A new video revealing a compact formation of 7 UFOs has recently surfaced. The sighting is extremely intriguing as the flying device appear to be charging from this massive thunderstorm, and as the storm light up the sky, the traits of a mothership are also revealed.

The objects were clearly visible for a relatively long period of time. Their spherical design and brightness emanating from them make this sighting impossible to miss, even with the naked eye. At one point, we can see one of them shutting down its lights and thus becoming invisible for a few seconds, before turning bright again. Such a behavior indicate these may be the notorious orb UFOs that keep showing up everywhere across the globe.


Most UFOlogists believe extraterrestrial vessels use many types of energy, electricity being just one of them, and have methods (unknown to us) for harvesting it from sources we can’t possibly imagine. The web is full of footage of UFOs plunging in active volcanoes or gathering water from the oceans, and the vast amount of electricity produced by a thunderstorm should also serve as their battery recharger.

This theory is also backed by the earlier video, as the UFO seems drained of power and seeking lightning and slowly moves towards it.

The authenticity of the video is undeniable, the quality is not too good or too bad. Just before the 1:20 mark, as a powerful bolt of lightning splits the sky, it also illuminates what seems to be a gigantic mother ship, incorporating the 7 round bright lights. Throughout the recording, the peculiar orbs become even brighter whenever lightning strikes, indicating the possible moment when they capture energy.


Could the visible structure behind the small UFOs be in fact a mothership recharging?

This incident is almost identical to the one in Phoenix, Arizona. Back in 1997, strange lights lit up the sky, leading authorities into believing that the luminous objects were in fact signaling flares used by the army. This is not the case however, as there was no military or industrial testing of any kind anywhere in the area when the footage was captured.

Furthermore, flares wouldn’t even be visible in a bright storm such as this one, let alone be made more visible by lightning. But, this time, authorities haven’t even bothered giving an explanation.

Some skeptics suggested the bright dots are nothing more than drones, but since the autonomy of drone battery can’t hold for more than five minutes, not to mention the harsh conditions imposed by the extreme weather, such a possibility is extremely unlikely.

However, since the military has technology way ahead of our time, it’s possible that their new toys are being tested in the storm. If they have indeed achieved such a feat, than the moment when Project Blue Beam will impose a new world order isn’t as far as some would expect.

The matter remains debatable since numerous ufologists consider the objects you’re about to see in the video to be clear evidence of extraterrestrial activity. Although some consider our earthly technology less evolved than that of aliens, the possibility of world governments being in close relationship to these otherworldly beings, sharing technology in exchange for abduction programs and tons of data may be why their wrong.

If there’s indeed a pact between humanity and extraterrestrials, it could explain why there’s so many breakthrough discoveries going on right now. Whatever the case, we are yet to find out what these ‘higher forces’ have in store for us.

Watch the video and judge for yourself. What do you think?