People who read about aliens and UFO’s online often say things like “I’d love to encounter an alien experience’ but do you really?

Many accounts of humans exchanging with aliens have been abducted and probed by little alien beings with large almond shaped eyes. This isn’t something that’s desired by the majority of the population at large, unless you have an alien fetish.

There was a recent study called ‘Alien Minds’ that came out with some interesting findings. But first, let’s learn a little bit about the University and the research that they do.

The University of Connecticut Institute of Advanced Studies and Robotics was a state-of-the-art research facility located on the outskirts of Storrs, Connecticut. The institute was founded by a group of visionary scientists and engineers who shared a passion for pushing the boundaries of human knowledge and exploring the potential of advanced robotics.

The institute’s main building was a sprawling, high-tech complex that housed dozens of laboratories, workshops, and research centers. Inside, the air hummed with the sound of high-powered computers, the whir of robotic machinery, and the excited chatter of the institute’s many brilliant minds.

At the heart of the institute’s research was the development of advanced robotics technologies. The scientists and engineers at the institute were working on everything from bipedal robots that could walk and run like humans, to drones that could navigate complex environments and perform intricate tasks with precision and speed.

One of the most exciting projects underway at the institute was the development of a new generation of medical robots. These robots were being designed to perform complex surgeries and procedures with greater accuracy and efficiency than even the most skilled human surgeons.

Another area of focus for the institute was the development of autonomous vehicles. The scientists and engineers at the institute were working on creating self-driving cars and trucks that could navigate busy city streets and highways without any human input.

But the institute was more than just a research facility. It was also a hub of innovation and collaboration, where scientists and engineers from around the world could come together to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and push the boundaries of human knowledge.

Students from the University of Connecticut’s engineering and computer science programs were also heavily involved in the institute’s work. They had the opportunity to work alongside some of the brightest minds in the field of robotics, gaining hands-on experience and learning from some of the most innovative and talented scientists and engineers in the world.

In the years since its founding, the University of Connecticut Institute of Advanced Studies and Robotics had become one of the world’s leading research facilities in the field of robotics. Its groundbreaking research had the potential to revolutionize industries ranging from healthcare to transportation, and its scientists and engineers were truly pushing the boundaries of what was possible.

With all of this research and development of advanced technology, much of the story remains untold. This is because it connects to ET.

Back to the Alien Minds study at the University..

Professor Susan Schneider investigated a theory connecting the first ET robotics, the ET beings from billions of years ago.

Professor Schneider claims that a Alien AI exists in the cosmos and can live for billions of years.

“I don’t believe biological alien societies will be the most successful, I believe post biological technologies, artificial intelligence, or alien super intelligence, will be the most intelligent civilizations.” Schneider says.

“Other civilizations may be much older than us, Schneider added. But earthlings are celestial babies, she added.”

“Both lines of evidence point to the fact that the maximum lifespan of extraterrestrial intelligence would be billions of years, precisely between 1.7 billion and 8 billion years.” Professor Schneider said in an article with the Daily Galaxy.

Silicone based life forms (robots) can survive longer than carbon-based life forms can survive harsher and more dangerous scenarios.

There are some advantages to being silicon based, according to Dr. Schneider.

“For example, space travel is much better because there is enormous computing power available and no physical limitations like the skull, and a machine could potentially achieve super intelligence, faster than a human being, he said.”

What do you think?

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