With more and more people using high quality cameras, the amount of clean videos showing UFOs has increased and it might not take long before the ultimate evidence of alien activity will be filmed and released on the internet.

A common sight these days for UFO hunters, the bright orbs that seem to adore the chem trails left behind by military planes, have been spotted once again.

Caught over Melbourne, Australia, the bright UFO has the same particularities as the orbs that were recently seen all over the world. You can observe that the strange orb is somehow pulsating as it races through the sky, going from bright to brighter and so on. If you see one of these during the night, there is a huge difference in the way you perceive the pulsating light, as it glows with bigger intensity.

Another common characteristic of such sightings is the white “cotton-candy” residue that’s falling from above, that can also be observed in the film. Some UFO hunters believe that this is happening because of the UFOs shooting at the chem trails, as you can see HERE. The reason why they fire or at what they are firing remains unknown.

Such UFOs were reported by people from all over the world. Their descriptions are similar but at the same time differ. The bright orbs have some features in common: besides the similar pulsating light, speed and shape, these orbs were seen hovering at high altitude as well as as low as a few meters from the ground. People have seen such UFOs shapeshifting, multiplying or even releasing other small dots of light from them. Other reports talk about these orbs getting really close to people or even landing.

Whatever these mysterious orbs are trying to achieve we are yet to find out, but until that day comes, we can only film their bizarre rituals and analyze them, and if you ever see an orb crash somewhere near you, please make sure to let the rest of us know.

If you are still not convinced about their presence, here is another video with such an encounter, this time while it follows a plane.