More people are coming forward with their alien encounters or their close alien encounters. It seems to be more and more common to experience these things. Many people question the validity, and understandably so. Some people encounter spirits and entities that latch onto them. Some people claim to be personally abducted by aliens and returned later. Whatever the case, here are 10 accounts of alien encounters in Britain that will blow your mind.

Here Are 10 Alien Encounters From Britain That Won’t Go Unnoticed

  1. In 1990 there was an UFO encounter in a small village in England. Two hikers made history with one of the most convincing UFO photos ever taken. The ministry of defense ended up covering up this photo intentionally. Before the existence of this department was even publicly acknowledged, the photo of the diamond shaped object did the rounds of multiple intelligence agencies.

  2. The Berkshire Rugby Ball: One unlucky pilot was convinced that this mysterious object was going to crash right into the cockpit. He dodged it in the sky and to this day still has no explanation for what he saw.

  3. Todmorden UFO Incident: Hypnosis has been shown to work wonders for abductees. In 1980 a man recollected a craft the size of a bus in a northern village of the UK. Cows, presumably scared were near the ship. The man claims to have been taken onboard and probed and prodded by little alien creatures.

  4. The Dudley Dorito: The famous alien spaceship, the alien dorito has been seen multiple times. Some of them have managed to photograph or film the shape. It is a triangular shape, looking like a big crispy ship in the sky. This is claimed to be 5x the size of a jumbo jet.

  5. The Copper Man: The oldest alien incident on our list. It occurred throughout the 18th and 19th century. A man named the copper man was repeatedly sighted. This story of a human with metal skin was recorded in 1798. A woman even say this metal man come out of the sea and go back into it.

  6. The Stanmore Saucer: Police were called out to a woman’s house late one evening in 1984. When called out they didn’t expect to be faced with the object. At that time they did not expect to see the object. When they got there they saw the UFO in the sky still. The police then tried to follow it down the highway but were unsuccessful.

  7. Ilkey Moor Alien Sighting: On a cold evening in 1987, perhaps the realest and craziest story of them all. A retired policeman was out for a walk in the morning in Yorkshire on his way to visit family. He had an idea to take photos to take pictures of lights he saw. He then saw a strange being, he started taking photos this alien figure which ran back to it’s UFO. The photo was then analyzed by optical physicist and ufologist. The conclusion was that the photo had not been edited and the creature was no known animal.

  8. The Envoy: The ministry of defense may have acted shady on occasion. A man wanted to speak with authorities and claimed he had been in contact with aliens and that he was finally to reveal himself publicly. Unfortunately before this happened he was supposedly killed by other aliens.

  9. The Falkirk Triangle: When you think of the UFO capital of the world, you probably don’t think of Scotland. But sightings began in 1992. Aliens seem to be drawn by this area in Scotland, even though some locals think it’s a tourism ploy.

  10. Rendlesham Forest Incident: So significant its named Britains Roswell. It has baffled people for decades. Many high ranking officials claimed to see a UFO come down in the woods. People found a glowing disc in the woods. The Government was forced to say that the country was not at risk.

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