Scott C. Waring, an alien hunter who is currently operating from Taiwan has recently released a mysterious UFO video that was captured by him in Bangkok on March 11th. In the clip, there’s what appears to be black colored and unidentified object shooting past a helicopter at high speed- it screeches across the sky with ease like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

Waring Suspects Alien Presence is Here On Earth

In a recent blog post, Waring claimed that sightings like these are indicating alien presence on earth. According to Waring, UFO sightings near human-made flying vessels could be suggesting the fact that aliens might be monitoring the development of our technology or possibly warning us about it and their own aircrafts according to theories by some experts in this field.

UFO Spotted in Bangkok

“This eyewitness was recording a helicopter flying over the neighborhood just at the right moment. A small black UFO sees the helicopter and shoots close to it, curving slightly, then shooting away before the helicopter pilots notice it. This is 100% typical behavior of alien drones. They are programmed to find, investigate, record all data of flying technology. Flying technology is a priority for aliens to gather data on…because this allows them to accurately predict when humans will be capable of long-distance space travel,” wrote Waring on UFO Sightings Daily.

The Mysterious UFO Was Spotted During A Test Flight?

A disc-shaped UFO was spotted hovering over the Santa Lucia airport in Mexico. The flight took off as it hovered overhead, and a video of this sighting has since been released online.

Some believe that aliens have been here on earth for a long time. These believers say the governments and NASA know about it, but they are just hiding information to avoid public panic.

Earlier, someone on board an American Airlines plane traveling between Cincinnati and Phoenix also witnessed something odd – they see what appeared to be a UFO flying at high speeds above their aircraft before vanishing into thin air without any form of communication whatsoever! Authorities confirmed there indeed had been such sighting earlier today when media outlets reached out about it; however so far details are still very scarce.

Watch The UFO in Bangkok Video Here:

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