The deathbed confession of a former CIA operative once again confirms that aliens are a real presence on our planet, raising our hopes that 2016 will forever go down as the Disclosure Year.

The former agent, who has chosen to maintain his anonymity, said that he was first introduced to the extraterrestrial quandary in the late 1950s.

“I was coming into the Army fresh off the farm, so I really didn’t have much knowledge of anything, so my boss filled me in on Project Blue Book and what they had found so far concerning Greys and aliens and the Roswell incident.”

The secrecy of his mission was of the utmost importance, so the ex-CIA agent was forbidden from disclosing any details pertaining to his line of work, not even to his family. He claimed he was coerced into vowing he would not speak of this subject for a period of 50 years. That time interval ended in 2010, prompting the aging man to spill the beans. What he reveals is a complex mass of cover-ups leading all the way up to the highest governmental positions.

ufo hangar area 51

On one occasion, he recalls his superior being instructed by president Eisenhower to fly over to Area 51, find whoever was in charge and demand that he reported to Washington. The activity over there was so anomalous that even the chief of state was in the dark.

The information revealed by the former agent is on par with Bob Lazar’s disclosure of the S4 facility and the activities that took place at the base.

“They had different garage door openings and in these openings they had different saucer crafts. The very first one had the Roswell craft in. It was kind of crashed up but apparently every alien that was in it died except for a couple.”

He describes the Roswell craft as a “really strange” UFO that looked like it was made up of “really heavy aluminum foil.” It only weighed around 150 to 300 pounds and the propulsion system was most likely antigravitic.

During the same visit, the CIA operatives witnessed a film showcasing the autopsy of one of the crash victims. But there were also live aliens being kept at S4 and his supervisor was allowed to participate in the interviewing of one such creature.

The agent described the alien as looking ‘oriental’, with a small body, a disproportionately-large head, large eyes and with small slits instead of ears.

s4 area 51

There’s no way the CIA agents confused the UFOs they saw with whatever secret aircraft was being developed at that time. Following their visit to the S4 facility, the CIA agents also traveled to Area 51, located several miles north. There they saw the U2 spy plane, which of course, they didn’t know existed, but it was more than obvious that this was man-made while the other crafts clearly weren’t.

Afterwards, the CIA agent and his superior officer flew back to Washington, where they debriefed President Eisenhower on the situation. Richard Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover were also present.

“He [Eisenhower] was totally shocked. He appeared for the first time to be worried.”