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After EA offered the early Homo sapiens the gift of knowledge, the humans underwent powerful shifts in perception as well as in the basic understanding of life. Historical references of reptilian beings share one common element and that is wisdom; every culture adopting the snake agrees that it influenced mankind’s evolution.


 Another relevant fact is the tree of knowledge, the palm tree from the garden of EA-DEN, described as having a half-snake, half-man entwined on its trunk. It is believed that from this tree, the reptilian taught Eve who taught Adam, so when they “opened their eyes” for the first time, an intense feeling of fear overcame them both – “It is said that a person who is totally unaware of the reality in which they live, resides in an Edenic state”.

After the two humans got hold of this knowledge, they soon formed a couple, engaging into their first sexual act. At first, they were shy of their naked bodies because they found a huge difference between them and the reptilians who had scales covering and at the same time protecting their bodies and the humans didn’t know until then that they were different from their creators in any way. In that crucial moment, the two humans surpassed their ignorance and realized that, by design, they were meant to be workers of the land.


Other gods descended from the sky as time passed, in different attempts to save humanity by teaching them spiritual and magical knowledge. Among them were the Mayan Serpent God, Quetzalcoatl, the colossal Serpent God of the Hopi Indians, Baholinkonga, the Egyptian Serpent God Enuph, the Phoenicians’ Agathodemon, the Hebrews Nakhustan or Brazen Serpent that guided Moses and the Israelites through the desert by pillar of cloud and fire and also the East Indian esoteric human-like reptilians known as Nagas.

There is a considerable amount of records from different ancient and modern cultures depicting their old gods as having reptilian and human physical features as well as having descended from the heavens or stars, none of them denying the important amount of knowledge the Serpents offered their culture.