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If you’ve been on facebook in the past few months you’ve more than likely seen memes, images, art and creative art sharing that “Epstein Didn’t Commit Suicide” or “Epstein didn’t kill himself.” We’ve been told by the media that this guy committed suicide in his jail cell with two guards on watch and a camera facing him that happend to be broken at the time. That’s already three strikes against the validity of the story. There have been politicians, celebrities and everyday Joe’s who have come out and shared that they strongly believe Epstein did not commit suicide.

Maybe you’ve seen a few of these…

Disney Didn’t Report On The Epstein Story Years Ago… When they had the knowledge. Why?
There are 26 known flight records with Bill Clinton traveling with Jeffrey Epstein.

Jeffrey Edward Epstein was born on January 20, 1953 and was said to have suicided (or been killed) on August 10, 2019) He was publicly displayed as an American financier and convicted sex offender on multiple counts. Epstein began his professional life as a teacher but then switched to the banking and finance sector in various roles, working at Bear Sterns before forming his own firm. He developed an elite social circle and procured women and many underage girls who were then sexually abused by Epstein and some of these contacts.

As far back as 2005, when he was first discovered to be a sexual predator Epstein has been abusing children sexually. He was convicted of only two crimes as part of a plea deal; federal officials had identified 36 girls, some as young as 14 years old, whom Epstein had sexually abused during this time.

As his wealth and influence grew it seems that his predatory nature grew with him. More stories, more allegations and somehow he was always protected. I wonder why. He had known associations with Bill Clinton (26 flights!?), Donald Trump, Bill Gates, along with many Hollywood celebrities. Even the Royal family.

Turns Out.. The Internet Doesn’t Believe The Official Story At All.

Even Joe Rogan, one of the most popular podcasters on the planet questions the official story and believes that Epsteins neck was snapped.

Joe Rogan shares “They snapped his neck”

Comedian JP Sears Creates Video..

Even Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani Doesn’t Believe it..

Take A Look At The Real Life Projects People Used To Tell The Public “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself”..

Construction sign, with actual use. Modesto, California.
Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada
Tactical Ops Brewing, Fresno, California prints “Epstein Didnt Kill Himself” on bottom of Cans

Retail sock display, tells the truth.
Billboard speaks the truth.
Creative artists transforms billboard to “Once Upon a Time in Pedowood” featuring Epstein and Polanski, another convicted child predator.

You can lie for a long time, but the more you lie the more you have to cover your tracks. Eventually what is in the darkness will come to the light. According to a body language expert, prince Andrew when questioned about meeting Epstein says he was “heavily coached and evasive. Full story here.

In another incident Florida state senator Lauren Book, a child sexual abuse survivor was told ” “I’ve received countless phone calls saying ‘Little girl you don’t know what you’re getting into,’ and telling me that I should just stop,’’ said Sen. Book.

The Epstein case touches many people in positions of power, wealth, fame and political status. If these documents are revealed to the public it will forever change the face of democracy in the US. The truth is, none of this is funny, but we have to fight back and use the media in our favor to reveal the truth. Memes, art and creative messaging that bypasses traditional media is a weapon in our arsenal. Keep going. Keep creating. Don’t let the truth go silent. I’ve asked three people in the past week if they know who Jeffrey Epstein is and you know how many knew his name? Zero. There are still people who haven’t heart the truth and we need to make sure they know the people running the show are no longer our overlords. Please share this and spread the truth.

How can we ensure that this doesn’t go to waste and get buried like anything else?

Tilt the screen back, close one eye (like the elites) and read. Now turn it sideways.
There are two messages here.

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