Man Summons Two UFOs in Downtown Los Angeles

ufo summoned by man
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  1. peter dunn says:

    Robert Bingham: accompanied with a couple of co-conspirators, goes along to state fairs and other events where he he knows the USAF will be putting on an air show. There he has himself filmed (usually sitting in a deck chair) along with loads of other people looking upwards and pointing to the sky. The videos then cut to a patch of blank blue sky: the sky is always a blank blue even when clouds are clearly visible in earlier footage, then the camera zooms in on an (cgi inserted) object that could be anything.

    Bingo Bingham has done it again – and successfully summoned up a UFO.

    And if you believe this bull shit you’ll believe anything (even the X-Files and that the Earth is flat).

  2. mandy smith says:

    DEMONS…..its near on always balls of light(Orbs), that also shapeshift…..if these ET type UFO’s do exist, apart from the odd bit of movement, much the same as some of our craft do, especially when either speeding up or slowing down, i can’t see a need or reason why they should shapeshift to the extent that these apparently seem to do.

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