3 Types of UFO You Probably Didn’t Know About [Video]

black ufo flying over city
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  1. Vinny Ray says:

    Its not a question of whether or not we are being visited by ET beings. The question is how long the information will continue being suppressed. The problem is not if the public can handle the information, it’s the fact that if you admit they are here, the next question would be “how are they getting here”? That’s the 500 trillion dollar question. The technology they bring with them would mean the end of gas, oil, nuclear power plants etc… It would change the world and put a handful of very powerful people out of business. Good for the planet, not so good for them. However these people are the ones who control everything including who the president will be. We operate on an energy system that was developed a hundred years ago. We send men to the moon with technology developed in the 1940’s all because a few people don’t want to loose their power.

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