Isn’t it interesting how history always comes back around again. The depth of history never escapes us. Tobacco was smoked by doctors and medical professionals for many years. In fact, tobacco was a normal thing back in the day. Smoking Tobacco was normal and seen as healthy. More doctors smoke camel cigarettes than any other cigarette was actually an ad campaign that ran for a while as seen here:

Then, one day in 1964 everything changed. The US surgeon general Luther Terry issued a report that linked smoking cigarettes to lung cancer. From that point on cigarettes and tobacco were demonized. But why? is one report really enough?

It’s important to look into the deeper history of tobacco and it’s mind affecting compound nicotine to get a deeper understanding of what’s going on here, just like we did with cannabis and TCH here on the website. If we understand the history, the evolution and the changes that occur with perspective we can better retrace the roots and discover the truth. They changed the narrative on alcohol, tobacco and cannabis all with propaganda and we never got the full story until we took the red pill and dug deeper.

It turns out that Tobacco is seen as a sacred plant by the Native American elders as well as the Shamans that practice plant medicine in South America. This is a normal plant medicine for many health and wellness uses. It turns out tobacco has much use for many health ailments and Tobacco is something that threatens big pharma more than anyone.

Therefore, the word needs to get out. Tobacco actually has health and dare I say ‘medicinal’ value. It’s uncommon knowledge and has been demonized by the Surgeon General, but why?

Separating Tobacco From Cigarettes

It’s important to create a distinction between tobacco and cigarettes. The plant itself is a plant that has medicinal qualities but it is still undetermined whether or not the act of smoking it is beneficial or not. Some say that carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals) are generated in the combustion of chemicals. Some say that ‘the longest cultures in the world all smoke!’ Such as people in Italy. Japan, another example has a very high smoke rate among men but has one of the highest rates of men living longest in the entire world. There is evidence on both sides of the table here.

What is important to note is that tobacco is the plant, cigarettes include other chemicals and are more than just tobacco and that nicotine buzz. Then, you have the affects of the chemicals as well, which I have no doubt harm human health.

Tobacco Has Solid Health & Wellness Benefits Such As..

  1. Control Blood Sugar Levels
  2. Overcome Digestive Disorders
  3. Helps Speed Up Wound Healing
  4. Prevents Damage To Cartilage & Joints
  5. Actually Increases Insulin Sensitivity & Prevents Diabetes
  6. Helps To Prevent Both Prostate & Breast Cancer
  7. Supports Dental & Ear Health
  8. Helps Reduce Depression
  9. Benefits Skin Health By Fighting Skin Infections
  10. Helps With Dandruff, Baldness & Hair Loss
  11. Tobacco is Used For Snake Bites!
  12. Arthritis, Knee Pain, Asthma & Inflammation (All beneficial)
  13. Muscle Strengthening Affects
  14. Nicotine in Tobacco is an Appetite Suppressant
  15. Anti-Inflammatory!
  16. Prevents Diseases Like Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s
  17. Relaxes The Body
  18. Improves The Body’s Immune System
  19. Can Reduce or Remove Headaches & The Flu
  20. Supports The Body in HIV/Aids Cases

Quite the list huh? This is just the tip of the iceberg. Tobacco has many uses and benefits and can be used in many ways beyond smoking it such as Tobacco tea, chewing on tobacco leaves, making a tobacco paste, a tobacco oil and last but not least Hape, or snuff. Hape or snuff is an Amazonian form of a fine grated tobacco powder that you blow up your nose with a pipe. Yep, it’s a thing! And it’s a RUSH. You definitely feel the nicotine buzz and they create blends for different purposes.

Hape vs. Psychedelic Drugs

Psychedelic drugs will influence your brain and mind in certain ways and it leaves you feeling in the clouds. Hape on the other hand has the opposite affect. Hape is VERY grounding and makes you feel very connected to the earth. It allows you to ground yourself, improve and increase intuitive capabilities and step further into the spirit realm by more deeply connecting with the spirit within. Shamans in South America administer Hape at plant medicine ceremonies such as Ayahuasca and other plant ceremonies. Native Americans used Tobacco as well.

Learn More About The Benefits of Hape Here:

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