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Ufologists and conspiracy researchers are doing something new and it’s not an everyday thing. It might shock you a bit at first because it’s not typical and you may have never heard of it, seen it or been up close to see someone else experience this firsthand. A shamanic practice from the south, specifically in the Amazon Jungle is making it’s way north and people are really gravitating towards it.

The trend is rapé and although it’s spelled similar to another word rapé is actually pronounced ‘hah-pe’ or ‘rrrape’ (roll the r) this ancient shamanic practice comes from the Shamans of the amazon and is said to be grounding, open the 3rd eye and to facilitate in new levels of awareness and detachment from negative energies.

Rapé is a blend of Tobacco mixed with other pulverized herbs from the amazon rainforest for specific purposes. These blends of herbs and Tobacco are then put into a wooden pipe and blown into your nose. Not snorted, blown into your nose. The blends are made for different purposes for spiritual cleansing and healing and they hit hard.

The first time I tried this I felt the Tobacco rush in my brain and felt my sinuses clear up almost instantly. It was a calm, cool rush of grounded energy throughout my body and I really enjoyed it. I don’t smoke Tobacco but I do understand that the Native American culture used this sacred plant for healing purposes and it does have a lot of beneficial properties when not smoked. This plant is said to dry out mold and to ground you.

In the past you would have had to book a flight and quite literally trek into the Amazon Jungle just to get ahold of this mix of shamanic herbs, plants and Tobacco in a fine powder form in order to experience it. Now, you can simply get some online shipped to your doorstep.

The different blends created by shamans are created for different purposes. There is Hape (another way of spelling it to not cause any confusion of what’s going up your nose) that supports the activation of the 3rd eye/pineal gland. There’s Hape for hypertension, intuition, bliss and enlightenment, invigoration, uplifting, lucid dreaming hape, and much much more.

Each blend has been formulated with Amazonian plants to uplift the mind, body and spirit in their own unique ways. The best one that I personally like and have tried so far is the Nukini Hape. The Nukini is a blend for masculine warrior energy. It is POWERFUL. It quite literally put me on my ass once I blew it up my nose. I had to lay down and chill out for a bit to let it integrate.

This Nukini Rapé is also used in conjunction with Ayahuasca, shrooms and other plant ceremonies. It is strong. Powerful and you can feel it’s effects very quickly, immediately after application. I found it from a Chakra Openings which you can get by clicking here. Make sure to get an applicator pipe while there also because this pipe is how you administer it.

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Visit Chakra Openings To learn more about Hape Rapé by clicking here.

Did you know that Pharoh’s dissected dead corpses by pulling the brain out of their nose? Yep. This is because the brain is directly connected to the olfactory nerve which is in your nose, your sense of smell. This is why Hape works so fast and effectively. The body gets whatever plant medicine is blown up it quickly. I highly recommend Nukini and trying it out!

Get Hape at Chakra Openings Here! You wont’ be disappointed.

P.S. This same company (above) has drops in a bottle of Aya (micro-doses) of it. Might be worth adding too.. Shhh. Keep that under wraps. Click the link here.