Here at UfoHolic we pride ourselves in finding the hard to reach stories. The Government conspiracies, the UFO cover ups. The sightings, the forgotten stories and the blatant cover-ups. We don’t shy away from the conspiracies that other websites run from because we know it’s at least diving into and seeing if there’s anything more to be uncovered.

I had a conversation with someone (who will remain anonymous) for the purpose of this story. They had a conversation with someone, who had a conversation with someone else (I know, it sounds a bit like phone tag already right? But this story is very clear) stick with me.

This individual was involved in the “water company” named ‘Liquid Death’ in one way or another. They began to share very private details about Liquid Death business practices at a party spot in LA.

Liquid Death Water Had An Exclusive Contract With Astroworld

It turns out that liquid death had an exclusive contract with astrowold to be the only water supplier during the event. The same one where 10 people died including a 9 year old child. The ‘official story’ is that these people were trampled, but upon further examination and watching many hours of video footage there isn’t one single angle that shows trampling activity of any kind.

The fact that “Death” was the only water (which is truly life) that could be consumed at this festival is already weird on a psychological level, but the story gets weirder and weirder the further you go down the rabbit hole.

So What Really Happened at The Astroworld Festival and Was Travis Scott a Part of it?

The liquid death water as the only water source is not simply a business story. There’s more to it, and it gets weird, quickly. But before we get to that let’s explore some of the other stories we’ve heard from people on the ground regarding the astroworld festival and what really went down with these deaths.

There are multiple stories from multiple people in regards to what happened that day.

Some say that there were people going around pricking people with a needle, and no one really knows who was doing this and what was in that needle. Even a cop made a public statement that people were being pricked by some sort of needle, potentially being injected with something.

There Are 3 Reasons People Could Have Been Dropping Dead At Astroworld

There are four stories being told about the deaths at astroworld yet no clear indicator of what the truth truly is. I have my own hunches based on what is being shared.

The stories are first that people were going around injecting people at astroworld. People felt a prick in their neck and didn’t know what it is, coming from behind them. This is the first red flag that didn’t make sense. When have you been to a festival and felt like someone pricked you with a needle in your neck? That would scare the shit out of me.

Watch The Cop Reveal Injectors At Astroworld:

Police shares injector was stabbing drugs into necks at Astroworld.

The second story is that there was some sort of ritualistic witchcraft occurring and the sound was being used as a weapon. Before you go “That’s the stupidest thing” I’ve ever heard, hear me out. There are Russian scientists and other scientists from all parts of the world that have recognized each organ in the human body has a biological herz frequency for health. Similarly, they have recognized that certain frequencies work against human health and biology as well. In fact, the Russians have weaponized frequencies that they know can create biological damage. Think about that. Now, some people believe that the performance by Travis Scott was a part of some sort of death ritual involved with occult sciences. Perhaps as a part of his illuminati indoctrination seance.

The Third Story, Which Has Never Been Released Involves “Liquid Death” Water..

Now, remember the ‘official story’ is that these people were all trampled to death. The third alternative story (to the official story of being trampled to death) was recently released, and we are happy to be the first publication at to release it.

An insider who works for Liquid Death was at a party in LA at a venue talking about Liquid Death water and their career there. One thing led to another and the topic of Travis Scott, Astroworld and the event of the 10 deaths came up. The person associated with Liquid Death ‘water’ began to share that Liquid Death had an exclusive contract at this event. A little strange considering the name ‘liquid death’ and this is what people were drinking while they were dropping dead, but that’s just the beginning of the story.

The man at the party in LA began to share that Liquid Death had witches put seances and spells, putting witchcraft on the water during the event.

The crazy thing about water is that it STORES memory. The work of Dr. Emoto in Japan proves this with his research. The energy, intention and even words ON water influence the structure of the water itself. Click here to read that story.

So the word ‘death’ on water, is quite literally influencing the memory of that water to be imprinted in death. But could witches putting witchcraft spells on water be enough to kill 10 humans? maybe, maybe not.

The Story Gets Weirder and Weirder..

If you go to the Liquid Death water website, you’ll see that they have pages on their website that say “Timewaster 5,000” and “Sell Your Soul” where the founder of the company pricks his finger, puts his blood on a writing utensil and “Sells his soul” — But if you look at the man’s eyes, the founder of the company, it’s CLEARLY EVIDENT to me that there is something corrupt about this man’s soul. Take a look at him here:

The man with the demonic eyes is one of the founders of Liquid Death. In this video he pricks blood from his finger and signs his soul away on paper. Watch video:
Weird right? If you know anything about seance, witchcraft rituals, you’d know this is not something you play with.

The Rabbit Hole Goes Even Deeper With ‘Liquid Death’ Water in a Weird Way..

In an instagram story I posted sharing some weird things about liquid death water a friend responded in regards to the strange practice that Liquid Death water does at festivals. I have been to festivals, but a bit in my younger days and even if I did notice ‘Liquid Death’ I would have avoided it because I’m aware of how consciousness imprints itself on water, thanks to Dr. Emoto’s work out of Japan. It’s science. So why would I drink death water out of an aluminum can? I’m smarter than that.

The story get’s even weirder. One of my friends responded to my IG story sharing this about Liquid Death

My friend shared that Liquid Death ACTUALLY makes you sign your name at booths to drink their water. Giving away your signature, for free? This is the stupidest shit from many angles. Take a look:

Maybe the young kids at these festivals cracked out on ketamine aren’t in their right mind, but the legality of simply putting your signature on paper without knowing what the hell you’re doing is VERY unintelligent. Second, the ‘sell your soul’ contract that they have on their website with the owner signing his soul over to the devil with his own blood. There’s no doubt this company has some weird red flags. Why would an employee brag about their water having spells on it at Astroworld? 10 deaths? And this dude is bragging?

Let’s end their stupid tyrade. Stop drinking ‘death’ water for your own health and sanity.

Here are 7 Healthy Beverages from Water, To Kombucha, To Sparkling Water To Coconut Smoothies To Drink Instead

What If The Deaths At Astroworld Were A Combination Of All Three?

My theory is a combination of all theories. What if the combination of someone (or a small group of people) pricking people in their necks with some sort of toxin, the music and frequencies emitted as well as Liquid Death water with spells cast on it were all working in unison to taint someone’s soul, body, spirit? What if this was a targeted attack. A ritualistic moment in time to use these tools against the people attending the festival in some sort of sacrifice manner, which is typical in Satanic rituals. Which many people now believe is associated with the festival.

What do you think?

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