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On January 5, 2000, a landmark in UFO sightings was about to take place in Illinois. One of the most undeniable encounters with alien technology was witnessed by several police officers and civilians and involved a massive triangular shaped object, as it moved in a manner no airplane would be capable of.

This next report is a rehash based on the recorded radio transmissions between field agents and dispatch.

On January 4, 2000, Melvern Noll, a businessman from Illinois went to his parked pick-up truck around 4 a.m. When looking in the distance, he observed an unusually bright star shining like none other. After returning from inside the house, 4 minutes later, he noticed that the star was much lower and much closer to the landscape. Soon he realized the star was moving.

To his bewilderment, the aircraft hovered above the trees near Noll’s house, positioning at such a proximate distance, that he could clearly see details under the UFO: clustered red lights, like a two-story house with a penthouse on top, with 6-8 windows in the front, plenty more on the back of the ship and an extremely bright light on the inside.

Noll immediately called the Highland Police Department to report the sighting southwest over Lebanon, looking for a confirmation from the police if they too could have a visual on the luminous aircraft.

Officer Ed Barton of the Illinois Police Department was sent to check the area, after being clarified it was no prank played by his colleagues. During the same timeframe a military cargo plane passed through Illinois air space, having similar light patterns. Before arriving at the alleged scene of the UFO sighting, officer Ed Barton assured the dispatcher he will not call the UFO hotline.

Minutes after the dispatch, the Lebanon police officer saw just east of Summerfield a very bright pair of two white lights that kept changing their colors. Some traits of the vessel did not ressemble any of our common aircraft, so the officer decided to cautiously approach the UFO.  While he was getting closer to the aircraft, the pair of lights became one greater radiating light, rising from the ground and heading towards its investigator.


Meters away, the officer passed by a sign saying “TEST PAVEMENT NEXT 21 MILES”. At that moment he called for a confirmation on behalf of the Scott Air Force whether they had anything flying within the area.

Meanwhile, Ed Barton stopped the police car, turned off all the lights, including the overhead, and remembers being petrified as a triangular shaped object got closer to him, but kept a relative distance.

Moments after, the UFO turned its face in the opposite direction while slowly hovering above the police car, revealing a fully pulsing illuminated rear. Reaching for the radio in the car, the officer briefly turned his eyes away and 3 seconds later, he saw the UFO had already reached Shiloh, almost 6 miles away from his location.

This leads us to a stunning conclusion – in a matter of seconds the aircraft had accelerated to a speed in excess of 3,600 miles/hour, which for our (known) technological level is simply impossible.

One logical and scientifical explanation is offered by the vacuum theory for warp drive, concept seen only in Sci-Fi movies. A warp drive would involve contracting the space-time ahead of a flying object, while expanding the space-time behind it, creating an instant jump through space.


Quantum leaping is considered impossible to achieve with our technology, or so we are made to believe. Among the technologies speculated to be used in this UFO encounter, scientists have mentioned beamed microwave propulsion, magnetoplasmadynamics and “air spike” technology.

Officer David Martin of the Shiloh, Illinois Police Department also noticed in the sky a huge bright arrow-shaped flying object, floating gradually and lighting the ground with 3 massive beams of light. Trying to take a photographic evidence of the object, in a blink of an eye, the UFO moved across the horizon without making a sound.

Millstadt Police officer Craig Stevens also had a strong visual, confirming the same gargantuam aircraft about 500 feet from the ground, moving very slowly for its size. He only managed to take a poor picture of the UFO due to low temperature and dim light, known as improper conditions for a Polaroid camera.

Next in line was officer Matt Jany of Dupo, Illinois Police Department. He spotted the UFO about a quarter mile in the sky, looking without a doubt unlike any military planes he had seen so far. According to all the police officers, the UFO appeared to be 75 – 100 yards wide.

This UFO encounter is one of the most groundbreaking proof of such events, having being seen minuntes away by a great number of people, among them counting the police officers in Highland at 4:00 am, in Summerfield at 4:18 am, Lebanon and Shiloh at 4:23 am, Millstadt at 4:28 am and Dupo at 5:03 am.

Although this event took place in the year 2000, witnesses continue to show up, revealing new interesting details from a vantage point in Missouri. On July 16, 2012 an assistant fire chief disclosed previously unknown details. Both Missouri and Illinois Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) teamed up for a more comprehensive investigation.