A tiktoker has recently claimed to time travel from the year 2671, tik tok.. tik tok. Goes the clock. This ‘time traveler’ claims that an alien species named ‘the champion’ will soon end the world. This is what they claim.

The ‘time traveler’ hints that this will second in the second half of the year 2023.

The tiktoker’s name is Eno Alaric, who goes by the name ‘radianttimetraveler’ on tik tok. Suiting.

They claim that the world will soon end and only a handful of people will be rescued.

On December 30th, they posted that an extraterrestrial species ‘the champion’ has arrived and will take back the earth.

They claim that ‘a very hostile alien species will take back the earth and we will not win’

Another alien, who’s had some destruction by the hostiles will save some of us, he claims.

He claimed that on March 23, 2023, 8,000 of us will be rescued and taken to a hospitable planet. Hopefully you’re in the 8,000.. otherwise you’re screwed, according to this tik toker.

In a previous post, Eno claimed that a group of four teenagers would discover a wormhole that would take them to ancient rooms and that it would open a wormhole ot other galaxies. This was supposed to happen on February 6th.

I searched the web and didn’t find any stories about 4 teenagers going missing on February 6th, so so far this tik toker is 0 for 1.

Eno is not the only tik toker or social media user to make such claims. Many, if not all of them end up not coming true. There is no reason to fear as we know that God is ultimately in control. This ‘radianttimetraveler’ may not actually be traveling through time, but rather on drug drips where they’re interfacing with the spiritual realm and demons. Who really knows.

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