There have been many UFO sightings all over the world. Different people, different countries, races, religions and languages spoken. One thing is for certain, all of these sightings worldwide have one thing in common. The people telling these stories believe wholeheartedly in what they saw and can share a moment by moment breakdown of what they saw and very personal details that bring the story together. One such story, that we’ll be uncovering today happened in the capital of Belize.

The city of Belize City back in 2003 is where it all began. With a population of 70,000 at the time, it’s a quite small capital city for a whole nation. It began with a trip from Dr. Clarke. Dr. Clarke is a woman with degrees in history, English, psychology and educational leadership. She is a professor at Montana State University as well as the director for the center for bilingual/multicultural education. A highly credentialed woman with a strong background in education and community development. Someone you wouldn’t see as untrustworthy or questionable in any way, especially once you got to know her.

On Dr. Clarke’s trip, she sought out people who had encountered what she calls ‘sky people’ or, aliens in UFO’s that came from another place.

Upon Arriving in Belize City There Was a Mysterious Energy To The City

Upon arrival in Belize city, Dr. Clarke made her way through the city. Passing cars with reggae blasting and the once ruled by Britain country seemed quite independent now. Her driver, Bud E. Martinez was to escort her throughout the city to follow-up on leads that had shared they had encountered either UFO’s, aliens, or both. As a local Bud, also called Buddy was quite a character. He proclaimed himself a loveable but not so handsome man, and a self-proclaimed survivor of three ex-wives. He had five children and his business card read “The best damn tour guide in Belize!” – As an indigenous man and the locally connected to the scene, plus an interest in UFO’s he proved to be a valuable asset throughout the country of Belize, as the trip began.

What Came Next Would Shock Even The Locals – Backward Walking Aliens

As Dr. Clarke began her voyage into the city of Belize with her driver Buddy, she didn’t realize the first night would be the most eventful one. Buddy, the driver took her on a prearranged sightseeing trip, with views around the city. Little did Dr. Clarke know, this tour would lead to a 5-minute hovering of a UFO directly over Belize city. But we’ll get to that later.

First, to be interviewed on the topic of UFO’s and alien sightings in Belize was a woman named Serena who shared about the sky people (aliens) that her grandfather saw. She shares:

“My grandfather said he saw them when he was a boy. My grandfather is a Red Carib (a type of person from Belize). He is 102 years old, so they have been around for a long-time.” Serena shared. She continued..

“Their bodies are tall and skinny, but their legs are huge. Their knees allow them to walk backward. We call them backward walking people. They have strange heads. When they are walking, their heads flip backward so they can see where they are going.” I watched as this tall, crafty girl, not yet a woman mimicked what she shared with me.

It was quite funny. Her family, especially her cousins laughed as she mimicked how the aliens moved around the room. Serena was a very beautiful girl. A mixture of Spanish, Red-Carib Indian and several other ethnic groups. According to her own description of herself Serena was ‘A very beautiful young woman.’ and eccentric might be added to that list also. Creatively descriptive and a great non-verbal communicator.

Dr. Clarke leaned in to ask her the next question.. “Have you seen these creatures up close?”

Serena responded – “Not too close. But close enough to know how they walk. I can’t describe their faces but I can tell you they have big heads.”

Dr. Clarke: “Do they walk forward?”

Serena: “Oh yes. They walk forward, but they also walk backward like they are constantly checking what is behind them.”

Dr. Clarke: “What else can you tell me about them?”

Serena: “They stay away from the villages and cities. I don’t think they want us to know about them. They come from the stars. That’s what I think” she added.

Dr. Clarke: “Why do you think they come from the stars?”

Serena: “Because we always see a UFO when we see them.”

Dr. Clarke: “Tell me about hte time you saw them.”

Serena: “I’ve seen them more than once. In those days, Papa (Her grandfather) had a small farm in the Stann District. I spent many weeks with him when I was a girl.”

Dr. Clarke: “How old were you when you saw the people who walked backward?”

Serena: “I think I was about six the first time. I thought they were funny. The last time I saw them I was about 14 or 15, they were no longer funny. They made my skin crawl..”

Dr. Clarke: “Can you describe anything else about them?”

Serena: “I was never close enough to see exact features. But what I did see was terrifying. I saw their spaceship, too. It was long like the cigars my father buys in Havana. Round and long. But huge. I never saw anything like that before. It had no wings. I don’t know how they flew.”

Dr. Clarke: “What else can you tell me about them?”

Serena: Papa said their skin was like a snake. But their features were human-like except for their heads, legs and skin. I should say that they were shaped like a human. I was never close enough to see their skin. Papa said when he was a boy, the men would hide their women and children from them. There were stories that they abducted women. I never knew if those stories were true, that they abducted women. But they scared me when I was little. They scare me now. What if they did abduct women? What did they do with them? It is frightening to think about. Can you imagine having se# with one of them? She shivered. Shaking her body in disgust.

Dr. Clarke: “Can you tell me anything else?”

Serena: “You should ask my cousin Bud, he has seen them.”

Dr. Clarke: “Do you mean my driver Bud?”

Serena: “The same one!”

On Dr. Clarke’s way back to the hotel she asked buddy what he knew about the backward-walking people.

Dr. Clarke’s Driver Bud (Serenas Uncle) Even Verified Her Claims:

Bud responded by saying “Sounds like Suzanna, or is she still calling herself Serena – has been talking?”

He went on to share that the stories came from his uncle. He tells stories about these incredibly strange aliens that would only visit the countryside, and they walked backwards.

Dr. Clarke asked: “Have you seen them?”

Bud Responds: “To tell you the truth, I have seen them. I have seen the UFO’s and the giants that come with them – the backward walking people. I know it is too strange to believe.”

Dr. Clarke: “What can you tell me about them?”

Bud: “They are giants. Twice as big as the average man. When I was growing up, the old men talked about them. They came from the stars. They stole women, and the women were never seen again. The old men would speculate about what happened to the women. They believed that they were r#ped and forced to have their babies. That was the most popular conclusion. I listened to their stories. One day I was at my uncles house. It was daylight and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. I saw a UFO. It was a long, cylinder-shaped craft. It glowed orange and then turned gray. I crouched down to make myself small so they would not see me. The craft landed, and I saw a giant creature get out of it. At first it walked forward, and then all of a sudden, it began to walk backward. Its knees actually reversed! Its head pivoted and it walked backward. It is difficult to describe this. It rotated it’s head around so it looked like it was going forward even though it was walking backward.

Bud continued: “I know this doesn’t make much sense. But its’ what I saw. I cannot explain it any better. All I know is that this creature I saw is not of this earth. I called my uncle and he saw it also. We both agreed that it was best to not talk about it. I have never heard the backward walking people. Sometimes, I think it is only my family that knows about them. But if that is the case and truth. They have been targeting my father, and the grandfather before him.

Bud began to rationalize what he saw sharing “They must be here for a reason. The old men say that it was for the women, but I have never heard of any disappearances of women in my lifetime. I now these creatures exist. I know they come in spaceships. That is all I know, and frankly I don’t like to talk about it. I think there are things in the universe that we are not supposed to know, he added.

Buddy then pulled in front of the hotel, opened the door for Dr. Clarke and offered her no other information.

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