Flight 513 is one of the strangest events in the history of human kind. It’s the record of a flight leaving Germany in 1954 and heading to Brazil. This is a bit after the Nazi years, so that’s not the rabbit hole we’re going down today. But wait until you hear what supposedly happened.

The flight left September 4, 1954, and the Destination was Chile in South America. Originally at least. There was a total of 88 passengers on board along with 4 crew for a total of 92 souls on the manifest.

Several hours over the Atlantic the flight went completely blank on the radar and completely vanished without a trace. Not a trail or anything. No one knows what happened.

There was no information to draw a conclusion or nothing to follow, with the Atlantic ocean being massive there was no way to ever really find a traceless plane in this giant ocean. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The story goes that they wrote the entire plane and passengers off as missing and dead.

During this time a lot of theories were formed. Understandably so. How does a plane go off the radar and go missing completely? Was their malfunctioning on board? Did they enter a sort of Bermuda triangle? Some even theorized that they were kidnapped by aliens mid-air, now that would be a feat too see.. and unlikely. This event was so bad for Santiago airlines (the flight company) that they went out of business a few years later.

Regardless of what happened the entire crew reappeared in 1989 in Brazil, in the plane. Skeletons aboard. This is by far one of the strangest mysteries that have ever happened in the world.

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