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Saturn’s Rings Were Made by Huge Extraterrestrial Machines, Former NASA Scientists Claims

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In a rare and ebullient book he dedicated to all people in peaceful quests of knowledge, Dr. Norman R. Bergrun proposes an intriguing hypothesis regarding the formation of Saturn’s frail and exquisite rings. In the mid-1980s, Dr. Bergrun undertook a private study of Saturn’s rings and focused his efforts on images sent back by the Voyager…


Official NASA Video of “The Boomerang” UFO is One of the Best Evidence We Have of Alien Activity

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An official NASA video reveals the moment a bright UFO performs an impossible maneuver in space, right near the STS-114 mission. Two and a half years after the tragic loss of Space Shuttle Colombia on February 2013, NASA had finally improved the safety measures and was ready to launch another mission intended to test the…

crystal trees

Flat Earth Supporter Claims Mountains are the Ancient Remains of Gigantic Silicon Trees

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In nature, completely unrelated things often look alike. But a Russian flat Earth conspiracy theorist believes similitude is not an accident, therefore concluding that what we call today mountains are actually the preserved stumps of ancient, tree-like lifeforms. YouTube user Людин Рɣси bases his theory on the assumption that Earth was once magnitudes of order more vibrant…

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