Numerous UFOs were recorded over a desolate forest in Poland just when the sun was setting. Their unusual behavior, brisk moves, dip in brightness and morphing techniques are clearly out of this world.

Numerous accounts speak of unusual beings that coexisted together with humans on this planet. Since the rise of modern society, it appears that such entities are nowhere to be found, vaguely indicating that these stories were only fables or myths transmitted by our ancestors from generation to generation. But how much truth does this hypothesis really bear?

Roughly one century had passed since the invention of proper photographic equipment. Since then, countless pictures and videos of UFOs have surfaced, revealing an entire world of sightings that defy most explanations. Although in the last decades the UFO phenomenon had caught much traction and many appearances were debunked as hoaxes, there’s still plenty of authentic material that never got to be explained through our current scientific means and logic.

But what if our ancestors had video cameras back then? Would humanity accept the existence of otherworldly beings on Earth, or would they still be debunked as fake appearances?

Although they lacked the technological means, our ancestors frequently answered to unusual sightings by depicting them using various tools, and on different materials. From cave paintings, to scrolls and books, the UFO phenomenon was known throughout thousands of years, but with this rapid technological shift, our attention was drawn by the fact that we can slowly turn our imagination into reality, thus leaving aside the UFO phenomenon until the beginning of the 1990s.

There is no denial that UFOs exist on this planet, and as video cameras become more complex and affordable at the same time, the quality of recorded sightings grows exponentially. Such is the case of this video showing a group of bright objects behaving unnatural over a secluded forest in Poland.

The objects are known as orb UFOs, and people have reported seeing them all across the world. Contrary to the artificial alien crafts, these playful spheres of light are believed to be organic in nature because of the brisk moves they perform that seem to defy our earthly standards of flying devices capabilities.

Dr. Ruehl has studied them a few decades ago and concluded they are plasmatic entities, possibly from another dimension. They don’t rely on a physical body because they’ve progressed to another level of universal knowledge, thus leaving their material bodies behind. They can now switch from one dimension to another, and when they do so, develop an energy shield around them like the one seen in the video above.


Their shape is not always perfectly round, as they are sometimes seen morphing above the ground. This shapeshifting process makes their aspect undefined and vibrant, similar to how a liquid acts in outer space. Bigger entities sometimes release smaller UFOs, a phenomenon explained through their plasmatic nature that allows them to divide into smaller bits that appear to be sentient as well.

Their purpose on this planet remains a speculative matter. One hypothesis proposed they had been residing on the Earth ever since life began, making them a kind of primordial lifeform that had evolved across countless years of evolution. It is also believed that they exist throughout the entire universe.

Other theories claim these UFOs are alien devices used to monitor humanity. They could be either remote controlled by a species of extraterrestrials, or could be sentient because they are a form of artificial intelligence. However, either cases are not sufficient for explaining their shapeshifting and liquid appearance.

The only proposal in this case would be that intelligent devices/entities possess technology that’s way ahead of our time, thus limiting the comparison field available to our species. In other words, it would be impossible (for now) to understand the technology behind a sentient and artificial-in-nature device that’s monitoring the planet.

Whatever the case, we expect that time will eventually reveal the exact origins and purpose of these UFOS. Until then, keep your eyes on the sky and help us spread the word about this ongoing UFO phenomenon.