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This strange event involving a UFO happened just a few days ago on the 1st of October, 2015. The unidentified craft was spotted and filmed over the city of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

A local saw the strange light over the horizon and managed to capture it on tape before it disappeared.

Watch the footage below.

The bizarre object stood still above the city for about 5 minutes before it charged up and flew away.

Clearly bigger than any star on the sky, the UFO came close to the local community. Fortunately someone saw it and immediately drew out his equipment. It was filmed using a Nikon D3200 with an extra 50mm lens.

Even though the object seemed much bigger in reality, our UFO passionate succeeded in capturing some quality footage of the UFO, showing its impressing size even on camera.

It remained still for about 5 minutes and afterwards it performed a mysterious manoeuver before starting to move again.

The following video shows how the UFO starts to charge (starting from 0:45), emitting a powerful glow and creating a magnificent aura. After that, it takes off slowly – Watch from 0:40

It doesn’t resemble any drone, plane or helicopter, being much bigger, similar to the sun or even a planet.

It’s also important to note that the city of Mississauga lies on the shore of Lake Ontario, fact outlining the possibility of an actual USO – unidentified submersible object or maybe a secret hiding spot.

Is it possible that Lake Ontario might be harboring an extraterrestrial base of some sort?

We also consider the possibility of an abduction, as the strange sighting remained still over a populated and at the same time quiet area.

UFO activity has started to intensify over the last few years and it’s only because people are becoming more and more aware of what is happening and they want to share the truth with the world.

This mysterious sighting adds up to the idea that we might be watched from above or even visited by strange beings of extraterrestrial origins.

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