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The company that produces the dangerous and deadly opioid drug fentanyl has recently created synthetic marijuana that the DEA deems appropriate and safer than the cannabis plant itself. The company, called Insys Therapeutics, developed Syndros, a synthetic marijuana opioid which is made of liquid form of synthetic THC. This synthetic marijuana is made of mixed chemicals that has been proven to cause imbalances that lead to psychotic breaks and even death.

Recently, synthetic marijuana has been classified by the DEA as schedule II-controlled substance which gives permission to doctors to prescribe the drug. Oxycodone, cocaine, fentanyl and substances such as morphine are also on that list. The Cannabis plant itself remains under the schedule I controlled substance which is classified as ‘high potential for abuse’ and is strictly unacceptable for medical use. Other substances such as heroin and LSD fall under this category. This brings us to the question, why would drugs that have cost people their lives be legal while the real cannabis plant, a flower, remains illegal.

Twenty nine states have legalized marijuana in some form or another, yet a petition to take marijuana off schedule I has been refused by the DEA who claim marijuana cannot be used for medical purposes because it’s considered unsafe. This seems like a huge setback since the recent population is well educated on the benefits of the cannabis plant and its healing properties.

In recent years, Insys therapeutics, which is based in Arizona has come under extreme scrutiny for past market corruption. John Kapoor, one of the founders of the company with a net worth of 1.9 Billion and 4 other executives has been accused and found guilty of criminal racketeering. Kapoor was accused of bribing doctors to write more prescriptions for fentanyl and give bogus educational talks as well as defrauding insurance companies into paying for the drug.

John Kapoor: INSYS Founder

Fentanyl can be extremely dangerous. Often drug users and dealers mix fentanyl with heroin to give it higher potency and other times people purchase fentanyl thinking its heroin leading to overdoses and death. So how can a company be trusted when they’re willing to supply patients with a drug that is extremely unsafe and dangerous? Companies like Insys therapeutics don’t work to benefit the population; they work for personal economic gain. The company has expressed their intentions of supporting the illegalization of the cannabis plant by donating $500,000 last year to help fight against the legalization of the marijuana. For companies such as Insys therapeutics, the prospect of economic gain trumps the health of the population.

We know and understand the healing properties the Cannabis flower has on people. For centuries, the healing plant has brought relieve to its patients. Whether it is relief from physical pain caused by cancer and arthritis or hardships caused by epilepsy, the plant is here to help its patients and bring comfort into their lives. It remains something to stand up for and use to improve medical practices.

If Aliens Smoke Weed – They Definitely Vaporize it…

Smoking anything has inherent health risks according to the American Lung association.

Smoking can contribute to:

  • air pockets between the lungs and lungs and chest wall
  • chronic bronchitis
  • cough
  • excessive mucus production
  • possible increased risk of infection in immunocompromised people, such as those with HIV
  • possible increased risk of lower respiratory tract infections
  • weakened immune system
  • wheezing
    – According to Healthline.com

The risk with vaporizing is that you can develop “popcorn lung” which is essentially a condition in which the lungs become damaged and you can develop shortness of breath.

However, popcorn lung only seems to be developed when solutions, and waxes are utilized in vaporizing. If you’re using the dry herb, the dry flower, this risk is highly unlikely.

If aliens have advanced tech like we believe they do, i’m sure their vaporizers are next level also.

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