The history of the Earth may be far different than we ever thought, if the translations of researcher and archaeological restoration expert Zecharia Sitchin are true.

Sitchin recently made headlines on various websites when it was revealed that he had translated a series of tablets and published a series of books on a race of aliens that many deem to be frightening.

Sitchin said in his writings that these infamous, some might say famous, beings touched down on Earth nearly 500,000 years ago, 445,000 to be exact.

The 14 Tablets of Enki: The Secrets of the Annunaki

Sitchin translated a series of 14 tablets that are said to be the account of Enki.

Enki is a member of the Annunaki, the aforementioned alien race that has been the subject to many legends.

According to Sitchin, Enki was the son of Anu, the king of the planet Nibiru, the legendary Planet X that is supposed to circle the sun every 3,600 earth years.

According to this fabled Annunaki being, the aliens came to Earth to mine gold for their home planet.

The gold was allegedly needed to repair the atmosphere of their planet.

Workers were needed for their mines so these aliens allegedly created humans in their image.

Many skeptics exist of these stories.

The First Tablet of ‘Lord Enki’

The first tablet explains what is said to have been an atomic war on Earth between Annunaki warriors.

A radioactive cloud is said to have killed everyone in its path.

It adds that it was the worst thing to happen since the deluge (Great Flood).

The Second Tablet

This tablet talks about planet Nibiru. It says the planet has a thick atmosphere and vegetation. It revolves around the sun with hot and cold periods, on a much larger and more oblong orbit than other planets.

The planet’s inner heat keeps it warm according to this tablet. After nuclear war, a kingship was established to restore order and peace.

Tablet Three

The kingship lineage is discussed on this tablet. The Kings’ marriages are discussed, and one Annunaki named ‘O’ married his brother’s daughter according to it.

Tablet Four

A problem with Niburu’s atmosphere is described here. The answer is to find a type of powdered gold to assist with the problem. The decision was made after a fight among Annunaki beings ended in the death of the king (a brother killed his brother, similar to the Bible story of Cain and Abel).

Tablet Five

This tablet describes how there is no punishment for killing the king. The brother who killed his brother is given the throne, and life continues.

Tablet Six

Atomic bombs are exploded inside of volcanoes. The Annunaki are not happy about these results as the terraforming experiment does not go well.

In a scene that sounds straight out of the movie Black Panther, the king is also defeated in a wrestling match and loses the throne.

The king escapes, and the Annunaki jump in a spacecraft and begin heading towards Earth.

The Second Chapter and a New Tablet

This tablet tells the tale of the defeated kings’ escape from Nibiru with the plan to go to a snow-covered Earth. The spaceship had atomic bombs on it and faced the challenge of blasting through the asteroid belt, which had previous kept the Annunaki from visiting Earth.

Sitchin’s Other Work and the Mystery of the Annunaki

The Annunaki certainly are the stuff of legends, and their ties to the future are what keep people interested.
Will they return to Earth some day? Are they already here, lurking in some other dimension outside of our perception?

Time will tell. For now, enjoy a video from The History Channel detailing Sitchin’s work, which can be seen below.

And let us know if you think of the Annunaki if you get a chance:

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