Many people who get involved in spiritual communities or circles eventually learn about the 3rd eye chakra and what it means to ‘open’ it. In India, they wear a red dot on their forehead known as a ‘bindi’ to represent the inner 3rd eye and fore religious reasons. This red dot represents exactly where the 3rd eye is in the body. It’s in the middle of the forehead between your eyebrows as shown below:

Bindi (red dot) representing 3rd eye chakra.

As you can see above the red dot (bindi) represents the 3rd eye chakra. This is the location of our ‘3rd eye’ that we aren’t told about when we’re children. This 3rd eye quite literally is the same physical material as our other two eyes but it acts as our inner eye. I believe that the 3rd eye is the intuitive minds eye. The eye that sees visions, dreams and experiences things that our physical senses facing the outside world don’t quite interface with as they do on the inside.

There have been loads of people sharing ways to open the 3rd eye, also known as the pineal gland. One important aspect of this is to decalcify the pineal gland. Decalcify means to break down the calcium in the pineal gland. Calcium buildup in the pineal gland (3rd eye) leads to lower function and capacity overall. This doesn’t allow the pineal gland (3rd eye, same thing) to work at an optimal level the way that it’s supposed to. With all of the pineal gland decalcifying claims, lets get down to some science that has actually worked and been time tested by thousands of people. But first, what are the benefits of opening your 3rd eye? Of decalcifying your pineal gland.

  1. Higher levels of intuition
  2. Clairvoyant dreams and visions
  3. More mental clarity overall
  4. The increased capacity to interact and engage with the spirit realm
  5. Enhanced Clarity, imagination, concentration and universal connection

Top 3 Ways To Open Your 3rd Eye (Pineal Gland)

There are very specific actions that need to occur in order to decalcify the pineal gland. First, the excess calcium in the body needs to break down so that it can be removed. Imagine an eye ball with calcium clogging it up. This is what happens when the food and water we drink has chemicals, fluoride and other dangerous components that lead to calcification of his gland and other parts of the body.

  1. Decalcify Decalcify Decalcify: The body breaks down excess calcium when foods, herbs and spices are included in your diet that do just that. These foods are rich in the minerals phosphorus and magnesium, so eating foods rich in these minerals is a great start. Foods like leafy greens, cacao, goji berries, lemon, watermelon, honey, cilantro are all great places to start. Also, the herb ‘chanca piedra‘ means ‘stone breaker’ in english translated from spanish and has a special ability to break up excess calcium in the body.
  2. Get Lit Up! The sunshine and particularly sun gazing is an effective way to help to begin to decalcify the pineal gland and to light up this gland. Staring directly into the sun during sun rise and sun set is how you do this. You don’t want to look directly at the sun during the middle of the day. You want to do it during sunrise (first 15 minutes) and the last 15 minutes before sunset to get the best results and to maintain eye health and safety.
  3. Use Hape (or snuff) Sacred Plant Medicine: Hape or snuff is a plant medicine that is useful in decalcifying the pineal gland and opening the gland up for action. It allows the body and pineal gland to open. This is a powder mix of jungle tobacco (with a lower level of nicotine than regular tobacco) along with other herbs that you quite literally blow up your nose. It’s a bit of an experience and a bit of an experience as you can imagine. I love it. It works great and makes you feel really grounded and each blend has different affects. I have seen positive results with the Nukini, Eucalyptus and Bullet Hape from Four Visions Market. You can visit them here: Make sure to use the discount code healthywildfree for 10% off your order!

Learn more about Hape in this video:

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