An unbelievable UFO sighting has recently surfaced on the internet. It shows how a cloud orb is snooping around an airplane while performing countless maneuvers in a matter of seconds. The footage is truly unique as it reveals the out-of-this-world capabilities of these alien devices.

Australian sky watchers continue to surprise with the sightings they capture. Each month the UFO community is enrichened with various footage showing UFO activity of every sort, with the most common appearance being the orb-UFO or cloud orb. These speeding objects can be seen with the naked eye during the night, while in daytime they are tricky to observe without the proper equipment that allows for a full spectrum view.

The cloud orb example from below was shared with the UFO community on March 23, 2016, by YouTube user colourufo. It reveals how a flying device is snooping around an airplane that’s presumably spraying chemtrails. The sighting is fascinating on its own although it was caught from afar. The speed at which this UFO is moving, coupled up with the extremely odd turns it performs, reveals its otherworldly nature. Now, I would like to call it a drone and easily debunk it as a misconception, but all of the above mentioned traits make it hard to be interpreted as an earthly device.

Here is what the sky watcher who filmed this had to say: “The camera used was a Canon XA 25 full HD with I.R. 850 optical filter fitted. Daytime capture…this UFO size was possibly 9 to 15 meters in diameter. This craft passed above the chem trail at high speed.”

[iframe id=”” mode=”normal” thumbnail=”ufo scouts airplane” grow=”no”]

At first sight, the UFO is seen moving at a dazzling speed just below the trail left behind by the airplane. It quickly disappears over the treetops, but only to return for another round of scouting or whatever it is doing. This time the sky watcher is focusing on the plane and locks in to the UFO as soon as it makes its presence noticed. The speeding device is dashing right in front of the plane, going so quick that the cameraman can’t keep up with it.

After slowing down parts of the video, the UFO is clearly seen while performing some really interesting maneuvers. Despite the traveling speed, the flying object is still able to perform some really tight turns. It doesn’t follow a specific flight patter, but instead it juggles through the air whenever it deems necessary. See at 1:50 how it performs a “U turn” just when reaching the tail of the airplane. After this brisk maneuver, the bugger doesn’t follow a defined flight pattern, and instead of going in a straight line like we would expect, it continues to defy the laws of phisics by going up and down, up and down, then it stops and hovers nearby while doing a few circles in the air.

Note that all those brisk turns and maneuvers are performed in a few fractions of a second and unless the footage wouldn’t be slowed down, our eyes couldn’t perceive what’s happening up there. Alas, the cloud orb appears to be facing the plane while moving energetically, indicating that it could be gathering the desired insight from the chem-plane. It’s absolutely amazing to witness something like this, knowing that there could be advanced devices across the world that are scouting and analyzing what we humans are doing on this planet.

It’s intriguing and at the same time fascinating to know that there are other intelligent lifeforms on Earth that contribute in a way to all the things going on around and above us. In my opinion, these cloud UFOs could be A.I. devices or even sentient beings that are far more complex than we imagine. They could be studying our collective behavior and send this data to other species of ETs that reside in the Milky Way galaxy or beyond. This isn’t just a possibility anymore. They are here and we are witnessing their presence on a daily basis. It only remains a matter of time until they’ll reveal to us or until we’ll decipher them better.

There are numerous possibilities when speculating about these UFOs, but the most certain thing is that they exist and they are watching us from the shadows. Until the hour of disclosure arrives, I suggest we all stay vigilant and share this knowledge with as many open-minded people as possible.