A presumed time traveler has been spotted while recording Mike Tyson’s returning boxing game from 1995, and it wouldn’t have cause such a stir unless the man was using a sophisticated smartphone to capture the moment.

A video of a man recording a boxing match between Mike Tyson and Peter McNeely using a smartphone has recently surfaced on the internet. Nothing would seem wrong since smartphones are everywhere now, but considering the year of the event is 1995, such a hi-tech gadget would only appear a dozen years later. I’m not saying we didn’t have phones back then, but performant devices such as the one seen in the video came into existence in 2008 and became widespread somewhere around 2012.

YouTube user Jammy Bantam has noticed the unusual frame of the man holding the smartphone and posted it on his channel so that people can see it and speak their minds about it. He described the event as it follows:

Following the theme of the recent ‘Back to the future’ day, I noticed a video out there drawing attention to a crowd member at the 1995 ‘He’s Back’ boxing match between Mike Tyson and Peter McNeeley. This individual seems to be holding an out of place device, possibly a smartphone. Could this be a time traveler returning to capture this epic match? Or is it just someone with a cool gadget?”


Since we cannot certainly determine if the man is a time traveler, let’s explore the other option. Could this be a really novel piece of equipment that only imitates an advanced mobile phone?

In 1995, mobile phones used to have a brick-like shape, an embedded antenna, and considerable proportions.. By 1997, the antennas disappeared from mobile phones, leaving more space for the user and introducing the concept of internal antennas. But that’s still not enough to compare them to a smartphone. So what else can the device from the video be?

According to Bantam’s research, camcorders available in 95 had a really advanced design, and it’s possible that the man from the video is actually recoding using a camera rather than a smartphone. That’s a good assumption indeed, but can it actually disband the time-travel hypothesis?

Features of the mysterious device are likely to belong to a smartphone rather than a camcorder because the camera is located slightly to the right, revealing a small dot that could be the flash. It also has a flat, slim design that’s comparable to the phones we have today. The man recording is also sitting in front of the crowd, almost like trying to send us a subtle message from the future.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/CqbX1r9BhdU” mode=”normal”]

Scott C. Waring from ufosightingsdaily has kept a close eye on this peculiar recording and expressed his view on his blog:

What we have here is a time traveler coming back to watch his favorite fighter and sitting in the front row seats… Why wouldn’t a time traveler want to see Mike Tyson fight? Everyone enjoys a bit of entertaining now and then, but time travel would offer you a plethora of fun.”

It’s possible that the rapid technological shift from recent years has already allowed certain organizations to manipulate time. Although the unanimously accepted idea of time travel is that you can only voyage into the future, there’s plenty of evidence showing the reverse side of the coin is also achievable.