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Covid-19 has taken the world by storm. A virus that has been sweeping the earth and eating up everyone in its footsteps. Or is it? May doctors and independent health researchers question the official story and narrative.

1st Big R.e.d Flag: CDC is Hiring For What?

The CDC was hiring for a “Quarantine Program” in November of last year. Before any of this even started. Link to CDC website and job posting here: https://jobs.cdc.gov/job/dallas/public-health-advisor-quarantine-program/250/14136286 Take a look:

“Quarantine Program paying 50-90k a year to do what?”

That raised questions for me personally. Why would they hire for a quarantine program in November of 2019 when we’ve never had a health quarantine like this in our lifetime? Seems they knew the timing a little too well. Planned much?

Additionally, look at the deaths from Pneumonia reported by the CDC… They were on the up and up and they’ve suddenly dropped tremendously. No explanation or press whatsoever.

Another lung related illness is dropping faster than ever before, while C-Ovid-19 another “lung” related condition has deaths on the rise. No explanation whatsoever. Maybe stats are being padded? Transferred to what they want them to be accounted for. Its the only thing you can explain. I’d say so.

Deaths are dropping for another lung related incidence very quickly. Coin-cidence?

It has also been widely reported that medical institutions are reporting heart disease, such as heart attacks, strokes, even people in hospice as Co-vid-19 deaths. They simply check that box. Look into THAT.

2nd Big R.e.d Flag: Medical Staff Blows Whistle:

People all over the country and world are starting a social media campaign called “Film Your Hospital” — You can search the hashtag #FilmYourHospital and the results are mind blowing. This so called “pandemic” that is going to kill millions (based on computer models, that have no real life, real world value) are a false-narrative. People from all over the United States that work in the medical field are sharing their stories on social media. Sharing that their hospitals are empty, that they have barely any Covid-19 patients.

There are also multiple reports from all over the world that heart attacks, stroke and other deaths are being counted as Covid-19 deaths.

They are padding the death stats with numbers that serve their ultimate narrative of having us on house arrest, on lockdown in our own homes.

Take a look at what this person is sharing:

This is raising qu..estions.
There are countless facebook, instagram, twitter posts.

R.E.D. Flag #3: T-est Kits Con-tam-inated

If the kits are con-.taminated with the virus itself, how many people are going to test positive? 100%. Strange huh? I wonder why..


R.E.D. Flag #4: The M.e.dia Has Never Been So FOS EVER

Do you know how many story lines there are for this thing? I’ve heard so much not only from M…S…M. But also from independent news sources. There isn’t a lot currently being revealed. There are so many conflicting stories. What to believe? What to believe?

Websites are popping up, social media accounts are buzzing. The truth always gets out. Check out http://fakepandemic.com/ to read concrete stats surrounding this.

Personally, from what i’ve read and researched the push for man-dated va-ccines and the rollout of new telecommunication technology, think 1 level above 4G, the next number. That is what this is about.

The information regarding 55G and man-datory vac-cines is getting cens—ored very quickly so please copy and paste this article and share it on social media, wherever you can. The link is:

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