Nearly 22 years after the infamous Zimbabwe UFO incident, one of the 62 schoolchildren that witnessed the close encounter of the third kind finally worked up the courage to speak publicly about their ordeal.

At the time of the strange episode, Emily Trim was a young girl studying at the Ariel primary school. To this day, she remembers the details of the encounter and though it happened a long time ago, Emily still feels the effects of the incident.

UFO activity is a worldwide phenomenon and examining it requires taking into account every eye-witness report that could not come-up with another reasonable explanation.

Aliens travel and observe every corner of the Earth without discrimination, despite Hollywood directors suggesting only the US is worthy of alien encounters, but that’s another story altogether.

As mentioned in previous articles, because of Earth’s low habitability index of only 82%, some think that our planet might be avoided by an exploring alien race looking for life throughout our galaxy, to either exploit our world or team up with our society.

But since this hypothetical alien overseer is able to go full Star Trek in our visible Universe and beyond, they would be advanced enough to settle in a harsher environment like the one on Earth, and perhaps they would be surprised to find a primitive species like us, capable to survive and even prosper, despite the poor conditions.

This was the case of a persistent UFO activity in Ruwa, 20 kilometers from Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. On September 16, 1994, the skies of Ruwa displayed a scene worthy of a Sci-Fi movie: three large moving objects disappearing and reappearing in different locations with unbelievable speed, almost as if they were teleporting, finally moving closer and closer to each other until they landed in a bushy area, about 100 meters behind the schoolyard.

The young students watched in awe as on top of the spacecraft arose a small being no more than three feet in height, with a lanky neck, long dark hair and unnaturally big eyes. What followed next terrified the already shocked children out of their wits: the creature took a few steps on the ground and after noticing the children, he instantly vanished, reappeared behind the UFO and eventually took off.

Such an out of this world display scared the school students of ages between 5 and 12 years-old, who of course, ran terrified to their teachers, claiming a UFO had landed on the school grounds.

zimbabwe ufo

No teacher witnessed the exact event, since they all were in the middle of a meeting when it happened, so all the 62 pupils were unsupervised. Only one adult was available all this time, the mother of one of the children but she was taking care of the school shop, leaving only the children to describe an event that defied their logic.

The first thought that came in the minds of the young students was that the little man was a demon coming to eat them. This fear turned into reality for a few moments, since they heard myths abut tokoloshis, child-eating demons in Zimbabwean mythology.

The students’ first reaction was to announce the shopkeeper, but she feared it may be a prank to steal her wares, so she did not listen to them.

The next day, Africa’s most renowned UFO investigator, the late Cynthia Hind examined the scene of the event. In the meantime, at the principal’s requisition, the witnessing children drew pictures of their UFO encounter. By the end of the day she had 35 drawings to compare, and there were almost no differences between the depicted alien objects.

More intriguing, the older students felt a deep telepathic connection with the creature who was transmitting them thoughts about how humans are on the brink of ireversably destroying Earth, polluting the environment in ways that will have drastic consequences.

When asked if this was not some arranged hoax, one little girl firmly told Cynthia Hind that “I swear by every hair on my head and the whole Bible that I am telling the truth.” Considering the students of Ariel school are a mixture of ethnic heritages, religion is a very serious matter, one not to be joked with. Coming from a highly religious community, their statement is one to be treated as maturely as possible.

Ever since the incident took place, Emily has been drawing images that reflect the deep impact such an encounter has on a young and innocent mind. She is convinced the extraterrestrial entity tried to communicate with her and though his exact message is indecipherable, it changed her life forever.