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By Abigail O’Rourke

One of my previous articles discussed the common signs that you might be a hybrid parent. I received a lot of feedback from parents who wanted to know what to look for in themselves and their kids to know if they were, in fact, hybrids living among us unknowingly.

The key word here is unknowingly. Most hybrids that are allowed to live among the rest of humanity are completely unaware that they are different. On a side note, this is a great argument against racism and marginalization. The main point is that there are differences between full-human DNA and hybrid DNA. This just doesn’t jump out at most people though.

The Signs

Here are 5 things that can guide you in understanding the possibility and even identifying you or a loved one as a potential hybrid. Please note, this is not to be used as a conclusive, self-diagnosis tool. As with all medical understanding, everyone is different and this is not necessarily an indicator of deliberately manipulated DNA.

  1. A lower-than-average core body temperature. Much of medicine is based on the knowledge that most humans have an average internal body temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. This may very slightly, but little more than a fraction of a degree usually. This is helpful to doctors in identifying fevers which can be very dangerous, especially to children. A common denominator among self-identified hybrids is a body temperature that runs more in the range of 94-96 degrees. PARENTS TAKE NOTE: this can be very dangerous for small children. Try taking your child’s temperature daily even on healthy days so you and they get used to their average temp. I often had to have my mom, when I was a kid, argue with doctors and school nurses because of this. My average temperature is 95.8 degrees. That means that when the school nurse would take my temp and declare me fever-free at 98 degrees I actually had the equivalent of a 101 degree fever.
  2. Truly bizarre dreams. Now we all tend to have weird dreams; but most of us can identify the sources of the dream events in our daily lives. As an example, you see an old friend, go grocery shopping and read a chapter in a Harry Potter novel. That night you dream about you and your friend riding a dragon into Hogwarts to buy grocery items at a seriously out-of-place store in the Hogwarts courtyard. Weird? Absolutely. But you can see where your reality jumbled itself around in your head in an entertaining way. However, I said truly bizarre dreams. These dreams seem to have no connection to the adult’s or child’s actual life. You dream about people, places, objects, ideas, etc that you have never encountered in life. On top of that, instead of the hodge-podge of shifting and disjointed events in regular dreams, these dreams follow a clear path and plot. It’s almost like watching a really cool, sometimes scary movie starring you. Add to that, these dreams often will be remembered in vivid detail for many years, unlike regular dreams that are often forgotten as soon as you wake up.
  3. Unexplained injuries. In general, hybrids are not left alone. Whatever they each are used for by their creators may vary but they are frequently abducted and returned during periods of sleep. They tend to wake up expressing things like “My dream was so exhausting, I felt like I didn’t get any sleep at all”; “I woke up feeling like I had been in a car wreck”; “How did I punch my own arm in my sleep? Look at this bruise!”; “I woke up with a pounding headache but I don’t feel sick at all”; “Why did my toe get swollen overnight?”; “My ear (or nose) was bleeding when I woke up”; etc. Common injuries may seem tiny and easily shrugged away but they tend to include the following: needle prick marks, pressure blood marks on upper arms or hips, swollen toe or finger, the feeling that your entire body has been tossed, smashed and made sore (the “car wreck” feeling), joint and muscle pain, a random bruise on the arm or leg, bloody nose or ears, busted blood vessel in one or both eyes, a feeling of being too heavy for our gravity field even falling repeatedly when trying to get out of bed. The comprehensive list could go on for days. These are just some of the most common ones.
  4. A sense of placelessness. Most self-identified hybrids indicate that a strong feeling of not belonging can arise from time to time. There are times when the hybrid, and even others around them, just have a strong sense that they are different. They often get the term “old soul” applied to them. They often feel they were born in the wrong time or place. They also have a strong sense of purpose and destiny and much of everyday life, although they function in it, does not bring the fulfilment or satisfaction that it does for other people. They may be born in any part of the world, but it never quite feels like “home”.
  5. Animals and children adore hybrids. We do not understand the connection fully as of yet, but animals and kids love self-identified hybrids. Whereas many adults might view the hybrid as standoff-ish and odd, the little and gentle creatures of the world are drawn to them. Hybrids are often mistaken as aloof and cold when you first meet them. They stand apart from others and normal activities. Generally this arises from a subconscious urge to continually question the reality and purpose of daily activities. However, they tend to demonstrate great empathy, kindness, genuineness and other appealing qualities that create a bond of trust with animals and children.

The above is a VERY SHORT list of common identifiers to help those looking for more information. I will be compiling more of these and publishing them. If you have any questions or comments please reach out to us. I understand if you are afraid to share your story. Every story worth telling requires a certain amount of courage to begin; but it is worth the effort to reach out both for your sake and for others with similar stories and who may as yet not have the courage.

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