Sleep is such an interesting ethereal topic and there is a lot of research showing how profound it is. How the effects influence our ethereal bodies and more. I’ll always remember reading about a native American tribe that believes that the dream world is reality and that the awakened world is the false world. Kind of like the matrix. Going into sleep you’re entering the spiritual portal of reality, whereas whilst being awake we are simply in the 3D world that we can touch and feel.

One things for certain, these are different worlds and different realities. I have always explored with my dream states and wanted to use them to actually enjoy them. Maybe to be lucid or to experience something amazing like flying, or simply enjoying a nice vacation as I lay my head on the pillow.

Whatever it is, there are many dream states that influence our lives. Have you ever had a dream that turned out to be true? That became reality? Or a dream where you emotionally processed trauma? I’ve had these, and they’re wild. The more active, alert and decalcified the pineal gland is the more you can explore these states.

Researchers Are Learning More About Dreams Now Than Ever Before

Researchers now know that we have 6 to 8 dreams every single night. The challenge here is remembering them. I had a tough time remembering any of my dreams when I smoke cannabis, when I do not smoke cannabis however I do remember my dreams more frequently. I also started experimenting with a pineal gland frequency chip that you quite literally put on your forehead for 30 minutes twice daily and WOW. That worked. I used this chip called Vital Field which I questioned at first but then it completely worked. The first night I used it I had three or four vivid dreams that I remembered clearly. You can visit Vital Field by clicking here. Then use the discount code VITAL10 to get 10% off your Pineal Chips.

Many experts believe that our brains travel when we sleep.

Native Americans, and many other tribes all throughout the world believe that we travel when we sleep also.

Have You Ever Wondered Why Dreams Feel So Real?

Dreams feel so real because our senses are engaged on the inside. The 3rd eye (pineal gland) is an eye-like organ in the middle of our brain. This ‘in-sight’ gives us sight within. The pineal gland produces small amounts of DMT when you’re born, when you dream and when you die. This DMT produced by the pineal gland while sleeping allows you to have visions and experiences, quite possibly in the ethereal realm.

Two Tools That Enhanced My Sleep & Dream State Tremendously:

1. Qualia Night: This is a supplement that helps to improve sleep quality by calming the nervous system and mind. If the body and mind are calmer the sleep cycles (REM and more) are in better sync and this allows for a better state of relaxation, rest and dreaming portals to open. Use the code ‘healthywildandfree‘ for 10% off your order by clicking here.

Qualia Night Fixes Broken Sleep.

2. Vital Field: This is a new company out of Austria that has been researching and experimenting in the frequency space. They developed three separate Pineal Glad optimization products that quite literally supply more blood flow and increase the size of the pineal gland. The pineal gland has a lot to do with sleep, hormones and brain chemistry as a whole. Click Here To Visit Use the code vital10 for 10% off your order.

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