The extraterrestrial enthusiast community is excited by the appearance of a spherical UFO in the sky over Japan. Cloud or UFO camouflaged to look like one?

The best way to hide something is (arguably) to leave it in plain sight. And what sight would look as plain as clouds in our sky? If aliens are trying to hide their presence while studying us, why waste the energy to turn their ships invisible when they could just extract moisture from the air and surround their space ship with a thick layer of fog? If they did this, wouldn’t a spherical UFO look like the cloud in the photos below?

Numerous close encounters mention the apparition of unnatural fog at times and temperatures where it shouldn’t be able to form. Clouds and fog are essentially water vapor and it wouldn’t be too hard for a UFO to use the heat from its engines and the gravitational pull they exert to attract and heat water molecules until a gaseous shroud is in place to keep them hidden from watchful eyes.

Is this phenomenon behind the recently-photographed, extremely conspicuous cloud that appeared over Japan? Is there a spherical UFO behind all that fluffy white?

spherical ufo or spherical cloud

The internet seems to think there is. Social media has become inflamed with comments proposing the alien hypothesis.

It’s an alien space ship with its cloaking device,” one Reddit user commented. His comment is the most upvoted.

Before finally putting the issue at rest and calling it a cloud, take a look at what showed up in Wales last week:

spherical ufo or cloud

On December 2, a weather watcher from Tremeirchion, North Wales was out walking her dog when a crazy fog cloud looking like a perfect dome caught her eyes.

“I just couldn’t believe how perfectly dome shaped it was,” the woman told BBC. “After about 10 minutes it started to flatten and looked like low lying cloud along the fields but over quite a big area, it was huge.”

It’s intriguing to note the similarities between the two foggy objects. Although the one in Japan is up in the sky, it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t land. If it did, it would have probably looked the exact same way. Also, both countries are island nations. Could it be that landlocked individuals present less interest than those surrounded by water on all sides?