Possible Astronaut Found on Mars Beamed Back By NASA’s Curiosity Rover

astronaut on mars
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  1. 2broke4 her says:

    must have too much time n your hands to think its an Astronut! you did miss the 2 faces in the ground!

    1. Mister Smith says:

      Apparently someone here never made it past kindergarten! Might want to go back to school and learn how to actually use proper grammar!

      1. 2broke4 her says:

        thats the best you got.. ? you talk bad about me and your grammar is just as bad.. example as you stated! “Might want to go back to school and learn how to actually use proper grammar!” you start off a sentence with Might when addressing WHO? ! How freaking funny.. Pot meet Kettle!

      2. Fisty McBoner says:

        Don’t fuck with this person they’re an astronut

      3. Fisty McBoner says:

        Der derk mur jerbs

  2. Timothy Jennings says:

    Would not surprise me if there were a small base on Mars already or even the Moon. A Black Op’s operation would not be to difficult to hide it could be under the guise of a satellite launch of course with a much larger rocket. Is this likely?, probably not but would not surprise though if this is the case.

    1. Andrew s baby boy says:

      You know im wondering this myself and honestly i wouldnt put it pass them

  3. Theoldlady says:

    A lot of pictures shared by NASA look like they were taken right here on earth!

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