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What do we know about these strange men dressed in black?

Just as they are portrayed in movies, the men in black dress in dark suits, shades and hats. They are government agents who work to keep any alien or UFO information secret and away from the public.

There are few who claim they’d been visited by the men in black in the past. Having an encounter with the men in black is never coincidental.

They warn people to destroy any information on aliens or UFO they may possess. They tent to go further by warning people to keep quiet about what they have encountered otherwise there would be consequences.

While there isn’t much evidence of their existence because of how highly undercover they are, there are a few who speak of their encounters with the men in black.

In 1947, in Maury Washington, a fisherman by the name Harold Dahl, his son and their dog were on a boat when they saw 6 donut-shaped flying saucers hovering over them in Puget Sound near the Eastern shore of Maury island.

One of the strange crafts fell which caused debris to fall from the sky killing his dog and injuring his sons’ arm.

Dahl started to talk about what he’d seen to his friends and family. Later, he was visited by a man in a black suit. The man warned Dahl not to speak of what he’d seen or there would be consequences. Soon after, Harold Dahl started denying what he’d seen. It wasn’t until a few years later that he re-mentioned the man in black who came to visit him.

Dr. Herbert Hopkins worked as a UFO consultant in Maine. One day he got a call from a UFO activist who claimed there was a UFO sighting in the area. The activist wanted to share information on the encounter with Hopkins.

A few moments after the phone call, a man in black visited Hopkins. He warned Hopkins to destroy the evidence once the UFO activist hands it over to him.

Dr. Hopkins was very skeptical of this man and who he was. The man in black, as a scare tactic, revealed that Hopkins has two quarters in his pocket. He asked Hopkins to pull one of the quarters out and place it in his palm. Hopkins claimed that he saw the quarter slowly fade out of his own hand.

The man in black went on to ask Hopkins if he knew an abductee by the name Barney Hill. Hopkin revealed that he knew Barney had died a few years earlier.

The man in black then stated that Barney didn’t have a heart just like he didn’t have a coin. This implied Barney was killed by the agency. Dr. Hopkins was so scared that he destroyed all of his UFO and alien files.

A man by the name of Jim Templeton was spending the day with his daughter in Solway, Firth. Solway is located in the UK near the boarder of Ireland. Templeton snapped a photo of his daughter that revealed a figure in a strange looking space suit standing in the background.

Templeton went to Kodak, who developed the film and they revealed the photo to be authentic. Templeton was later visited by two men in black who referred to themselves as number 9 and number 10.

They wanted to know where Templeton snapped the photograph. When Templeton revealed that he didn’t see the figure in real life and only encountered him in the image, they stormed off.

The image of Templeton’s daughter and the strange figure went public and was aired worldwide. Templeton was then contacted by a staff member who worked at a missile launch pad in Australia. The staff member revealed that two similar figures appeared on their security footage.

Actor Dan Akroyd, who played a role in the film Ghost Busters also encountered the men in black.

Akroyd was filming a series on the paranormal and was researching UFOs for his part. One night, during production, he stepped out of the studio for a phone call when he saw a black ford parked outside. A tall man in black stepped out of the car and starred at Akroyd intensely.

Akroyd turned away from the man and when he looked back, the car and the man in black were both gone. Upon returning to the studio, Akroyd found out that the series was cancelled and production was to halt immediately.

One of the most prominent information on the men in black is on a footage captured in a hotel lobby in 2012.

In April of 2012, in a hotel in Canada, two men entered a hotel looking for the manager who was talking about a UFO sighting he encountered. The manager wasn’t in the hotel at the time but was informed by the bellboy about the two men. The men were described as having no hair, no eyebrows and had identical faces.

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