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Reports involving UFOs have increased over the last year as a result of more and more people having access to high quality video gadgets. It appears that UFOs were a common sight from the beginning, but simple declarations about strange phenomenon like these could not convince the majority of us.

An interesting case revealing the UFO presence here on Earth has recently surfaced from Campo Grande, Brazil. It shows how a strange black flying object is hovering over the crowded city, eventually reaching for the forest area. During this time, it changed shape and from a thorny, metallic aspect it became an aerodynamic disc-like object.

The spectacular footage was captured by a local man named Felipe Souza. While he was driving to the market together with his wife, she spotted an unusual flying body in the sky. When Souza saw it, he became really anxious and asked his wife to film it while he was chasing it around town.

After a while, the most bizarre thing happened: the UFO shapeshifted right before the Brazilian couple’s eyes and as Mr. Souza describes:

The shape of it was really impressive. It was full of spikes, thorns, but the most impressive moment was when it begun to change its shape. It was rounding up and turning into a disk before our eyes. I was very present and scared at the same time.”

[youtube id=”8cJ6Bj63OMQ” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” thumbnail=”UFO over Brazil” grow=”no”]

Confused and at the same time intrigued after the UFO changed its form, the man decides that the footage he captured so far is not enough, so he races the flying disk for a few miles until it reaches a forest area.

At this point, Mr. Souza manages to zoom-in on the UFO, revealing its imposing size compared to the tree tops and as he previously stated, the flying saucer was about the same size as a car.

Some ufologists consider this to be one of the best evidence of UFO presence because the object was caught in two separate films, revealing features resembling to those of classic UFO encounters. While usual characteristics such as the disk-shape, speed and altitude it travels can be noticed in other disclosing videos, this particular case shows a bizarre behavior when the flying disk modifies its shape.

The spectacular transition from a spiked object to a classic disk its currently being discussed by several ufologists and analysts of strange phenomenon who reached one mutual conclusion – this UFO is a remarkable piece of technology, and while it travels over the dens populated area, it changes from a somehow aggressive stance to a more common one. Could this be caused by some sort of error? Or is it trying to show us its military artillery?

The video brings a big contribution to the UFO phenomenon by showing never before seen behavior of presumed alien crafts and also a big level of confidence as it hovers in plain sight over a dense populated city and because no reports of alien crafts causing a mess have surfaced so far, we can only consider that this spiked UFO had peaceful intentions.