Google Earth images revealed the presence of what looks like an enormous staircase in Antarctica. Who’s responsible, aliens or giants?

A heated debate is ongoing on many conspiracy forums, fueled by the recent discovery of what many claim is evidence of an ancient and unexplained presence on Earth. Many claim the structure that looks like a giant staircase leading up the side of a massive mountain in Antarctica might be the work of ancient aliens and could be the remnant of a structure that was once used as a landing spot for UFOs.

The user credited with discovering the unusual structure said he began looking for clues about ancient civilizations in Antarctica after taking part in a debate about prominent personalities’ recent visits to the frozen continent. Recently, Antarctica was toured by former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and weirdly, Russian Patriarch Kirill.

UFO hunters have claimed that the U.S. Government is aware of the existence of an extensive network of ancient ruins buried under the Antarctic ice, ruins which hold alien technology left behind by alien visitors. As a result, the NASA astronaut was sent to investigate whether the extraterrestrial ships that might still be there were similar in nature to the ones he saw when he was on the Moon.

staircase in antarctica

The same UFO enthusiasts speculated that John Kerry’s mission to Antarctica served the same purpose. Why a Russian religious leader would be delegated on a similar mission remains a mystery.

This morning, in the work van, we were talking about conspiracies… so I pulled out Google Earth [and] came across something that looked like a giant staircase.”

While some have proposed the alleged staircase is actually the result of a topographic glitch in the satellite imagery, many remain convinced this could be the remains of an ancient marker leading UFOs to a landing spot. They claim that in ancient times, it could have been equipped with some kind of navigational beacon to direct the extraterrestrial flying machines to their destination.

The following comments paint a clear picture about what people think about this recent discovery:

“It’s more likely a landing site than stairs.”

“It does look like stairs – maybe on a pyramid structure?”

“I attribute it to fallen angels and Nephilim… high-tech demonic activity.”

“I’m not an alien believer but I do believe we’ve been all over this planet many times in our past.”

It’s no secret that conspiracy communities have long held the belief that pyramids and step structures served a different role than the one attributed to them by archaeologists and historians. Proponents of alternative history are convinced aliens with advanced technology visited earth in the distant past and oversaw the construction of landing pads and beacons. They imparted their knowledge to the people of ancient Sumer and Egypt, as well as to cultures in South America. Over time, the real purpose of these wrongfully-called monuments has been lost and our connection with the aliens now lies dormant under thick layers of dust or vegetation.

But there could be another explanation behind this controversial structure: the equally-controversial builders of many other megalithic structures, the ancient giants.

The sons of the Nephilim possessed great strength, intelligence and they had a pride to match their size. Many ancient structures are credited to these proficient builders and the staircase in Antarctica could be one of them.

The recent discovery of the staircase comes just weeks after another unexplained ruin was found hidden under Antarctic snow.

If there are pyramids in Antarctica, it stands to reason that our understanding of Earth’s history is incomplete at best.