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Spaceweather.com released a warning earlier this week indicating coronal holes from the sun will directly be pointed towards earth as early as August 1st.

The Earth’s orbit around the sun will align with the solar storm which will release solar particles that will bombard our planet.

“A hole in the sun’s atmosphere is turning toward Earth and spewing a stream a solar wind in our direction.” According to Cosmic forecasting site Space Weather.

Corona holes shoot out giant clouds of plasma which cause disturbances in the suns magnetic field. In this case there will be 3 of them.

The event has the potential to cause disturbances in our life styles to which we greatly depend on. The geometric solar storm will hit earth August 1st through August 4th.

Considering how dependent we are on our lifestyle; this could be dangerous. It could affect satellite systems around the world as well as increase amount of radiation.

It’s predicted that the interference may cause a collapse in our electronic grid. Power-plants, transmission lines and cellphones towers will go down. Large parts of the planet will go dark, leaving us with no electricity and no way of communication.

This is what science experts have to say,

“Several coronal holes (CH) are currently spread across the visible solar disk. Analysis indicates that the isolated, negative polarity CH identified as CH45- will likely connect to earth later on Wednesday night, 31 July, 2019 and result in unsettled to active levels of geomagnetic response. The CH high speed stream (HSS) associated enhancements in the solar wind are expected to continue into Thursday, 1 August, 2019. Late in the week, connections with positive polarity CH HSS (CH47+ and CH48+) are expected and some levels of geomagnetic response are likely.”

This comes the same day as the black moon which is the second new moon of the month, hence its name.

The new moon that comes along with this may be a coincidence, a very unusual one. I guess the next couple of days will only tell.

Good news is that people in the Northern Hemisphere will likely get to see northern lights due to this event. Bad news is we don’t know how the impact will affect our lives.

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