting its live feed from the International Space Station (ISS), right after a presumed UFO made its presence noticed.

Few reports from alien hunters have claimed that mysterious unidentified objects appeared on their screens when the live feed got interrupted.

The following video shows how a grey object is coming from the right of the screen, just over the horizon. Just when the bizarre sighting is taking shape, the live feed experiences some unexpected problems, as you will notice.

When the image reappears, it shows a totally different angle than what was previously shown.

Could this video prove that NASA is deliberately hiding UFO appearances in order to keep their secret about extraterrestrial life?

Another case comes from Toby Lundh, UFO watcher and analyst of strange phenomenon. He claimed that he saw a UFO approaching the space station, when the stream cut off for about 10 to 15 seconds because of technical issues.

Mr. Lundth claimed that other UFOs were showing up while he was investigating using the ISS cameras and NASA always cut the feed whenever the flying objects were getting close to the station.

However, the alien hunter got his hands on a still photo of a UFO in order to back up his claims. He managed to take the photo moments before the stream got interrupted for about 15 seconds.


He also claimed that NASA has deleted the recording from his personal archive in order to hide on-tape communication between certain astronauts and alien beings.

Meanwhile, on October 7, UFO watchers claimed they witnessed a bizarre floating object seen near the space station during a spacewalk performed by astronauts Reid Wiserman and Alexander Gerst.

Even though the object was later classified as either a speck of dust or a lens flare coming from the sun, some conspiracy theories refused to accept these simple explanations and furtherly claimed that all these events that they had witnessed are actually proof of UFOs and ETs existing here on Earth, but certain people in control hide the evidence every time.

Concluding, we can only speculate that their statements are true and that there could be a grain of truth in all their stories, considering all the cover-ups coming from world governments and top agencies, always in denial but in constant search for alien life throughout the universe.

2 Stars 80x Bigger Than Our Sun Heading For Imminent Cataclysm

Astronomers are witnessing a very rare event, where two colossal stars are so close to one another that they formed a hot bridge between them, or in other words, they are cosmically kissing.

Located in the Tarantula Nebula, about 160,000 light years away from Earth, the two kissing giants are up to 80 times more massive than the Sun, and can be to a million times brighter. In fact, they are so hot that they shine with a radiant blue-white light and have surface temperatures over 40,000 degrees Celsius.

The newly discovered system spotted by the European Southern Observatory (ESO), is composed of the two extremely hot, bright and massive stars, and named VFTS 352.

It is among the most extreme and strangest systems yet found, because the two stars are so close to one another that about 30 percent of their mass is shared within an interstellar field that has formed between them, creating a bridge that makes them inseparable, like a pair of cosmic lovers.

Such double stars phenomenon is linked to the “vampire stars”, where a smaller companion star drains matter from the other larger star found in its vicinity. However, in the case of VFTS 352, both stars have almost identical size, making them a rare sight indeed.

The life span of the two celestial bodies is also very short in this phase, making it difficult to catch them in the act. Apart from this, the event plays a key role in the evolution of galaxies and are thought to be the prime producers of vital elements such as oxygen.

Astronomers predict two possible endings that might occur: either the two stars will remain somehow separated in a double star system, or they will mix completely, forming a mega unstable behemoth that’s going to rapidly spin until it will detonate. According to Hugues Sana, of the University of Leuven in Belgium:

If it keeps spinning rapidly, it might end its life in one of the most energetic explosions in the Universe, known as a long-duration gamma-ray burst.”

The second possibility is explained by the astrophysicist Selma de Mink, of University of Amsterdam:

If the stars are mixed well enough, they both remain compact and the VFTS system may avoid merging. This would lead the objects down a new evolutionary path that is completely different from classic stellar evolution predictions. In the case of VFTS 352, the components would likely end their lives in supernova explosions, forming a close binary system of black holes.


Even though the second possibility exists, it is but a slightly chance for it to occur in that particular way, leaving more room for the first hypothesis, where the two will merge into a giant and eventualy explode in the most spectacular way.

Regardless of the result, the discovery, made by the ESO’s Very Large Telescope in Chile, has allready offered astronomers a strange and probably once in a lifetime glance into the heart of these fierce overcontact binaries.

Probably sharing a catastrophic fate, the two lovers will provide an unimaginable spectacle when they’ll blow up with tremendous force.

NASA Begins Search For Intelligent Aliens in the Vicinity of the Strange Dimming Star

The search for intelligent extraterrestrial life forms is blooming after scientists recorded unusual signals coming from the vicinity of KIC 8462852, a star only 1,500 light-years away from Earth.

Astronomers are now focusing on this particular star, hunting for more signals with the help of the Alien Telescope Array (ATA). The radio telescope array is located 290 miles (470 km) northeast of San Francisco, California, and is dedicated to astronomical observations as well as simultaneous Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

Even though scientists won’t directly admit the hypothesis of an advanced alien race that constructed a huge device used for capturing solar energy, also known as a Dyson sphere, they won’t dismiss this probability either.

In an interview for Space.com, Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer at the SETI, declared that:

It almost doesn’t matter where you point your telescope, because there are planets everywhere. If there’s somebody out there, there are going to be so many of them out there I do think there’s a chance.


In order to dissipate the extreme attention given to KIC 8462852, Shostak pointed out that the Milky Way galaxy might include other potentially habitable planets, besides our intriguing star of the moment, and that SETI will analyze those planets after they manage to solve this bizarre anomaly on KIC 8462852.

Before jumping to any unfounded conclusions, even though an increased interest in this particular star can be noticed these days, he gave an example of pulsar signals discovered by astronomers in 1960, also interpreted as possible alien transmissions.

The above event offers no more secrets in present days, as astronomers describe the pulsars as fast-spinning, super dense stellar corpses that emit beams of high-energy radiation. These beams are now picked up by instruments on and around Earth, and are depicted as regular pulses because they can only be recorded when they are fired towards the planet.

Considering this history lesson, Shostak is trying to lower the heat in the KIC 8462852 case, comparing an extinguished alien-like event from 1960, that proved to have a scientific explanation, far less dramatic than the expected alien overview people had back then.


But can we actually talk about a 55-year-old case involving 55-year-old beliefs in comparison to our new dimming star? Isn’t this gap a bit too big considering the vast technological advancement we experience today, as well as this decade’s free access to all the valuable information?

While thinking through all of the available hypotheses, we cannot clearly state that a Dyson sphere was found 1,500 light-years away from here, but the chances for such a thing have slightly increased since 1960.

The best case scenario so far, speaks about a swarm of comets awakened by a passing star, and sent lurching toward KIC 8462852, eventually causing the inexplicable dip in the stars energy field.

However, astronomers say it’s also possible that the bizarre signal Kepler observed was caused by colossal structures built by an alien civilization, working similar to an array of orbiting solar panels.

With chances being quite small, as astronomers claim, they still rushed to point the ATA at KIC 8462852.

We are looking at it with the Alien Telescope Array. No problem with that, I think we ought to, for sure. – Seth Shostak


Other relevant news consider the probability of advanced alien signals emitting from the star which are unable to pick up using current technology. Also, there is a slightly chance of a former extraterrestrial civilization that has long gone extinct, leaving behind the mysterious megastructure as some kind of monument resembling their former glory.

Until more news have surfaced, the possibility of Kepler detecting a Dyson sphere are holding up, as well as the swarm of wild comets orbiting around.

China Secretly Put a Robotic Telescope on the Moon to Research Particular Stars

While NASA told us that no planets or stars could be observed from the Moon’s surface because of the Sun’s reflection, the Chinese proved otherwise by exposing their project kept as a secret since 2013.

China researchers have reported that their robotic telescope has been working accurately ever since it set up camp on the Moon in 2013. It was brought there by the Chang’e 3 lander that carried the Yutu rover, which continuously faced challenges on the lunar surface until it stopped working in March this year.

Even if the rover broke off, the Chinese lander and the ultraviolet robotic telescope are still up and running. Since 2013, it has spent 2,000 hours overseeing 40 different stars. The team of researchers handling the telescope also snapped a picture of the Pinwheel galaxy, shown below.


It sees in ultraviolet light, therefor it can detect and observe celestial bodies that otherwise cannot be seen from Earth, as Jin Wang of the National Astronomical Observatories in Bijing, China, who is in charge of the telescope, declared:

There is no atmosphere on the moon, so unlike Earth, the ultraviolet light from celestial objects can be detected on the moon, and since the moon rotates 27 times more slowly than the Earth, the scope can stay fixed on the same star for a dozen days without interruption.

The Chinese robotic telescope it’s the first of its kind and is also unique, being the first to be manned completely from Earth, this way offering the Chinese countless benefits.

The project was really challenging, as the moon’s surface is a hostile environment, full of biting lunar dust that can easily sneak into equipment and destroy the electronic components. As a safety measure, the telescope is stashed within the Chang’e 3 lunar lander in order to protect it from the sunset and sunrise on the Moon.


Expected to last for only a year, the telescope outlived its predictions and is still running in good shape. Surprised by its formidable endurance, the Chinese will most likely extend  this successful and until now secret lunar mission, at the end of this year.

Flying City Filmed Over China is Considered Part of NASA’s Project Blue Beam

The most bizarre apparition of a city floating over the Chinese city of Foshan in the Guangdong province, had residents taken by surprise as they witnessed something completely unexplainable.

The clouds revealed a spectacular view of a “floating city” full of skyscrapers. Considered a supernatural phenomenon by some witnesses, and an optical illusion by others, the intriguing sighting is sure to puzzle us all.

Weather experts are trying to offer a reasonable explanation, claiming that the strange appearance is in fact an optical illusion known as a Fata Morgana. This type of mirage manifests by deforming objects which are far away in reality.


Often experienced in the desert, the Fata Morgana mirage appears because of sunlight reflecting distant images of objects or structures. Meteorologists claim that in that particular day, the light from the skyscrapers was reflected up into the clouds, appearing as a higher reality.

Because no light can be seen here whatsoever, we incline to believe that another phenomenon had occurred over the Chinese city of Foshan.

Another theory tells about the possibility of a Chinese Governmental project involving top secret holographic technology that had just been tested over a crowded area of the city that is home to over 7 million people.

Could this previous explanation be somehow linked to the infamous Blue Beam Project involving NASA?

This plan involves four different steps that will change our society forever. Using advanced, top secret technology, Project Blue Beam aims to implement new age religion with the antichrist at its head, as part of the new world order idea.

Other explanations are surfacing, claiming that the strange sighting was extremely real, and occurred because of a temporal vortex that transferred the city from a parallel universe into our own, materializing above the clouds for a few minutes before disappearing.

The following theory was backed up by a similar appearance of a flying phantom-like city over China which occurred in 2011 when such complex holographic technology was supposedly inexistent.


If the new world order is preparing for the final attempt to trick humanity or an actual fissure between parallel worlds actually occurred, we can only guess. Until the time comes when further evidence and analysis will be released to the public, we can only guess what this bizarre event was all about.

Russia and Europe Join Forces Toward Building a Permanent Base on the Dark Side of the Moon

Space projects have started to intensify this century, and the plans and expectations of space agencies are big and daring like never before.

While Russia plans to build a permanent lunar base, as well as an orbiting outpost by 2030, the European Space Agency (ESA) decided that it will be a good idea to join forces with them, in order to diminish their efforts and also start a ripe collaboration between the two space agencies.

The ESA announced that it will offer key tech for a planned exploration mission scheduled for 2020, and also provide important resources for the future plan to construct a permanent outpost.

Lead scientist on the project, Igor Mitrofanov, from Russia’s space agency Roscosmos, told the BBC that:

We have to go to the Moon. The 21st Century will be the century when it will be the permanent outpost of human civilization. Our country has to participate in this process, and we have to do it together with our international colleagues.



The two space agencies will send Luna 27, a robotic lander that will reach the South Pole-Aitken basin, a colossal crater located on the dark side of the Moon, in order to prospect resources that will be used by astronauts for the development of the future Moon outpost.

It will be for astronomical observation, for the utilization of minerals and other lunar resources and to create an outpost that can be visited by cosmonauts working together as a test bed for their future flight to Mars. – Mitrofanov declared

However, ESA’s lead scientist, James Carpenter revealed an interesting fact about this future space mission. The location where Luna 27 will set up camp is covered under a veil of mystery. He claimed that this so far unexplored part of the Moon will provide essential conditions for future space missions due to its “completely different environment”.

The south pole of the Moon is unlike anywhere we have been before. The environment is completely different, and due to the extreme cold there you could find large amounts of water-ice and other chemistry which is on the surface, and which we could access and use as rocket fuel or in life-support systems to support future human missions we think will go to these locations.


While they assume that a Luna 27 base can work using the resources provided by the environment to create rocket fuel and other complex designed materials, it is more likely that the two space agencies will use an already existent base in order to achieve their goals, well hidden in the far south side of the Moon.

Considering that astronauts will reach the distant Red Planet starting with 2020, this Lunar Project seems rather insignificant, unless it holds other meaningful secrets. – Is it possible that this particular project is evolving around an already existent base of extraterrestrial origins?

The chances might seem small, but reading through the lines of another curious statement belonging to ESA’s lead engineer on Luna 27, Richard Fisackerly, the hypothesis of an existing alien base on the south pole of the Moon furtherly takes shape.

This whole series of missions feels like the beginning of the return to the Moon but it is also starting something new in terms of overall exploration of the Solar System.


If this is indeed an ambitious plan for humans trying to systematically explore and conquer space or if it’s rather a sophisticated staging attempt of an already existing ET base that is gathering precious resources using advanced alien tech, we can only presume, but because truth is always found half way when official announcements are made, there is plenty of room left for speculations.

China Builds World’s Largest Radio Telescope – And You Won’t Believe the SIZE of It!

It’s no secret that lately, more and more people are manifesting increased interest towards discovering alien intelligence. From top scientists and researchers to planet’s billionaires, all share the same goal: the discovery of intelligent ALIEN life.

Acknowledging the extreme importance of such a discovery, the Chinese are now entering the race and since the competition is really tight, they want to make sure that they’ll build the biggest telescope so far.

With the Chinese telescope being ready in 2016, the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico will lose its current title as the largest single aperture radio telescope in the world, having its competitor surveying the outer space ten times more efficient.

FAST will remain the best in the world in the next twenty or thirty years after it is completed – Li Di, chief scientist of the National Astronomical Observatories of Chinese Academy of Science


The Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope, also known as FAST, will have a total diameter equivalent to 30 football pitches, and will be able to collect radio signals from nearby galaxies. If there are any signals coming from advanced alien species out there, FAST will surely detect them and let us know about it.

Construction of the megalithic telescope started in March 2011 and will be ready for use in 2016. The cost of this astronomical project is approximated at about 170 million $ or 1.2 billion Yuan, making it the biggest astronomy structure China has ever had.

Scientists from different fields, including astronomers, physicists and geologists embraced the idea of the new telescope as it will further increase the human capacity to listen into outer space.

Since everyone is so anxious when it comes to this fabulous creation, the Chinese are willing to let any scientist interested in the potential of the telescope use it, and as Li Di stated:

We are aiming to discovering something that is worthy of a Nobel Prize. Although we built the telescope, we welcome scientists from all around the world use it.

FAST can answer questions not only limited to astronomy but questions about humanity and nature. The scientific potential of this telescope is hard to predict.


In search for the right spot for the colossus, researchers scouted more than 30 locations until they decided upon the natural Dawodang Depression. This isolated area is home of 56 people, but they are incredibly proud of the grand construction which, after all, it doesn’t impact the environment nor the residents lives.

The telescope is made up of 4,450 reflective panels, with the size of the dish as wide as 30 football fields. Every reflective panel is tied up by a cable in order to control its coordinates. Because of its circular design, scientists will be able to receive radio signals from different angles.

The biggest challenge of this project is to calculate quickly and attach these data to thousands of computers to change the direction of such a gigantic telescope.

It remains to be seen if the Chinese will be the first who break the ice and discover conclusive evidence regarding alien intelligence in space using this giant telescope.

Judging by their determination and ambition, it’s likely that they will succeed, but until the time comes, humanity has to carefully prepare in order to wisely respond to any alien encounters it might come across.

NASA’s Kepler Telescope Discovers a Colossal Artificial Structure Orbiting a Star in Our Vicinity

NASA’s Kepler Telescope has stumbled upon one of the most fascinating discoveries so far – a colossal artificial megastructure believed to have been constructed by an advanced alien civilization.

Besides Kepler’s ability of finding small, rocky worlds orbiting distant stars, it can also detect different space phenomenon like stellar flares, star spots and dusty planetary rings.

This time however, Kepler detected the signal of a supposed vast artificial structure orbiting a star only 1,500 light years away from Earth.

After finishing all plausible explanations, scientists now believe that this complex structure might be an artificial construction made by an advanced alien civilization way up on the Kardashev scale of comparison.


This megastructure works like a supersized solar array orbiting around its host star, stocking the energy and sending it back to the source. The size of the structure is so grand that it’s blocking a considerable fraction of starlight as it spins around its host.

Normally all the exoplanets discovered by Kepler have a typical planet-shape, meaning they are round. This time however, the telescope detected something that isn’t round and behaves unnatural.

A paper has been submitted to the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society in which a particular star named KIC 8462852 is described.

Over the duration of the Kepler mission, KIC 8462852 was observed to undergo irregulary shaped, aperiodic dips in flux down to below the twenty percent level.

We’d never seen anything like this star, it was really weird. We thought it might be bad data or movement on the spacecraft, but everything checked out. – Tabetha Boyajian, researcher at Yale University


Studies mostly focused on two interesting anomalies at KIC 8462852, one that was recorded between days 788 and 795 of the Kepler mission and between days 1510 to 1570.

The first event showed a single transit causing a star brightness drop-off of 15 percent, while the second event manifested as a burst of several transits, possibly indicating towards mass of different objects, resulting in a brightness dip of up to 22 percent. For such a major dip in brightness to occure, the transiting objects have to be extremely big.

Considering that our galaxy has existed for more than 13 billion years, it’s not hard to imagine that an alien civilization may be out there, possessing technology that allows them to build megastructures around stars.

Aliens should always be the very last hypothesis you consider, but this looked like something you would expect an alien civilization to build. – Jason Wright, astronomer from Penn State University


After analyzing all possible situations, scientists concluded that this strange anomaly might be the result of a group of dormant comets recently disturbed by a nearby star. Because this theory is not all that convincing, other researchers are already hypothesizing the possibility of a mega-engineered project created by a Type 2 alien civilization on the Kardashev scale.

This type of aliens would have the ability to use all the available energy radiating from a star. With the help of a vast shell or series of rings surrounding a star, a Dyson sphere-like structure could be constructed. This would block out the star from sight in visible wavelengths, but once the solar energy has been utilized by the alien civilization, the energy would be shifted to longer wavelengths and probably lost as infrared radiation.

Puzzled by these strange recordings, scientists are now trying to point a radio antenna at KIC 8462852 in order to solve the riddle. By doing so, they will be able to detect any artificial radio signals coming from the star and will determine whether or not an intelligent, Type 2 civilization exists in our vicinity, only 1,500 light-years away.

Meanwhile, a second paper is being drafted by top researchers in order to analyze the transit scenario focusing around the possibility of a colossal artificial device engineered by advanced aliens.

Is This Video the Ultimate Proof that Underwater Alien Beings Live Among Us?

There is a thin line between myths and fiction, most of the time this difference is not even being acknowledged.

While the myths or legends depict events from the past involving “fantastic creatures” and heroic deeds, fiction on the other hand represents the human creation based on his imagination, meaning that a fictional story is only a product of our imagination.

However, legends differ from fiction, as they come from people who witnessed events that they could not fully understand at that time, implying that at least a gram of truth can be found in such stories. The borderline between these two terms is indeed fragile but it exists, and a difference can be made from the evidence that surfaces while we search for the answers.

The following video shows how people wearing protection suits carry something looking like a mythical creature known as a mermaid – the half-fish, half-human hybrid who can breathe underwater as well as on the surface.

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The video was recorded in Poland, on the banks of Vistula river, being the largest in the country, splitting Poland in two and ending into the Baltic Sea.

The footage shows how people wearing protection suits and other distinctive attire carry with caution the body of a mysterious being with a large fish tail.

Before they put the creature on the stretcher, it reveals relevant features of the face resembling to those of humans. Black hair can be seen and also a small portion of the face having skin-like colors.


After they placed the strange being on the stretcher, the rogue cameraman stopped recording, probably because he didn’t want to be spotted or even caught. However, the brave fellow recorded just about enough of this to make us wonder if the authorities captured an actual mermaid.

Whether the creature was dead, alive or even tranquilized it makes no difference, as such a discovery would answer a really burdening question – Are there humanoid creatures living beneath the waves?

Recent findings in the Karoo Desert in South Africa have unveiled a series of paintings on the cave walls showing bizarre fish-tailed humanoids, really similar to the mythical mermaids and the creature from the video. Is it possible that the mermaids found shelter in these caves? Or did the aboriginals draw this images as a reminder of this mysterious creatures encountered by them?


Other legends of the Khoi San people speak of strange and evil spirits that live in the mountain pools under the waterfalls. They speak of how these spirits sometimes shapeshift into beautiful women who lure and drown them if by accident they tread on their territory.

Lake Baikal has also offered such cases of mysterious paintings and local legends describing underwater humanoids who sometimes make victims among humans.

Could this video be proof of such mythical creatures?

One thing is certain though: authorities still deny any proof of underwater encounters and continue to keep this veil of secrecy even if relevant material is being discovered and processed. On the other hand, the official disapproval and secrecy might be interpreted as an act of admitting the actual fact – but in denial.

Archaeologists Discover Ancient Relics From a Lost Civilization on the Banks of a Dried River in India

Ancient relics reminding of a former advanced civilization have been discovered, this time by pure coincidence, most probably because of the global warming that caused a local river in India to drain, leaving behind a spectacular view.

The local river from Karnataka, India has dried out for the first time in history because of the draught and overconsumption of water by the overly increasing population of India.

However, the now empty river banks uncovered lost relics from the old Hindu culture, many of them being embedded into stones.


The river that never dried out in the known history, preserved the formations in relatively good shape, despite the fact that its rapid currents were a constant threat to any structure standing in their way.

 It is curious how the material resisted for such a long period of time and how the ancient people of India managed to carve with such precision in ancient times when they couldn’t possess the proper tools for such a precise and refined work.

These artefacts are recognized as Shiva Ling and are considered to represent an altar where people worshiped the deity Shiva.


Because so many of them were discovered in the same place, along with other puzzling designs, archeologists believe they have discovered an ancient temple dedicated to Shiva and other Gods of old.

The strange architecture indicates that the ancient people habiting this place had very advanced knowledge when it came to creations or astronomy. Is it possible that all that knowledge came as a gift from the depicted God?

If not, how were they capable of making such impenetrable shrines that not even a river current could move or break them over the countless centuries?

Other theories suggest that these relics represent flying crafts or Vimanas, others claim that these are designs of ancient extraterrestrial flying crafts that brought the Old Gods to Earth.


Whatever the case may be, it is likely that this river dried out in order to make place for a formidable discovery of yet another ancient civilization that once thrived and after a while vanished, leaving no clue behind about its advanced techniques nor the source of all its knowledge.

Hopefully, this great puzzle concerning our ancient origins will be understood after we have gathered and put together enough pieces.

Update: More images with the mysterious carvings “decorating” the Shamala river in India.