Many prominent figures in world media and politics have spoken on UFO’s in this past year. Now, even Tucker Carlson is speaking out and saying ‘it isn’t so crazy anymore.’

A fascinating conference today took place discussing UFO’s and nuclear weapons took place in Washington. A captain by the name of David discussed how 10 Nuclear missiles were disabled by UFO’s. Tom Rogan is one of the serious UFO journalists that was questioned by Tucker Carlson.

UFO’s Are Now Being Taken More Seriously By More People

Many people are now saying that UFO’s are interacting with UFO’s. Making them inoperable or taking them offline. That in and of itself should be big newsworthy, David shares.

Watch The Full Clip Here:

What do you think? Do you think that Tucker has too much faith in the US Government and that these alien entities are just keeping us safe from doing something stupid? What are your thoughts?

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