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Professor Daniel W. Drezner does not beat around the bush when discussing UFOs in his opinion piece for The Washington Post. Based on everything he has learned, what is clear to him is that UFOs exist, their link may be extraterrestrial, and we need to start thinking in that direction. He also calls out the scientific community for purposefully ignoring UFOs and trying to ‘ridicule’ the subject instead of giving it the research it deserves.

Professor Daniel W. Drezner
Professor Daniel W. Drezner believe that UFOs are not only real, but likely connected to ETs. PHOTO: Twitter

The ridicule comes from the idea of ‘little green men,” and associating UFO research with conspiracy theories and funny internet memes. Yet, the reality is that UFOs exist, yet ignored for decades. It is time to start taking them more seriously, he writes.

The reason for this ignorance is largely due to the idea of UFOs and ET life being real challenges a worldview of many. And in the scientific community, a challenged worldview can create a lot of chaos, making researchers to sometimes ignore what could be right in front of them.

The government, meanwhile, is still hiding information. After decades of Area 51 rumors, the U.S. government finally admitted in 2013 that Area 51 does exist, and they also recently revealed that they have spent millions of dollars investigating UFOs.

Different-shaped UFOs have been seen by pilots over the years. However, U.S. Nave guidelines, for example, make personnel gather and analyze UFOs while not using the action term “UFO.”

On one hand, this makes reporting UFOs not longer stigmatized, but on the other, it may cause UFO information to remain hidden when named something else.

After all, Drezner write that “considerable work goes into ignoring UFOs, constituting them as objects only of ridicule and scorn.”

He concludes his thoughts but presenting two facts that he wants everyone to acknowledge: UFOs exist, and they might be ETs.


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