Israeli Air Force Captain Who Witnessed Uri Geller’s Encounter Confirms UFOs Are Real

Famed magician Uri Geller claims he received his powers on a fateful day when   he came in contact with a UFO. His affirmation is supported by an Israeli Air Force captain but does that mean he’s telling the truth?

Born in Israel in 1946, Uri Geller came to prominence with his spoon-bending tricks but if we’re to believe one popular conspiracy theory, his powers far surpass the ability to distort cutlery.

During the Cold War, the Central Intelligence Agency wanted to gain the upper hand on every level against the Soviet Union so in 1978, they established Project Stargate. This mysterious program aimed to use clairvoyants as a tactical advantage by employing their out-of-body experiences as intelligence gathering missions.

Hundreds of ‘assets with magical powers’ are said to have taken part in this mission until its official termination in 1995. However, many have expressed their concern that the program never really ended and that the CIA still uses remote viewing as a way to uncover information that would otherwise remain inaccessible.

Declassified documents reveal that Uri Geller took part in Project Stargate and was subjected to a series of weird experiments that succeeded in convincing researchers at the Stanford Institute.

The magician was subjected to a battery of scientific tests designed to determine whether his abilities could be weaponized by the U.S. Government. The researchers’ official conclusion was that Geller “demonstrated his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner.”

Over the course of several weeks, the magician succeeded in proving his extrasensory perception was off the charts. In one particular experiment, he was placed inside a sealed room and told to focus his abilities. The researchers then picked words out of a dictionary and drew relevant objects. After the researcher’s drawing was completed, Geller was asked to replicate the object in his own drawings. The similarity between the drawings was uncanny, as you can see from the examples below.

The researcher picked ‘bunch’ from the dictionary so he drew a grape bunch.
Geller’s drawing is eerily similar.
A researcher’s drawing of a dove.
And Geller’s

Long after the Stargate Program was officially over, Geller revealed the source of his power could be traced back to a single incident that occurred during his childhood. He came face to face with a UFO and the event left a deep imprint on his psyche.

“It wasn’t the sun — it was something more massive, something that you could touch. It was really weird, like a sphere, just hanging there, shining and strobing, and then it gently and silently drifted down towards the ground. Then something struck me. It was like a beam or ray of light. It really hit my forehead and knocked me back into the grass.”

Geller went home, where his story was quickly dismissed as the result of a hallucination. But he could never accept this explanation and later on in his life, regression hypnosis would reveal he felt the encounter as being a real event that activated his mystical abilities.

Then, in 2007, retired Israeli Air Force Captain Ya’akov Avrahami came forward to support Geller’s claims. After hearing about the magician’s story in a documentary, he recalled an incident he had witnessed in his youth. Avrahami said that on Christmas Day in 1949, he was walking to a bus stop on Yehuda Halevi Boulevard when a bright light suddenly caught his attention.

“Suddenly, I saw a powerful light, a sphere-shaped light, a metre in diameter, bright and dazzling. At the same moment, I noticed from the building on the left a small child coming out, dressed in a white shirt and black trousers. The light halted again and, as if it had senses, it suddenly turned around and approached the child. The light embraced him”

Since the date, location and many other aspects lined up, Avrahami knew Geller was telling the truth and the testimony of a witness further cemented Geller’s belief that his encounter was real.

Alien Abduction Victim Explains Missing Time Phenomenon and E.T. Implants

missing time phenomenon

A man who was abducted by aliens and now has a metal implant in his leg explains what really happens when you experience the ‘missing time’ phenomenon.

This is my story. I feel compelled to share this with people of likeminded, similar interests. I’ve been doing this for 15 years and I honestly feel driven towards this field, for some reason.

This was alien/UFO investigator Chris Augustine’s opening statement at a UFO conference this January. A firm believer in aliens and their presence here on Earth, Augustine holds a Computer Science degree and is the host of the Philadelphia UFO Meetup Group. His first encounter took place in Washington, NJ in 1999, when he saw a UFO similar to the one responsible for the Belgian UFO wave.

Triangular in shape and completely silent, the UFO that Chris saw had a weird quirk: it flew backwards. Chris says the object did not make any sound but it did emit a hum that was more felt than heard.

I witnessed a large, black, triangular craft moving over Washington township, New Jersey and the odd thing about it was the way that it was traveling – it wasn’t traveling with the point in the front, it was traveling with the flat edge in the front.”

Also, the UFO researcher recalls that nature had apparently come to a standstill, with no insects or birds making any noise while the triangular UFO flew above.

This incident led Augustine on a road to discovery that would place him in an even more controversial position: that of a UFO abductee.

alien abduction missing time
At least leave the bottle!

In February of 2002, Chris was driving home from his girlfriend’s house at around 10 P.M. He had just stopped at a traffic light and was looking in his rearview mirror at a pickup truck. The Queen of the Damned soundtrack was playing and song #10 had just started. Next thing he knows, Chris was in the middle of the intersection, the 3 minute 40 seconds long song had just ended and the truck was several hundred feet in front of him. Weird, right?

Amid the whirlwind of sentiment of concern, Augustine recalls feeling “uneasy, anxious and scared.” He felt as though he had just jumped through time, which is what most abductees report.

Three minutes and 40 seconds took place inside my car. I felt like I’d come aware from something – like a daze. My hands are on the wheel, executing a turn – and then three-and-a-half minutes are gone. I was afraid, afraid of what I didn’t understand.

Augustine raced home to write down all the details he could remember and thus began a lengthy effort to document and study his own experience while keeping an eye out for similar incidents.

Shortly after going through the missing time episode, Augustine noticed his body was doing strange things, such as interfering with TVs and other appliances. Whatever used electricity seemed to be affected in one way or another by Chris’ presence.

His psychic abilities also seemed to have been impacted by the abduction. He would know who was about to call him and what song would come up on the radio before it happened. When Augustine’s dreams became premonitions he became convinced some serious work had been done on his body and mind.

A couple of months later, Chris started hearing a ringing noise in his left year. After several nights of listening to audio interference and finding spots of blood on his bed covers without being really injured, he noticed a triangle-shaped bruise above his ankle. Below the skin was a small, solid object.

The weird thing was that unlike a bruise, this skin lesion was gone in a day, leaving four puncture marks in its place. An ultrasound scan revealed Augustine had sustained tendon damage and there was a foreign body in his leg.

Fast forward a few more years and Chris starts having weird memories resurface.

“I felt I was somewhere else. The place was metallic. I could sense a woman with me, to my right. I could hear small feet hitting the floor, like walking quickly. I could tell by the stride they were small since there were a lot of steps.”

As weird as his recollection of the events might be, Chris is just one of many who claim to have been abducted. Ufologist Nigel Watson explains:

“Abductions often start in childhood, continue throughout a person’s life, and are not just isolated incidents. Abductees regularly find mysterious scars on their body; they are often confused and worried by dreams or nightmares that they have had since childhood. Under hypnosis they remember being inside a flying saucer.”

“As might be expected, such ideas have attracted the attention of both skeptics and believers. Skeptics regard the abduction researchers and abductees as gullible fools who do not know the difference between fact and fantasy. The believers regard the abductees as tortured victims who need understanding and help after the trauma of alien encounters.”

Take a look at the video below and decide for yourself whether Chris Augustine is a gullible fool or a victim.

Or is there a third option?

“Aliens Abducted Me and You Can See it on Google Earth,” British Man Claims

aliens abducted me photos

A man claims he was abducted by aliens and he has proof of his ordeal in the form of Google Earth satellite images.

Aliens Abducted Me!

John Mooner fancies himself a UFO expert and if we’re to believe him, his experience just got a boost. A resident of Torquay in Devon County, UK, Mooner claims he’s been the protagonist of several close encounters of the first kind but none were as bizarre as his most recent episode.

Mooner says 2016 was a difficult year for him, one during which he experienced numerous instances of missing time. During one such episode, he claims, grey aliens attempted and probably succeeded in abducting him aboard their spaceships. But the man believes he didn’t go down without a fight and that a snapshot of his kerfuffle can be seen in satellite imagery obtained through Google Earth.

aliens abducted me moon

Details of the fight elude the man and he attributes his amnesia to being punched in the face by a violent Grey alien.

The satellite has captured a real alien abduction taking place,” Mooner told local press. “The shocking thing about this was that it’s me being abducted by a grey alien and the satellite image clearly shows me trying to fight off the grey alien by punching it in the face.”

By his own admission, Mooner had no recollection of the inter-species aggression. But since his memories didn’t add up and his attention was drawn to a particular spot in his hometown, he resorted to analyzing satellite images and that’s when he got confirmation that something strange had happened to him.

The satellite image clearly shows me trying to fight off the grey alien by punching it in the face. “

“Looking at the image it appears that the alien has blocked my punch and has grabbed my fist and must have been able to subdue me. The strangest thing about this captured incident is that I do not remember that aliens abducted me.”

Naturally, the Google images leave a lot of room for interpretation. Ground-level details are too diffuse to give credence to Mooner’s claims but you only need a pinch of imagination to make his story believable. If you look at the images with an open-minded attitude, the vague shape of a man throwing a punch becomes visible. An indulgent eye can even make out the details of the man’s target, something that looks like a smaller creature with an elongated head. Could it really be a Grey alien about to take a punch? Or are we being deceived by our eyes and the things we’re conditioned to see?

aliens abducted me moon punch

Other residents of Torquay tend to dismiss Mooner as an eccentric with a penchant for alien interactions. But does that mean he’s lying about his ordeal? Comments on the Torquay Herald’s website show the local vibe towards the abductee:

“I’ve given up about reading about this loon.” – A. A.

“Oh not again… there are plenty of legitimate UFO story’s going on and you choose to cover this guy… can we have some REAL UFO story’s please.” – R. B.

As weird as his story might be, Mooner is definitely not alone. During the past years, we’ve seen a steady increase in UFO incidents and subsequent reports. It would appear that the social stigma that was once associated with seeing and believing in UFOs is steadily dissolving. Whether this is the result of an increasing number of UFO encounters or people beginning to accept the reality of aliens and UFOs remains to be seen.

Skeptics hold the majority here and until satisfying evidence is produced, their arguments will remain valid. It goes without saying that believers will continue to believe no matter what.

So keep your eyes on the sky, you might see something.

Permanent Structure Discovered on Venus – UFO Hunters Claim it’s Alien-Made

Why isn’t NASA all over this?

Underneath Venus’ acid clouds, UFO hunters claim, rests a permanent structure that seems to suggest the planet was not only visited in the distant past – it was deemed secure enough to house massive outposts!

Today, Venus is a hellhole. Although its size and composition has earned it the nickname of Earth’s Sister, the reality is you wouldn’t last 3 seconds on its surface. Calling Venus’ climate unpleasant would be a gross understatement.

With surface temperatures high enough to melt lead and an atmospheric pressure 90 times greater than what we have here, Venus would be near the bottom on your list of exotic vacation spots. Come for the thrills, stay for the sulphuric acid rains! Just to drive the point home, the longest a man-made probe’s ever survived on its surface was a little over two hours. The Soviet Venera 13 landed, took a few photos and measurements and then succumbed to the infernal conditions.

venus surface

But, astronomers determined, Venus wasn’t always this way. Like Mars, it is almost certain at one point in the distant past, Venus had a much lighter atmosphere and oceans of liquid water on its surface. It got the way it is today because of global volcanic eruptions and a runaway greenhouse effect. As CO2 and other greenhouse gasses accumulated in the atmosphere, temperatures rose, water turned to steam and the planet’s habitability index dropped below the threshold.

Recently, alien hunters have spotted an enormous, apparently stationary structure underneath Venus’ thick layer of acid clouds. Responsible for the discovery is Tyler Glockner, self-entitled conveyor of the “exposure of the alien phenomenon.”

The video he uploaded to YouTube shows what looks like an enormous curving band that stretches along a portion of the planet’s circumference.

Scientists have yet to ever see something as massive as what is being depicted here on Venus.”

Glockner added: “Maybe this is something else all together. Some sort of massive structure hidden in the clouds. Or possibly a grouping of something. All coming together to form this giant band. […]”

“You always hear about Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto but you really don’t hear about Venus. Maybe there’s something about this planet they don’t want us to know.”

The scientific community was quick to dismiss Glockner’s hypothesis because caution saved the scientist’s career. If prominent figures suddenly started backing every outrageous claim involving aliens, their credibility would drop lower than Venus’ real estate value.

Their explanation for the unusual band on the planet is gravity waves. Not to be confused with gravitational waves (ripples in space-time), gravity waves form when there is a difference in the atmospheric pressure of two neighboring regions. Think of clouds going over a mountain and you’ve got a pretty good picture.

“Gravity waves are an atmospheric phenomenon we often see in mountainous parts of Earth’s surface. Crudely speaking, they form when air ripples over bumpy surfaces,” French astrophysicist and atmospheric climate expert Jean-Loup Bertaux told Fox News. “The waves propagate upwards and grow larger and larger until they break below the cloud top and forms a wave,” he added.

If there’s one thing Venus is known for, it has to be strange cloud formations. So while gravity waves could potentially account for the weird structure, there is no proof it was actually caused by a mountain.

The planet’s strange history parallels our present and its present might foretell ours. Mankind sent only a handful of probes to Venus’ surface and to be completely honest, our knowledge of our next door neighbor is superficial. Taking this into consideration, it would be unwise to claim there are no alien relics on Venus. Until we succeed in mapping its surface (and we might never get to), there is plenty of room for sensible speculation.

At the end of the day, Glockner remains convinced what he saw on Venus is proof of ancient (or even present) alien habitation. He says gravity waves only last for a few days before dissipating. On the other hand, the strange band has been there for a while and shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon.

What do you think – natural or artificial?

Who Put This Monolith on Mars’ Moon Phobos?

monolith on mars

Nobody is sure what these two objects are but they do seem like they were made and placed there.

When people find out about that they are going to say, ‘Who put that there? Who put that there?” – Buzz Aldrin, Apollo astronaut.

Mars has two moons, Phobos and Deimos, named after the Greek mythological characters attributed to fear and dread. The small satellites are irregular in shape and circle the planet in strange orbits. Most astronomers agree their shape is an indicator of their origin: asteroids caught up in Mars’ gravitational pull.

NASA images show that Phobos, the smaller of the two has a peculiar structure on its surface. Rectangular in shape and standing close to 300 feet tall, the so-called monolith has sparked a great deal of controversy since it was first discovered by the Mars Global Surveyor mission in 1998.

monolith on mars

ET enthusiasts speculate Phobos could be a hollow, artificial body and by extension, they believe the monolith could also be alien in origin. Their assumptions are primarily based on the calculations of Russian scientist Iosef Samuilovich, who theorized that the movements of Phobos were not consistent with what was expected from a celestial body of its shape and size.

If the odd satellite is indeed artificial in nature, the importance of the obelisk-like structure on its surface is dimmed a bit. If the entire moon was built, the monolith would only be a small component of the structure. On the other hand, the monolith can be found in a barren, featureless region on the moon, so it might be more important than we suspect.

Astronomers combated Samuilovich’s theory with claims that the 14 mile-wide moon could be highly porous in nature and that is the reason it moves on such an unpredictable trajectory.

No matter the true nature of Phobos, the mystery surrounding the monolith remains a valid one. Photographic evidence shows the monolith appears as a bright object near Stickney crater. The monolith is definitely not the product of a camera malfunction, since it casts a prominent shadow on the surface of Phobos.

The available data indicates the rectangular object sits all by itself in a region devoid of other landmarks, as if it were a testament to its own controversial nature. There is nothing like it on the entire moon. This strange object brings many questions into one’s mind: who put it there and why? Does it serve any purpose?

Alien supporter and former astronaut Buzz Aldrin fanned the flame even further when he said the issue warrants an investigation.

We should visit the moons of Mars,” Aldrin said. “There’s a monolith there – a very unusual structure on this little potato shaped object that goes around Mars once every seven hours.”

The red planet is full of enigmas and most of them point towards the existence of an advanced Martian civilization in the distant past. It seems like every week there’s a new out of place object being discovered in NASA photos sent back by the Curiosity Rover.

From alien skulls and skeletons to remains of ancient towers and what look like crashed UFOs, Mars is home to a plethora of things that shouldn’t be there.

Will the future bring answers to the questions that have been bothering true believers? When will we find confirmation to our suspicions?

Future missions to Mars should provide a wealth of information pertaining to this delicate subject and if history taught us anything, it’s that our conceptions, no matter how well established, are subject to change. In the face of new and overwhelming evidence, will the mystery of the monolith on Mars still hold?

X-Ray Analysis Confirms This Could Really Be a Mummified Alien Hand

mummified alien hand peru

Are we looking at a mummified alien hand?

Most of the times, expert eyes can easily detect a forgery or distinguish a prop from the real deal. But this time, there was no doubt this controversial body part is indeed organic in nature.

The mummified alien hand was found alongside an elongated skull and a small body in Cusco, Peru. Details are scarce at the moment but they will undoubtedly follow once this story blows up. And it definitely will.

Allegedly, the mummified remains were found by a local man digging in a secret tunnel in the southern desert area of Peru. He does not wish to disclose the location of the tunnel at this time. Additionally, the finder wishes to maintain his anonymity and refuses to sell the strange artifacts in his possession. He only wants to shed some light on his unbelievable find.

The remnants were handed over for analysis to author Brien Foerster at Hidden Inca Tours and his findings were surprising, to say the least.

mummified elongated skull

Local physicians examined the mummified head, hand and torso and they established that all of them were indeed organic and composed of bone and skin. Those who got the chance to look at them claimed the artifacts look and feel alien.

[They] stated that it clearly was not a human, but was a life form of some kind

At the moment, plans for radiocarbon and DNA testing are being made and by the looks of it, the results will be astonishing.

For now, X-Ray images of the three-fingered appendage are hands down the most crucial piece of evidence towards the alien (or human-alien hybrid) hypothesis. The internal structure of the supposed alien hand is somewhat similar to that of a human’s but there are a couple of anatomical differences that set it apart.

x-ray alien hand

For instance, a human hand has three bones in each finger. This one has twice as many, meaning that when the creature was alive, it was probably much more dextrous than us humans.

“Once again, as with the skull, physicians in Cusco determined that clearly this is not the hand of a human, but is made up of bone and skin,” Foerster wrote. “They were unable to determine what kind of life form it is, or was.”

Another aspect that appears to attest to the authenticity of the remains is the detailed photo below. Take a look at the way the skin is folded around the area where the fingernail once was. No matter how skilled a taxidermist might be, he wouldn’t be able to replicate the intricate details shown in the photo.

mummified alien hand

This is a very interesting case with far-reaching implications and a lot of questions on its tail. There aren’t that many mummified hands that look like they belonged to extraterrestrials so these ones are sure to make waves.

Perhaps one of the most well-known mummified bodies to be called an alien is Ata, the small humanoid found in the Atacama Desert. Is it a mere coincidence that Ata’s remains were found in Chile, while the hand, body and head were found in neighboring Peru? Do all the enigmatic South American legends of alien gods provide backing to these findings?

Discovered by accident in 2003, Ata quickly became a sensation in alien enthusiast circles. Tests performed by serious institutions uncovered anomalies in the skeleton that set it apart from that of a normal human. Stanford University scientists discovered that Ata only had 10 pairs of ribs and an abnormally large cranium vault.

But the battery of tests failed to provide a deeper understanding of the creature’s nature and origin. Opinions are divided and while some are convinced Ata is proof of alien-human hybridization, others simply dismiss it as nothing but the desiccated remains of a malformed human fetus.

Will the recently-discovered mummified alien hand, head and torso suffer the same fate? Or will they offer the world palpable and undeniable proof that humans weren’t the only intelligent humanoids to walk the Earth?

We’ll just have to wait for further tests to be performed until we can pass judgement on the issue. But still, by a show of hands, who thinks this is part of a dead alien?

Insane Video of Triangle UFO Flying over Texas is the Best One Yet

triangle ufo texas

A team of UFO enthusiasts have managed to film one of the best videos of the enigmatic triangle UFO.

The sighting took place in Longview, Texas on October 26, 2015, at approximately 20:50 P.M. When the witnesses saw the triangular craft quietly gliding “above Texas neighborhoods, unaware to the masses,” they immediately knew they had to film it.

One and a half minutes into the video, another triangular UFO made a silent entry into the picture and when they slowly distanced themselves, the guys filming the video jumped in the car and drove to a better vantage point.

Since the video is described as [Raw chase footage], the next three minutes are a mix of blurry, shaky footage and Guns N’ Roses. Whoever needs to complain about this must first understand that a certain amount of excitement accompanies UFO sightings and even professional hunters make mistakes. However, the video has two very good portions of footage at the beginning and near the end that make up for the shaky middle.

The UFO manages to cover a lot of ground (technically, sky) during the video. Coupled with its apparent size, the drone hypothesis seems to deteriorate. With what details can be gathered from the footage, the object fits the description of a classic triangle UFO. It is hard to discern whether this craft was built and operated by extraterrestrials or a military prototype such as the TR-3B.

As usual, the sighting sparked controversy on the internet, with users chipping in with their opinions on the matter.

“This is a few hours from where the Cash-Landrum incident happened,” one Reddit user commented. “I wonder if there is a military base in the area.”

The Cash-Landrum incident is one of the best documented UFO sightings to occur in the United States, one that left its witnesses in a state of shock and with palpable physical evidence.

Classified as a close encounter of the second kind, this incident involved Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and her seven year-old grandson Colby. The three of them were traveling on an isolated road to their home in Dayton, Texas when they encountered a huge diamond-shaped object hovering above the treetops. The UFO spewed flames and emitted a large amount of heat; it was enough to make the metal parts of the car so hot they were painful to the touch.

Shortly after the object ascended, a number of 23 military helicopters zoomed over the witnesses’ heads in apparent pursuit of the UFO.

The aftermath of the incident saw Cash fall ill and her symptoms were consistent with radiation poisoning. Large, painful blisters appeared on her body and she bagan losing patches of skin and clumps of hair.

We have strong evidence that these patients have suffered secondary damage to ionizing radiation. It is also possible that there was an infrared component as well.” – MUFON radiologist who examined the patient.

Could this notorious incident have any connection to the recent Triangle UFO sighting?

It is possible. The fact that the diamond-shaped UFO was closely followed by a squadron of unmarked military helicopters could attest to the presence of a nearby secret base. The UFO itself could have been a prototype they were testing out and for whatever reason they decided to see the effects of an interaction with humans.

If this is the case, the area might be home to a number of other anomalies and we should be on the lookout for skywatchers’ videos and testimonies.

This Giant Cube UFO Keeps Returning to our Sun. Why?

cube ufo sun

No one knows what this ginormous cube UFO is doing out there, but it keeps coming back to its position in front of our Sun.

No, we’re not sure it’s a Borg Cube, but that doesn’t mean its intentions are benign.

The enormous cube-shaped UFO was spotted near our Sun on December 22 by myunhauzen74 of YouTube, a conspiracy theorist known for his stance on NASA and the truth he believes they keep hidden.

In the photos released by NASA’s SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory), a cube the size of Earth can be seen hovering near the star that gives us warmth. While some speculate that the cuboid shape is the result of NASA censorship done to hide the actual craft, there are others who invoke pretty convincing arguments in favor of the cube UFO hypothesis.

According to UFO hunter Scott Waring, the object in the photos appears to reflect sunlight and therefore must be a solid object.

cube ufo

“Did you notice the light extending out from the sun and around the cube?” he asked on his blog. “The light is going out further than other places around the sun. This means the light is reflecting off the dark surface of the UFO and the UFO is getting hit by the Sun’s heat.”

If this object is indeed a physical UFO, it definitely has a vetted interest in our Sun. Many UFO experts believe aliens could harness the power of our star and transform it into energy they could use. Some even speculate that the Sun’s immense power output could be manipulated into tearing the space-time around it, opening up a wormhole for the aliens to use.

The precise geometric form of the enigmatic presence could be enough to suspect it has an artificial origin. But that origin could be more prosaic than you think. NASA maintains that it is an image artifact, the result of cameras recalibrating themselves.

This explanation fails to convince UFO hunters who are determined to get the truth out one way or another. They claim that this UFO was photographed dozens of times in the past few years, a testament to the persistent presence of advanced aliens in our Solar System.

What do you think, glitch, cube UFO or the cover-up of something much darker?

Why is this UFO Spraying an Emerald Green Mist over California?

UFO Spraying Green Mist California

Alien hunters are perplexed by a set of photos showing what appears to be a UFO spraying a greenish mist over a Californian neighborhood.

The sighting is currently under investigation by MUFON, the authority that reviews all such cases. According to the witness testimony, the UFO showed up over Huntington Beach, California on a sunny summer day when visibility was great.

At first, the unnamed witness believed he was seeing a plane in trouble.

I looked up to see what I first thought was a passenger plane on fire,” he told MUFON

But this conviction did not last long. Within a few seconds, the accidental bystander realized the object couldn’t have been a plane. It had a dome-like shape with a band of orange lights going around its circumference, a typical UFO shape that is instantly recognizable.

At that moment, the eyewitness considered the possibility that the unidentified object was experiencing some kind of technical difficulty. However, no smoke or fire was visible so the emission of green vapor could have been a deliberate action.


ufo spraying green mist
Click for full-sized photo

“The vapour trail didn’t seem to be coming from any particular vent or place on the craft, it seemed to almost enshroud the craft and then slip off and fall behind,” the witness added. “It would leave a trail and dissipate within a few seconds.”

According to the eyewitness, the emission of green gas coincided with the UFO making a rumbling sound.

The rumbling hiss seemed to increase in intensity coinciding with the billowing emerald green shimmery misty vapour or smoke this craft was leaving in its wake.”

The strange, intense color of the ejected material was both “concerning and fascinatingly beautiful,” the bystander claimed. But as beautiful as it looked, the menacing aspect of the incident gave birth to strong feelings of anxiety and all the way up to an overwhelming, visceral emotion.

Believing the vapor could be poisonous or radioactive, the witness almost threw up his breakfast. Fortunately, he was able to control himself and even managed to snap a few photos of the UFO spraying an effluvium of green gas.

ufo spraying green mist 2
Click for larger photo

It’s difficult to discern the object’s size from the photos, but the witness states that it was pretty large, around the size of a school bus.

This sighting raises a number of legitimate questions and their answers are not pleasant.

What was the UFO doing over California in broad daylight? Was it having trouble or was it deliberately delivering a payload of chemicals?

If the green vapor was the result of malfunctioning systems, it would definitely prove the UFO was using exotic matter as fuel. In that case, the witness was right to fear the fumes could be poisonous or even radioactive.

Since he stated the vapor dissipated within seconds, it is safe to assume the vapor was indeed physical and not some visual effect manifested by its cloaking systems.

Most UFO experts who’ve seen the photos agree that a UFO spraying a strange, noxious-looking green vapor could not have been an accident. It looks and sounds premeditated.

What we’d like to know is this: was the UFO piloted by aliens or our own kind?

The UFO/conspiracy community has been pretty vocal about its suspicions regarding man-made or acquired UFOs being secretly operated with the intention of making the public believe it was aliens. Veiled by a misconception they seeded themselves, the human operators of the craft could perform whatever experiment they pleased without fear of consequence.

The same scenario also applies if aliens were piloting the UFO. There’s not much we could do about aliens performing experiments since their technology is too far ahead of ours. We can only speculate about their motivation and what they have in store for mankind.

Mysterious Sound Recorded in Marianas Trench – Whales or Aliens?

underwater alien

Deep sea researchers have recently recorded a mysterious sound coming from the deepest part of Earth’s oceans. The sounds are so strange, aliens were immediately brought into question.

While charting the unexplored waters at the deepest point in the planetary ocean, a group of researchers have unwittingly captured a set of alien-sounding frequencies that science has yet to catalogue.

Located in the western Pacific Ocean, the Marianas Trench spans a length of over 1,500 miles on the ocean floor between Japan and Australia. With a maximum depth of 36,000 feet, this enormous gorge could fit the Everest with room to spare. It is no secret that such an inaccessible place is home to strange creatures and an ideal place to hide for anyone with the technology to get there.

mariana trench depth

The exotic noise was picked up by oceanographers with the help of a hydrophone, which is a microphone that works in water. Sound travels farther and faster through water because liquid has a higher density than the gas that makes up our atmosphere. Therefore, the mysterious sound could have traveled a long way before the equipment picked it up.

The tone lasts for three seconds at a time traversing the audible spectrum and expressing both ultra-low frequencies and super high ones. Some wildlife experts believe this could be the call of an undiscovered species of Baleen whale, but its particularities set it apart from all other cetacean sounds.

Whales usually call when they’re looking for a mate but this sound can be heard all year around. It doesn’t fit with biologists’ current understanding of whales and their vocalizations.

If it’s a mating call, why are we getting it year round? That’s a mystery.” – Sharon Nieukirk, marine bioacustics expert at Oregon State University

The researchers who listened to the call described it as being “very distinct” and containing “these crazy parts.” By the sound of it, the signal appears to come from something possessing intelligence. The modulation is complex and repeats itself, signaling the sender’s intent to communicate.

Alien enthusiasts suspect the noise could originate from a secret extraterrestrial installation and an underwater alien base was mentioned before when a mysterious sound such as this one was heard.

Naturally, proof for this hypothesis is hard to come by. Over the years, there have been numerous sightings of amphibious UFOs that could submerge themselves in order to explore the depths of the ocean or use them as a hiding place. Other than making some assumptions, there’s nothing much regular Joes could do to uncover evidence of underwater aliens, so it looks like the mystery will remain for a while.

Did Nostradamus Predict Aliens Will Invade Earth in 2017?

nostradamus alien invasion

An interpreter makes a shock claim: in 2017, aliens will invade Earth, and World War 3 will erupt. It was what the Bible and Nostradamus predicted.

According to claims made by psychic T Chase, who runs the YouTube channel Revelation13, extraterrestrial forces are preparing for a massive strike against Earth, and the events leading up to the attack have been described both by Nostradamus and the book of Revelation.

In one of his video, the psychic asserts he was able to decipher clues hidden in ancient writings that ultimately allowed him to design a theory detailing the imminent scourge.

According to T Chase, one of the greatest catalysts for the upcoming apocalypse is Russian president Vladimir Putin, who he sees as being hellbent on starting the third global hostility event. Once World War 3 is underway, the extraterrestrial forces will step in aided by –I kid you not– Jesus himself.

putin world war 3

The Christ-ET coalition will defeat Putin and then begin to install a new world order in which the chaotic nature of human beings is slowly being weeded out. T Chase says the DNA-altering technology the aliens possess will allow them to turn humans into more peaceful and organized creatures.

Humans are too war like to ever live peacefully,” he said.

So how did the psychic arrive to this conclusion? He read the signs.

In his opinion, Putin was foretold as a harbinger of doom because at the time he rose to power, several celestial signs appeared. A number of planets aligned in the form of a cross, coupled with a solar eclipse, this event had all the markings of an omen for the change of times.

T Chase also cites the book of Revelation as a source for information regarding the upcoming invasion.

“If you look to decode Revelation 19 it sounds like a UFO invasion,” he claimed. “In Revelation 19:11 it says ‘I saw a heaven open’ and ‘a white horse’ and Revelation 19-14 says ‘and the armies in heaven followed on white horses’.”

I’m saying that the white horses could be UFOs  – it could be Christ and his fleet of UFOs to defeat the Anti Christ at the battle of Armageddon,” he added.

T Chase invokes another biblical metaphor in his argument; he said that in Revelation 21 the good book speaks of the New Jerusalem and in his opinion, this could be seen as an alien city or mothership being transported into our dimension to act as the aliens’ headquarters.

Maybe they will modify human DNA to make us more peaceful…that is what could be going on there.”

If this all sounds too thick to be true, your common sense is still working. The Bible can be interpreted in many ways and to be honest, this is an interpretation characteristic to the 21st century, a period marked by fears of alien invasions and planetary takeovers.

But T Chase claims that the signs are not only present in the Bible, but also in Nostradamus’ writings.

“For a long time a grey bird will be seen in the sky
near Dôle and the lands of Tuscany.
He holds a flowering branch in his beak,
but he dies too soon and the war ends.”

The psychic believes the grey bird could be a UFO belonging to Grey aliens that will make itself seen in the sky over Europe.

Yet another clue is hidden in Century 2, Quatrain 70 of the reputed seer’s writings:

The dart from the sky will make its extension,
Deaths speaking: great execution.
The stone in the tree, the proud nation restored,
Noise, human monster, purge expiation.

 The dart is undoubtedly a UFO with destructive capabilities and it will see the annihilation of millions, T Chase affirms.

So, is there any reason to be concerned? If we look back at all the doomsday predictions for 2016, we will see that none have come to fruition. The texts of Nostradamus and the Bible are ambiguous, to say the least and interpretations can go any way you choose.

The possibility of aliens one day showing up on our doorstep remains real, but it is very unlikely that we will be warned by ancient writings. Maybe we could get a heads-up from telescopes and other detection systems, but by then, it’ll all be too late.

Declassified Files: U.S. Senator Describes Two UFOs Following the Train He Was On

ufo follows train

Official reports describing UFO sightings in such detail are really hard to come by.

After being kept secret for over 6 decades, a declassified Air Force intelligence report has become one of the best pieces of evidence towards proving the UFO enigma is not some made-up story.

On October 13, 1955, U.S. Senator Richard B. Russell Jr, chairman of the Armed Services Committee at that time, was on a train traveling through the Transcaucasia Region located in the former Soviet Union. One of the most influential politicians of his time, Russell was accompanied by his aide, Col. E. U. Hathaway and his interpreter Ruben Efron. All of them witnessed an intriguing spectacle offered by two saucer-shaped craft as they flew in parallel with their train before zipping off into the distance.

After reaching the American Embassy in Prague, the three men gave official statements that were classified as TOP SECRET at that time. They were interviewed by a Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Ryan shortly after the sighting had taken place.

Senator Richard Russell Jr
Sen. Richard Russell Jr., whose declassified testimony shows he saw UFOs

According to the declassified reports, Russell was the first to see a flying disc “ascend and pass over the train.” Although Sen. Russell was somewhat familiar with the existence of secret projects and the spy planes being developed, he was still disturbed by what he had just witnessed and could not explain the origin of the highly-maneuverable and incredibly fast craft. He then rushed to get Mr. Efron and Col. Hathaway to see it.

“Col. Hathaway stated that he got to the window with the Senator in time to see the first (UFO), while Mr. Efron said that he got only a short glimpse of the first. However, all three saw the second disc and all agreed that they saw the same round, disc-shaped craft as the first.”

In the official report, Col. Ryan describes the incident as “an eyewitness account of the ascent and flight of an unconventional craft by three highly reliable United States observers.” The three men were not attention seekers but rather trustworthy representatives of the military and government, therefore their admissions were considered highly valuable depictions of the UFO phenomenon.

I doubt if you’re going to believe this, but we all saw it. Senator Russell was the first to see this flying disc we’ve been told for years that there isn’t such a thing, but all of us saw it.”

declassified report ufo sighting
The declassified Air Force Intelligence report, black on white

Declassified CIA documents attest to the veracity of this incident, as the government agency recorded the interviews it held with the eyewitnesses. The documents show there was also a fourth witness whose name was withheld as he was a civilian traveling alone and wasn’t part of the Senator’s group.

This fourth witness described the UFOs as being identical, with “a slight dome and a white light on top.” The edge of both discs were glowing with a pinkish hue, not unlike the glowing plasma created during an electrical storm or St. Elmo’s fire. This aspect could attest to the craft being equipped with some kind of electromagnetic propulsion system that ionized the air around them.

The UFO rose “vertically with the glow moving slowly around the perimeter in a clockwise direction, giving the appearance of a pinwheel,” the description read.

In the CIA report, interpreter Ruben Efron told the agents that visibility was ideal during the sighting and, despite the train moving, he had had a clear field of view. He was able to see that as it approached the train, the first UFO “gave the appearance of gliding.” “No noise was heard, no exhaust was heard, and no exhaust glow or trail was see by me.”

Documents show that in the moments following the incident, Sen. Russel took the matter very seriously with his aide and interpreter.

We saw a flying disc. I wanted you boys to see it so that I would have witnesses.”

A declassified FBI memo, dated one month after the events in Transcaucasia admits that Sen. Russel and Col Hathaway’s testimonies “would support the existence of a flying disc.”

old flying saucer

UFO researchers believe the three men decided never to make their sighting public and keep what they had seen to themselves. The Fund for UFO Research’s Dr. Bruce Maccabee is of the opinion that the men never talk “because they were no doubt advised not to talk. ” He added that the documents “provide startling new evidence that UFOs exist.”

At the beginning of January 1957, Tom Towers of the Los Angeles Examiner published a letter from Sen. Russel in the Aviation New column. The letter was sent as a response to Towers’ inquiry into the sighting that had occurred in Russia. Somehow, the events transpired and Towers wanted to be the first one to get the scoop. This was Sen. Russell’s response:

“Permit me to acknowledge your letters relative to reports that have come to you regarding aerial objects seen in Europe last year. I received your letter, but I have discussed this matter with the affected agencies of the government, and they are of the opinion that it is not wise to publicize this matter at this time. I regret very much that I am unable to be of assistance to you.”