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Orfeo Angelucci, a normal man, lived in Burbank, California. He had a normal job working for a Lockheed Martin Aircraft Corporation factory. Since childhood, he suffered from a wide variety of health-related issues and, as a result, suffered from extremely low self-esteem.

Everything changed for Angelucci one fateful day, however. Through a series of encounters with a UFO and the aliens within, he became the most famous abductee in history. His story of encountering creatures from out of this world has left many astonished and questioning how it’s even possible.

It was May 23, 1952, and Angelucci was returning home from his second shift at the factory. He was exhausted and ready to end the day with his wife at their California home. Everything seemed normal. But then something happened. Angelucci saw a UFO flying overhead. At first it appeared to be just a glowing object in the sky with bright red lights. Angelucci figured that it was a plane or helicopter and though nothing of it. But then he realized it was something completely different and began to slow down. Staring into the sky Angelucci saw a ship flying overhead, unsure what it was.

The UFO Was Targeting Him

The UFO seemed to notice Angelucci’s care and slowly followed it, hovering above his vehicle. The UFO copied his every move, even stopping when Angelucci would stop. Angelucci was frightened and confused but figured that the UFO would move on at some point. Angelucci was crossing a bridge. The road he was entering was completely empty. Sure that the UFO wouldn’t follow him down this road, known as Forest Lawn Drive, he pressed on. While driving cautiously the UFO that was above him suddenly turned into two. Angelucci was shocked and stopped in the middle of the road. The UFO’s floated above in the form of two balls of light.

Angelucci sat in his car for some time, both shocked and scared. After a short period of time had passed, Angelucci heard a voice from within one of the glowing balls. The deep voice had a unique intonation and had a wonderful British accent. The voice told him not to be afraid and that he would not be harmed. The voice also spoke to him about some philosophical ideologies. Suddenly a goblet of a mysterious liquid appeared in front of him. He was told to drink the liquid in order to calm down. Figures appeared within the glowing balls that, interestingly, helped Angelucci feel relaxed.

Two months later Angelucci had another encounter. The date was July 23rd, 1952. Exactly two months later. Angelucci wandered back to the bridge where the first encounter happened, this time on foot. Much to his surprise, Angelucci spotted another UFO flying in the sky. This UFO appeared in a more cone-like shape, it looked much like an Eskimo needle. The object floated back down to earth and formed what looked like a giant soap bubble.

This bubble then turned into a solid all-metal spacecraft on the ground. The door to the craft opened up and, curious, Angelucci entered the ship. Inside the ship was a dark room with a single chair. Angelucci suddenly felt his body go limp and heavy and was thrown forcefully into the chair. He realized, then, that the ship was flying off to another location. Looking through a small window on the side of the craft, Angelucci’s heart filled with dread as the saw the lights of Los Angeles getting farther away by the second. The ship continued to get higher when he realized that he was now seeing the planet earth from a distance.

A voice told him that the human race was in grave danger and would soon find themselves in a nuclear war between the west and the east. The aliens continued on, describing humans as greedy and selfish and explaining that they are simply attempting to help us. Angelucci was told to spread the message of friendly aliens to other people in the world and show them that there is no reason to fear aliens. Their main goal is the help humans and ensure that our race continues on.

Angelucci began to publish brochures and books to spread the message of friendly aliens to the world and help other people. He gave lectures that attracted people from all over the world. In 1962, during the Cuban missile crisis, Angelucci’s message seemed as though it were about to come true. He gained great fame and people from all over the world came to listen to his lectures. His later books described the beings as incredibly beautiful and kind and expressed how important it was to listen to the creatures. He talked about how he was taken to an asteroid that orbited a planet that was destroyed.

Watch his story here.

Orfeo Angelucci has written multiple books including the Son of the sun and The Secret of the saucers which can be read on amazon here.

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