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Some believe that the UN, creators of Agenda 21, and local governments are manipulating the weather to simulate the climate crisis. Why would they do this? According to this theory, it is in a bid to take away the freedom of the masses, to gain global control, and introduce a totalitarian state. But is it true?

What is Agenda 21?

Agenda 21 is a large, 351-page document that is divided into 40 chapters. These chapters contain proposed solutions to earthly problems such as world hunger, climate crisis, and human rights injustices. Doesn’t sound so bad, right? Not if the document is taken at face value, but can you trust everything the UN says? The UN has received criticism since the 1950s largely due to questionable efficacy, possible corruption, and promotion of globalisation. The entire document is available to read here.

It is largely believed that the Agenda 21 objectives aim to introduce: restrictions on movements, abolition of personal property, redistribution of wealth, state management of land resources, government-controlled food resources, dumbing down of education, and restructuring of the family movement.

The Agenda 21 objectives according to the UN…

The objectives of the agenda are broken into 4 categories all, seemingly, aiming to better conservation efforts, human rights, and social and economic dimensions. According to the document released by the UN, they plan on increasing education around health, exercise and nutrition. They also aim to protect fragile environments, natural resources, and control pollution. Agenda 21 also states that they intend on boosting the roles of minority groups, and involving them in major decision making. This all sounds fine and dandy on paper, but how will they implement these objectives? Can you really trust the UN?

Why Are They Manipulating The Weather?

According to some theorists, the UN are controlling the weather to simulate the current climate crisis. There are many theories stating that chemtrails have been used to steer hurricanes, and initiate wildfires. Although the UN may not be literally manipulating the weather, it is possible that they are emphasising the role humans have had in climate change.
Throughout the history of planet Earth, we know that global temperatures have naturally risen and fallen throughout the years. Ice Ages have come and gone, glaciers have formed and melted. Recent research has shown that the planet went through a major warming event about 56 million years ago (source) that is very similar to what we’re seeing at the moment with the current change in climate. Yes, we can see the massive amounts of plastic pollution due to human consumption but does that really equate to the climate crisis? If not, why is the UN claiming that it does?

But What Would Manipulating The Weather Achieve?

It is believed that by controlling the weather, the UN can use hurricanes to wipe out less-desirable areas of development to pave the way for new urban development zones. They are also simulating natural disasters to support the theory of global warming in order to introduce a “climate-friendly” global centralized government.

Even if the UN are not literally manipulating the weather, they are certainly placing the onus for climate change on the individual human. We have all seen the rise in, once rare, natural disasters over the last few years and we have all felt the weather change from extreme cold to extreme heat but that doesn’t mean that it’s your fault because you didn’t recycle your coffee cup. It is believed that Agenda 21 aims to achieve a global government by making us believe that it’s our fault.

What is The UN really up to?

The UN, as they claim, aim to keep the peace amongst nations, and to improve human rights. However, their efficacy is questionable. Since the establishment of the UN, after World War II, how many wars have they prevented? Millions of people all around the world have been killed and displaced since the UN was founded. Time and time again, the UN have failed the people it was established to protect.

The UN has been criticised for promoting globalisation since the 1950’s. The John Birch Society, located in the US, famously began a “Get US out of the UN’ campaign in 1959. This opposition was largely due to the theory that the UN was formed with the aim of establishing a One World Government.

It is believed that this Agenda 21 campaign will usher in a global government under the guise of enforcing a “climate-friendly” way of life. This new climate-friendly way of life entails limiting the use of fossil fuels, reducing deforestation, limiting your freedom to travel, moving to a planet-based diet (why the fake meat?), reducing over-all consumption and limiting resources. Could these seemingly “harmless” moves have side affects we cannot see yet? Could this be part of the UN’s way of ushering in a new global government, a new world order? What if the climate crisis is not our fault at all? But we are told that it is..

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