This is definitely one of the weirdest sightings to ever occur in Russia.

For a short time, the sky over a major Russian city became the playground for a dark apparition resembling the infamous Black Knight Satellite or something just as mysterious: the cloaked figure of an influential monk who refused to die.

The sighting took place in Saint Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city and a place with a rich and bloodstained history. It is home to the burial vaults of many Russian emperors. During World War II, the city saw one of history’s longest, deadliest and most destructive sieges.

It is also home to the Winter Palace, the official residence of the now-defunct Russian monarchy. Between the palace’s sumptuous walls is where one of modern history’s most controversial figures rose to fame: Grigori Rasputin, the Mad Monk.

This dark character is portrayed in many ways, all of them sharing a particular tone: the man was hardly a man. He was said to possess a mystical power that allowed him to win the graces and bend the will of that period’s most influential family, the Romanovs. His life was marked by a stubbornness that permeated during and apparently, after his death as well.

After attempts to poison him failed miserably, he was shot multiple times, beaten and eventually drowned. Even after he was dead, the Mad Monk still maintained the “devil’s look” in his eyes. Powerful mystic or drunken psychopath, Rasputin fascinates and terrifies. And according to this weird sighting, his spirit might still roam free.

A Mexican paranormal TV station made public details about this incongruous event, sparking a heated debate about the exact nature of the mysterious apparition.

“This new video discusses the possibilities of this being a flying monk that lived in the area,” UFO hunter Scott Waring wrote on his blog. “I do admit that it does have a lot of similarities to the monk. Also, yes, some aliens could fly like this, but not most. For example, energy beings easily move about without the need for legs.”

If this is indeed a local monk, then we now know for sure, he was never human and that he never died, but has technology for living forever and is still to this day watching over his home of San Petersburg.”

On the YouTube channel Tercer Millenio TV, the Rasputin hypothesis gained traction, but conspiracy theorists are inclined to believe the dark figure could be something entirely different: the enigmatic Black Knight satellite. This affirmation is backed by the striking similarity between the 13,000 year-old alien monitoring station and the dark figure in the sky over Saint Petersburg.

This object of worldwide interest has quite a history of interacting with a few of our most brilliant minds in the realm of science, thus making its existence undeniable among our list of unexplained UFO phenomena.

The Black Knight is an artificial body that has been roaming our orbit for 13,000 years and counting. Though it is an ancient neighbor of our beloved pale blue dot, its presence was only noticed in 1899, when Nikola Tesla was experimenting with a high-voltage radio device in Colorado Springs, and intercepted radio signals from space, which he immediately interpreted as “from another world”. His conclusions were based upon the irregular and unusual signals read by his receiver.

In 1953, four years before the launch of Sputnik I, the Black Knight satellite got originally into the attention of the Department of Defense, after it was noticed by Dr. Lincoln La Paz of the University of New Mexico.

A special committee was created; its sole purpose being the gathering of any piece of information relevant enough to clear little by little the mystery around our close neighbor.

After thorough calculations, it was estimated that the satellite orbited at a distance of about 400-600 miles from the surface of the earth and it weighed around 15 tons, which was another proof of its unearthly origins, because neither the Americans nor the Russians had the capability of sending such a heavy object into space.

Moreover, the satellite’s moving speed was calculated to be as twice as fast as any other satellite launched from Earth. The Black Knight’s unpredictability made it very hard to be seen in the sky, added up to the shroud of mystery that veiled this ancient and unique relic of the sky.

These characteristics were of great importance for it assembled an intricate puzzle that reveal a peculiar behavior of this rogue satellite, which made even more clear the fact that it did not belong to our technological state.

More recently, interest in the Black Knight satellite saw a resurgence due to it making an appearance in a set of official NASA photos. During the 1998 Endeavor Space Shuttle mission to the ISS, the object apparently flew closer to eavesdrop on our orbital activity. An alien probe that has been monitoring our progress for over 13 millennia would certainly want to document that.

Though the space agency officially shot down this hypothesis, claiming the object in the photos was just a rogue thermal blanket, the conspiracy world held on to its beliefs. The story is simply too intriguing to discard.