Coast to Coast AM is a venerable radio show known and loved by armchair UFO and alien researchers since its inception in 1988.

While it often plays in the wee hours of the morning, the show, hosted by the legendary George Noory, is well known for its bombshell interviews and confessions.

Over nearly a century ex-CIA officers and military officials have been known for spilling the beans on UFO and alien encounters, ranging from Derrel Sims to Lue Elizondo to David Fravor and R. James Woolsey.

Recently, a CIA veterans named Jim Semivan stepped up to the plate, sharing information with host George Knapp that has caught the attention of paranormal and UFO investigators nationwide.

Ex-CIA Agent Details Harrowing Alien Encounter with Wife in His Bedroom

Semivan took to the airwaves along with fellow ex-agent John Ramirez to describe ‘paranormal alien-type encounters’ that he and his wife experienced beginning in 1990, during which ‘beings showed up in their bedroom.’

The ex-CIA employee said that the incident was not a hypnagogic or dream state, and was authentic in nature.

Jim and his wife reported seeing a “hooded figure that resembled the Death Eater character from Harry Potter.” He said it “perhaps materialized to herald the death of a close friend.”

The incident was authentic, Semivan insisted.

Semivan also shared his perspective on the UFO phenomenon, agreeing that it is “a lot more than nuts and bolts and machines,” as Skinwalker Ranch researcher Colm Kelleher has insisted.

More info can be seen in the interview below:

Investigations have been conducted on “metamaterials” with ‘odd isotopic ratios” that are currently ongoing, he added.

To the Stars’ investigation of “metamaterials” with odd isotopic ratios (possibly associated with UFOs) was ongoing, he added.

CIA Agent: We Have Only Seen the Tip of the Iceberg When It Comes to Aliens and UFOs

Semivan added that he believes we have only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to aliens and UFOs.

Much like in the animal kingdom where each creature lives in its own world with an entirely different scale depending on location, environment, the creature’s size and the way it perceives the world, humans may be living on a completely different spectrum compared to aliens without even realizing it.

“I think they mention that the phenomenon is a natural part of our universe, and we’re living in it but we don’t recognize it,” Semivan said.

“The same way that insects and animals don’t recognize the human universe. A cat and a dog could be running through a library, but they don’t have the faintest idea what the books are all about and what libraries are all about.

“We might be walking through our existence and there’s a whole other reality that surrounds us that we just simply don’t have the ability to see or interact with.”

His take seems reasonable and measured, especially coupled with he and his wife’s bedroom experience with the shadowy figures mentioned above.

Semivan went on to say that oftentimes we come close to a different reality but never fully realize it. We brush up against it, but have no idea exactly what is happening.

The lines have become blurred, the former CIA agent concluded.

“It seems to be peeking inside our little consensus reality. As I explained to somebody once, it comes close, it teases us, it cajoles us, it lies to us, but you can never take it home to meet the parents. It won’t allow you to do that. There’s no formal introduction. Add on top that there’s no ontology, which is just a fancy word, it basically means there’s no structure to even discuss this. We don’t have a common lexicon. Somebody said we have dots but no connections. I don’t even think we have dots.

He wasn’t specifically tasked with pursuing UFO and alien related questions during his time with the agency, but CIA analyst Kit Green was during his time there.

Semivan spent 25 years with the CIA and has since joined former Blink 182 singer Tom Delonge’s ‘To the Stars’ Academy. Read more stories about Tom Delonge and alien disclosure.

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