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Scientists recently discovered an ancient and massive monolith in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a controversial artifact that suggests the ancients were far more advanced than previously thought.

More than 9300 years ago, Stone Age hunter-gatherers achieved something beyond what today’s scientists thought possible for the time. They managed to cut a 15 ton sedimentary rock with accuracy, drilled openings in it and moved it approximately 1,000 feet. The 30-foot-long monolith was found in a now-underwater area of the Mediterranean Sea.

Oceanographers found the monolith 131 feet deep while researching the Mediterranean Sea bottom in the Sicilian Channel between Tunisia and Sicily. The discovery was made in 2012. Scientists said this region became fully submerged about 9,300 years ago. Previously, the region was an archipelago of various islands between the island of Sicily and the North African coast.

Knowing this, researchers assumed the stone column was carved over 9,300 years ago. They were able to date the monolith by acquiring shell fragments from its surface and comparing them with different ancient rock types. They also found that it has the same structure and age as other rocks about 330 yards away, indicating it was transported the same distance.


Scientists say the uncovering of this underwater pillar may determine scholars to reconsider the entire idea of “technological primitivism” among hunter-gatherers (and the means they possessed). This finding supports the evidence for a considerable Mesolithic human activity in the Sicilian Channel area.

A few aspects led them to consider the idea of this monolith being shaped by humans and not by mother nature. They stated in a report that the stone column has a common shape and three holes of the same diameter. It is composed of sedimentary rocks of a nature very much alike other rocks not too far from where it was carried, but it’s different from the rocks in the immediate vicinity.

The existence of the large monument indicates an extensive human activity in the area. It was cut and physically removed as a single stone unit from the outer ridge located about 1,000 feet to the south and afterwards transported using the “primitive tools” the hunter-gatherers had at that point in time. Interesting to note that, from the size of the monolith, it might had weighed about fifteen tons.

Even though the role of the monolith remains unknown, researchers presume it had an important function since it was located in an important area, halfway between Sicily and Tunisia. The first humans arrived in Sicily sometime between 17,000 and 27,000 years ago, when there was a land bridge from the Italian mainland.

The uncovering of this underwater site in the Sicilian Channel may expand our understanding of the ancient civilizations in the Mediterranean basin and our current views on technological change and growth achieved by the Mesolithic dwellers.


The monolith was made of a single, gigantic rock, which needed cutting, removal, transportation, and establishment, which shows without doubt great technical skills and impressive engineering.

The scientist studying this case stated:

The belief that our ancestors lacked the knowledge, skill, and technology to exploit marine resources or make sea crossings, must be progressively abandoned. The recent findings have definitively removed the idea of ‘technical primitivism’, often attributed to hunter-gatherer coastal settlers.”

Our planet has offered shelter to countless human beings. Many civilizations thrived over the years, managing to achieve knowledge and understanding about their surroundings. Therefore, complex techniques were created to reach their goals. Ancient history has a lot of gaps and because of that, some scientists presume human development has reached its peak in present days, and that never before a more advanced civilization has existed.

Uncovered from the depths of Earth, new evidence points into another direction than the one we are following and believing right now. Our current World Order is hiding the truth to preserve their authority, concealing new evidence that is found. Sometimes though, they leave some “small discoveries” pass through because they won’t influence the public opinion at all.

If we open our eyes and analyze some recent discoveries we realize many secrets are left untouched, sealed for eternity. But they can’t fool all of us, can they ?