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Two commercial airline pilots reported a man in a Jetpack near LAX airport today.

Fox 11 Broke the news that 2 commercial pilots reported a man flying with a jetpack about 300 yards away from them, while they were flying 3,000 feet in the air on final approach into Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday, the story hasbeen picked up by many media outlets now.

The media outlets have been searching high and low, on a bit of a goose chase to see who was the man behind the suit. Some say it was nothing more than a man that made something in his garage. Others think it was a dummy on a drone. Still others? Tony Stark. Ironman himself, coming from a Hollywood studio.

The first-ever female jetpack pilot Leigh Coates says it wasn’t her…or was it? Maybe she was the woman near LAX.

“Sorry to say it wasn’t me but that’s the story I’ve got and I’m sticking to it,” laughed Coates.

“Hopefully, the FBI isn’t listening to this.”

Coates trained at JetPack Aviation, out of the San Fernando Valley.

“It’s the most freeing feeling you can possibly imagine,” says Coates. “It’s hard to control yourself to not go higher and it’s hard to control yourself to not go faster because you can! You’re capable of doing it and it’s just a thrill and a rush.”She says jetpacks can go up to 18,000 feet high.

“It’s technically possible it was a reckless person making something in their basement, coming out and flying it straight up, but the technology I know of, fuel range is going to be an issue.

”Jetpacks are also loud so people near LAX would’ve have heard it and taken pictures or videos.  

Coates and JetPack Aviation, that’s taken calls from the FAA and FBI seeking their help on getting to the bottom of the mystery, she thinkd the pilots most likely saw a manikin strapped onto a large, electric-powered drone…also weird and dangerous.  

Some pilots however, like USC Aviation Safety Program Instructor Steve Cowell, stick to their stance that those pilots saw what they saw. “To come up with an observation as specific as a jetpack, I’ve really got to believe the pilots,” says Cowell.  So, the mysterious investigation continues.“We may never know,” sighs Cowell.  

Whatever it was, one thing’s for sure – 2020 couldn’t get any stranger. Or could it? Randy Cramer claims a fake alien invasion is coming. Something we’ve been sharing for months thanks to something from Project Blue Beam.

One of the pilots said “If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen here.“Only in LA,” he said to air traffic control.  

Do you think this was a mannequin attached to a drone? An actual man in a jetsuit? or Tony Stark, Iron man. Roberty Downey JR. himself, flying over from a Hollywood studio? I guess we’ll never know.


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