A Marine has begun describing what grey aliens and other alien species look like, and the traits that they have in a video recorded by a Marine. The Marines are asking questions the whole time as the Marine in front draws what they look like on a whiteboard and goes into depth and detail about specific traits of different aliens, alien races, alien projects and more.

Marine Talks About Alien Races & Reptilians

He describes that they have less bone density than humans, and breathe a very similar form of air (oxygen) that we do.

The Marines ask questions like “Do they have fun bags?” and “Do they F###?”

The Marine goes on to describe that this other alien species is actually a clone. They have long pointy noses. These are the tall whites. The clone created by the small greys to be like servants.

Another marine asks “What are the angry aliens that you were talking about?”

While another adds “Do they have weapons?”

How Similar Are These Aliens To Humans?

The Marine describes that they are humanoids and that they walk on two legs. He describes that they are huge. They are 6-7 feet tall and that they are huge. Very strong. From the one image he has seen.

He describes that some of the alien races have had wars with one another.

How do you know that there is an alien war? The Marine answers that EV1 said there was.

The Marine recommends going online and looking up ‘majestic 12’ which you can read an article on here (majestic 12 story).

The Marine Claims Our DNA Has Been Altered How Many Times?

The Marine goes on to share that our DNA has been altered 68 times since the caveman days.

A Marine asks “Do you not believe in Jesus?” – “Do you believe he was an alien?” The Marine answers – I don’t know what kind of DNA he had.

12 Humans From Earth Are On Their Planet For 13 Years

The Marine describes that we sent 12 of our own to their planet and that they have been there for 13 years.

Marines ask “Does Obama know about it?” – Head Marine answers “I’m pretty sure he knows, i’m pretty sure all presidents know about it.”

He then shares that “They were coming to invade us, but they’ve rerouted.”

The Marine shares “Actually, they have other clones that they are creating that have like heads of dogs but they only have like three fingers.”

The Marine asks his buddy: “Do you believe everything he said”? To which the other marines respond “I believe it.”

The marine then says “This is going on youtube, say something.”

Warning: If there are children around. These Marines cannot speak 3 words without saying F$$$ or Slu$ or B###es. They’ve been trained by the best in communication clearly.

Video of Marine talking about aliens, reptilians and the Majestic 12 organization.

If You want to learn more about alien races. The KGB Released a book documenting the different alien races. Click to read the KGB Alien Races Story Here.

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