monster dog
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  2. Jackson says:

    The Hound of the Baskervilles?

    1. Side says:

      ‘Tis indeed. Proved to be real after all.

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  4. Larry Burks says:

    Great Dane?

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    When you read sensational headlines you imagine a hell hound on all fours 7 ft tall!! Great Danes rock by the way!! Awesome dogs man…so gentle too. Great with kids. Pit bulls are too. Dogs that go crazy such as pits is down to people hitting & abusing them to make them vicious as shit! Stupid folks should never be allowed to own pets ever again.

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  8. Sangreaal says:

    Any one of my Irish Wolfhounds is this size, and they are small for their breed. Their father was easily 8ft standing on his back feet with his front legs on my shoulders, looking down on me from on high and licking my face clean with his ping pong paddle sized tongue….


      Gorgeous dogs. Absolutely gorgeous. 😉

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  10. Nathan Jensen says:

    Sounds like a Irish wolf hound to me .

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