Anyone who is a visionary, creative dreamer seeks an edge. Especially a mental one. It turns out there are many silicon valley founders and visionaries that run highly successful multi-million and billion dollar companies that have been using a little secret for their mental edge all along. Nootropics. This is something Steve Jobs would relish if he were alive today.

The mental edge from nootropics could be compared to the limitless pill, it gives you an edge that you notice and feel as your brain goes on overcharge and fires up to another level. But what are nootropics?

Nootropics Are Substances Designed To Improve Cognitive Function

Nootropics are drugs, supplements, and other substances that are claimed to improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals. Many have been released on the market now but few have that limitless pill effect.

is Qualia Mind the real life limitless pill? Some say so. (Discount code: Healthywildandfree to try it out with 15% off)

Nootropics Are To The Brain What Workout Supplements Are To Muscle Tissue

Similar to pre-workout supplements, amino acids, electrolytes, nitric oxide enhancers and amino acids for muscle growth nootropics work on the different portions of the brain to optimize function. There is a whole field of developed products for muscle growth and if you use them properly along with your workout routine, in a smart and efficient manner shares David Benjamin of, you can feed your muscle growth and burn fat faster and more efficiently. Nootropics are the category of nutrition and compounds that have been formulated and synergized together to work in the domain of the brain. Formulators and UCLA scientists at the Neurohacker Collective and Trubrain have simply started focusing their energy and effort and upregulating brain function signals such as synapse signaling, creativity, memory and the coveted ‘flow state’ as well.

Nootropics Boost Memory, Creativity, Enhance Different Portions Of Brain Function

Nootropics quite literally work to change brainwaves. Support the Hippocampus, a portion of the brain that is responsible for memory. I vividly remember realizing how powerful nootropics such as Qualia Mind are when I was visiting a friend in Georgia. I had visited him earlier that year, something like 8 months before. I was driving down and was going to call or text him for his address but instead I decided to test my brain and memory.

After a bit of Qualia Mind my neurons were firing and the street name came to me. I entered in my google maps and as their memory matched mine I found his address and showed up with my memory and google’s algorithm remembering I had been there. I don’t know about you, but the ability to possess memory like this that probably lands in the top 1% of the population is a superpower for me.

I had tried other nootropics, even nootropics that were recommended by figures like Joe Rogan, Tim Ferriss and the like but nothing comes even close to Qualia Mind from the Neurohacker collective. The discount code healthywildandfree gives you 15% off your order with them.

Another Notable Nootropic Worth Mentioning

Another nootropic I recently tried and responded well to was the Trubrain drink packs. These contain specific nutrients that support brain energy, brain memory, creativity and the flow state of the brain. The flow state is also known as being “in the zone” in sports. It’s when everything flows smoothly and optimally and everything just seems to line up and work out in your favor. You can learn more about Trubrain drinks (and get free shipping) with this link here.

We Found These Nootropics To Be The Top 2 Performing

  1. Qualia Mind (Caffeine & Caffeine Free versions)
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  2. Trubrain Drinks (Designed by UCLA scientists)
    (Caffeine & Caffeine free nootropics also)
    Visit Trubrain Here to get free shipping.

I highly recommend following the @Neurohacker collective instagram account also. You’ll get a lot of insight into brain function and brain health and how to optimize memory, creativity and use micro-dosing of psychedelics to your advantage. Yes, this company sells nootropics and actively and publicly endorses micro-dosing psychedelics for brain health and function. How cool is that?

Qualia Mind from Neurohacker (visit here to order) is 15% off with the code “Healthywildandfree”