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A man from Virginia turned himself into the FBI claiming he’s a time traveler assassin who has killed more than 30 people between the 1678-2239 timeline.

Leroy Timothy Anderson is a 71 man who claims he worked for a secret government agency and was a part of a program called the Chronos Project.

Anderson claims that the Chronos Project is secret project created by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He also claims that was involved with the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) who supervised the United States special operations.

Anderson came forth fearing the agency he’d worked for wants to terminate him because he knows too much.

People assassinated by this top-secret program include Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi and Julius Cesar. The program has planned out and executed more than 1,200  important people. According to Anderson, He’s killed people from the past as well as people who have not been born yet.

FBI official believe that Anderson has simply lost touch reality. They do not believe he killed anyone and are not going to open an investigation.

According to FBI director, Christopher A. Wray,

“Mr. Anderson not only claims to have killed President Lincoln but also 32 others, including at least twelve that are not even born yet.”

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln was believed to have been executed by John Wilkes Booth as a way to reawaken the Confederacy. Booth was killed days after the assassination when he was found hiding on a farm in Virginia.

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