Even though the story might sound a bit extreme, it bears a strong resemblance to the story of Chupacabra and also to the legend of the Anunnaki, who allegedly came to Earth thousands of years ago and created humans by genetically combining features of their own DNA with that of the ape man. So is it possible that because of the ongoing scientific progress humans are now capable of doing what our alien ancestors once did to us?

Well if we look at the current DNA manipulation potential, and at the fact that operations such as cloning or DNA mixture are possible but at the same time restricted due to moral issues, the chance of a thirsty for knowledge scientist doing illegal experiments on animals or humans is fairly high. To understand what the odds are for a mythical creature like the Goatman, we focused our attention on the other similar goat-like creatures depicted in various ancient cultures.

For example, the ancient Greeks spoke of a creature known as “the faun” which had the same characteristics as the Goatman however, it manifested as a forest and animal spirit and was capable of helping humans in need. Apart from this, Romans believed fauns inspired fear in men travelling in lonely, remote or wild places. So could there be a link between these mythic creatures and the 1962 massacre? After all, the group was hiking into the wilderness, probably on unknown or desolate grounds.

Speaking of the Romans, they also had a Latin version of the Goatman known as the Satyr. It was depicted as a mystic creature, lover of wine and women with goat-like features that didn’t like interruptions during its routines and was not particularly fond of humans. The meeting between a satyr and a man is pictured in a medieval fable called The Satyr and the traveler.

It tells of a satyr or a faun who came across a traveler wandering in the forest in deep winter. Taking pity on him, the satyr invites him home. When the man blows on his fingers, the satyr asks him what he is doing and is impressed when told that the man can warm them that way. But when the man blows on his soup and tells the satyr that this is to cool it, the beast is horrified at such double dealing and drives the traveler from his cave.


                                           Goatman and the Traveller

Many elements from ancient cultures are found in present-day reports of the Goatman. Common elements such as its lair being a cave, its irascibility towards humans and its goat features that include hoofs, fur and twisted horns, all point towards the existence of such mythological creatures even today.

Only time will tell if the Goatman is a fiction of human imagination or it is indeed a mythological creature hiding in forgotten caves on inaccessible mountains routes. Until then, there is no reason to fear while you go exploring desolated areas, I’m sure that the Goatman has learned to fear us humans by now, since we are so many and so destructive.

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